WW3 will be fast and devastating, if it ever happens

The Wu-14 Hypersonic Jet launched from an Intercontinental Ballistic Missile System travels at Mach 10 on the Edge of Space carrying Nuclear Warheads


This craft, known as the Wu-14 travels between Mach 5 and Mach 10 which is somewhere in the vicinity of 3500 and 7400 Mph. Sources say the hypersonic vehicle can travel up to 9,000 Mph! This means circling the Earth in 2.5 hours. At this speed, the vehicle can out maneuver any missile system currently active.

If the vehicle was launched from a sub or aircraft carrier in one of the oceans, then a strike to nearly any country would happen in just a couple of minutes.

The WU-14 “threatens to neutralize US strategic missile defenses with the unique capability of flying at ultra-high speeds and maneuvering to avoid detection and tracking by radar and missile defense interceptors.”



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  1. Very confusing time. I thought ICBMs and nuclear fission bombs were not possible and a giant fraud. Very confusing time. Hopefully clarity will come soon

    • ian says:

      If I told you 2+2=4 and someone else says 2+2=5, it is always difficult to know who to believe unless you personally have the ability to work it out.

      • Tapestry says:

        Only whole number mathematics has definite results. For example 2.4 plus 2.4 equals 4.8, which rounds up to 5. Yet if all fractions below 0.5 are rounded down, which is typical, 2.4 becomes 2. So 2.4 (2) plus 2.4 (2) becomes 4. You can also make 2 + 2 = 3 using a similar interpetration. As the accountant always says, what would you like the answer to be?

      • Ian this mans a Swedish marine engineer, still working, very qualified and analytical it seems. And look what he says

        I think this might be separate from any technologies based on aether physics the secret governments might have, might not apply to whats said above

      • ian says:

        Fair enough Adam and Tap. God exists we live on a flat planet and they work the sky from behind the scenes. There are no nuclear devices and the royal family are reptiles. I won’t discuss these things again.

  2. Lynn says:

    Ian LOL….debate is everything..don’t poo poo until it is exhausted. Open up your mind to the possibilities and the enormous lies we have grown up believing…we simply don’t know the answers…only by looking at other people’s expertise will we ever find them. I can’t get off this world to prove it…but someone may know a man that can.

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