World Heavyweight Boxing Champ Stripped of IBT Title, Refuses to Promote NWO Agenda

Professional Sports Taken Over by
the Political Correctness Police
and the LGBT Mafia


Can you believe what they have even tried to do to pro boxing?



Heavyweight Boxing Champion Tyson Fury
makes mincemeat of every MSM mouthpiece
who attempts to push the depraved NWO agenda
on him, his family and his Travellers community.

Political Incorrectness Advocacy Group
State of the Nation

Whenever a new “Heavyweight Boxing Champion of the World” is crowned, that is usually pretty big news in the sports universe.  Especially when the previous champion was the longest reigning champ in heavyweight boxing history, one would think that the achievement was worthy of much media attention.

Not so with Tyson Fury.  Fury became the new heavyweight champion on November 28, 2015 and was recognized by the 3 major international boxing organizations— the IBF, WBO and WBA.  Then on December 8, 2015, the International Boxing Federation (IBF) withdrew its recognition of Fury for reasons that appear to be quite dubious.

Tyson Fury stripped of IBF title, is also being investigated by police

It appears that the IBF is being used by the political correctness police to sanction Fury for simply fulfilling the terms of a contract which he had executed with a previous world champion Wladimir Klitschko.  To make a long story short the IBF is nothing but another professional sport enforcement arm for the NWO globalist cabal that intends to remake the world in its distorted image.

The NWO (New World Order) has really taken a stick to Tyson Fury because of his fierce independence … from the whole depraved NWO agenda.  They would love to use a 6 foot 9 ‘gentle giant’ to deliver their message of obedience to all the people of the planet. Instead they’re using their rebuke of Fury to threaten the professional athletes to toe the line or risk being brought down from their pedestals.

Fury is a particularly competent speaker and not shy at all about expressing his opinions and feelings about societal issues.  The problem is that whenever he ventures onto the topics concerning the corrupt state of affairs in Western societies, he leans heavily toward telling the raw truth.  He has been goaded by the press in this regard and repeatedly set up knowing that he will always speak his truth.

Now the NWO police, and especially theGay Mafia, do not like this as his personal message is far too wholesome, principled and decent.  No, they don’t like this unusually noble creature of the Irish Travellers at all.  Any honest comment that he makes to any media rep, who is always propped up in front of him in order to provoke an ‘inappropriate’ response is, then seized upon.

“Irish Travellers (Irish: an lucht siúil) also called pavees, tinkers, or gypsies, are a traditionally itinerant ethnic group who maintain a set of traditions.  Although predominantly English-speaking, some also use Shelta and other similar cants. They live mostly in Ireland as well as having large numbers in the United Kingdom and in the United States.”
(Source: Irish Travellers)

The distillation of this ongoing predicament is that if the NWO thought police can’t use and misuse Fury, they’ll abuse him.  Such is the punishment for anyone at that high public level who refuses to disseminate the warped messages of the NWO agenda.  Of course, if one’s message goes directly against the grain of the NWO, they will do everything in their power to marginalize that individual.  Without question the higher one’s platform, the harder the cabal will work to make their life difficult.

NWO Cabal Will Not Be Thwarted, Until Now

The NWO cabal has a very purposeful mission to foist their socially degenerate agenda on the world-at-large.  The globalists have always used the celebrity culture to promote their degeneracy whenever and wherever possible.  Toward that end famous singers and musicians, TV and movie stars, and especially professional athletes are routinely enlisted to help deliver their misguided messages to the now ubiquitous Consumer Society.

The Michael Sam professional football drama was a perfect example of the primary media dynamic at work.  Although his entry into pro football proved to be an abject failure, the NWO hawkers did everything possible to insert the first publicly gay football player into pro ball. They would stop at nothing, and literally made a mountain out of a molehill until the whole fabricated story simply lost its legs.

Such was their intention to open up all of professional sports to the new LGBT paradigm. Basically it comes down to creating a new homosexual culture where being gay will eventually become more ‘normal’ than being straight.  Yes, these people are that deranged and moving at warp speed to impose a new social standard upon the Western nations, and then the rest of the world.

They don’t realize that in the person of Tyson Fury do fundamentally good morals, values and principles exist in their fullness.  Tyson is not like many of the other celebrities who will simply cave because of the outright coercion and/or veiled threats.  He was raised much differently after being cut from a different bolt of cloth.  The Irish Travellers are a very traditional society who cling to their conservative values throughout their lifetimes.

Many folks in this day and age are still very close to their religious and cultural traditions, and it will take much more from the thought police and LGBT enforcers to compel obedience to their decadent regime.  Clearly, the NWO crowd has met their match in the person of Tyson Fury.  His name bespeaks — if not loudly proclaims — how he will act on the world stage— fiercely and furiously.  His actions thus far reflect a man who will choose to do, and not do, whatever he feels is right and proper.

The following article provides much more insight into the real back story of Tyson Fury, particularly from a social engineering standpoint.  Just like Muhammad Ali, Tyson Fury represents a HUGE threat to the “system” like few ever have.  Yes, he’s that serious!

State of the Nation
December 20, 2015


World Boxing Champ Models Traditional Masculinity

December 17, 2015

Meet Tyson Fury, 6 ft. 9, Heavyweight Champ of the World, Gypsy King, and Enemy of the New World Order


Right after winning the heavyweight title, Tyson Fury, 27, challenged the pansies running the New World Order. “After soundly defeating Kiltschko over 12 rounds, an ecstatic Fury, wearing his Rosary, thanked Jesus.”  
by Thomas Carter
For those who are not boxing fans you may not have had the pleasure of seeing this young man in action, and I don’t just mean in the boxing ring.  Tyson Fury, who stands at 6′ 9″ was born in the UK into a band of gypsies known as the Traveling Irishmen.
His Father named him Tyson after Mike Tyson in hopes that he would win the heavyweight crown someday which he did in remarkable fashion ten days ago when he beat Wladimir Klitschko who had reigned the heavyweight division for over a decade.
Who knew that young Tyson Fury, right after winning the heavyweight title, would pick a fight with the New World Order.
Fury, fighting on Klitschko’s home turf in Germany, also managed to get his own way in two disputes over the match particulars despite Klitschko’s reputation as a control freak who wants every advantage over his opponent on fight night.
First, he managed to get the gloves he wanted and secondly on fight day, after threatening to drop out of the contest, he had thick pieces of foam removed from under the ring, foam that was there to slow the light footed Fury down making him an easier target for Klitschko. It was at this point many were starting to take Fury seriously.

After soundly defeating Kiltschko over 12 rounds, an ecstatic Fury, wearing his Rosary, thanked Jesus. It was probably at this moment that the writers for the UK Daily Mail andDaily Mirror began to sharpen their daggers and plot the destruction of Tyson Fury. 

Most countries would be very proud to be home the world’s heavyweight champion, but it took less than 24 hours for the hit pieces to come out. The Daily Mail’s chief sports writer Oliver Holt quoted Fury: “There are only three things that need to be accomplished before the Devil comes home. One of them is homosexuality being legal in countries, one of them is abortion and the other is paedophilia.”
This prompted  a petition asking the BBC to withdraw Tyson Fury’s name from the sports personality of the year contest. So far the BBC hasn’t pulled his name but another athlete has dropped out in protest. Next a gay former policeman went to the police in hopes of having Fury charged with a hate crime, Fury did get a visit from the cops but no charges were filed.
Fury plans to be much more than a boxing star: “I don’t just see it as a way of earning some money,” he told the Daily Mail. “I believe I can be used much more beneficially to spread the word of God throughout the world than maybe a thousand pastors could throughout their churches. They get a hundred people, or two hundred or a thousand people in their church. I can just go on Twitter, put one message on, over a quarter of a million of people have seen it.”
Illuminati Jewish social engineers are very wary of charismatic icons. John Lennon, who I’m no fan of, was a man that they built up and later had to liquidate. How about Muhammad Ali? You have to wonder if he was given a special brand of Parkinson’s made in a biological weapons laboratory. Sure they proclaim him a hero, but what influence can he have now that he’s an invalid? I expect they’ll deal with Fury a bit like they dealt with Mel Gibson and a bit like they dealt with Rob Ford.
Fury impressed me even more when he responded to the petition and the article. He has more personality in his baby finger than all the other nominees combined. He talked a bit about his wife as well, “My wife’s there, her job is cooking, cleaning and looking after the kids, that’s it. She does get to make some decisions, what’s she’s gonna cook for my tea when I get home.” He also said of wife Paris: “She’s a very privileged woman to have a husband like me. Not everyone is in her position, but the ones that are, are very lucky.”
Unfortunately Sunday  the Daily Mirror ran a story about a woman who had hooked up with Fury when he was temporarily separated from his Paris.
Tyson and Paris have been together for 10 years and are expecting their 3rd child. It seems they did have a rough patch but worked it out. The only reason for running that story was to defame Tyson for asserting what should be the default opinion of every red blooded man in England. Funny that Fury said he never attended school, you know things are bad when you have a better chance at becoming normal being raised in a band of gypsies than going to public school.
His wife even claimed that they did not share a bed until they were married, that he would sleep in a caravan at her parents’ house and she would sleep inside, saying “that is the travelers’ way.” That used to be the way everywhere.
The good news is that Fury is mentally tough. Legendary trainer Emmanuel Steward predicted some time ago that Fury was the future of the division. He discounted others who were just as good because he said they weren’t as tough mentally as Fury.
I hope that Tyson Fury and his wife can stay devoted to each other. I also hope that Fury sticks to his guns and maintains his stance on these subjects but he has to be more careful. He has the wits to out talk most journalist, with some advice he could give the establishment trouble.
It will be interesting to see what he’ll say when he wins the sports personality of the year award this Sunday.
Go get em Champ!
First Comment from Dan T:
I would just like to make it clear that most “travellers” in the u.k agree with Tyson’s views and that is why they are so hated & derided by the jew-owned establishment. They hold to “old fashioned” views such as no sex before marriage and even still have chaperones in attendance when young couples begin dating . The inside of some travellers homes are filled with so much Christian paraphernalia they would put a church to shame. The British media tried to deride them with a t.v program called “my big fat gypsy wedding” which blew back in their faces to such an extent that a well known gypsy called Paddy Doherty, a star of said program , actually won “Big Brother” on the back of it. Us Brit’s can’t abide a bully & always back the underdog, the Jew media have certainly picked a fight they can’t win this time


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Tyson Fury Exposes How Pro Sports Are Used to Degrade Society and Advance the New World Order | SOTN: Alternative News & Commentary




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  1. Dogman says:

    I don’t agree with everything the man says, but there has been a deafening silence from the MSM after his win, which is at odds with their usual reaction to a Brit heavyweight champion.

    The US Senate just reported that US tax money is being diverted to professional sports teams in contracts to sell US wars to sports fans. The .01% Pentagon “leadership” did not cooperate with the Senate to disclose the “nature and extent” of these contracts.

    .01% corporate media is again exposed for hiring weapons manufacturers’ employees to sell unlawful war on Syria to television viewers: 22 different men claimed as “experts” without disclosing they work for businesses that sell the very weapons that would be used on Syria.
    The 1975 Church Senate Committee hearings had the cooperation of CIA Director William Colby’s testimony for the stunning disclosure that over 400 CIA operatives were controlling US corporate media reporting on specific issues of national interest in Operation Mockingbird. This game-changing testimony was confirmed by Pulitzer Prize reporter Carl Bernstein’s research. Of course, corporate media refused to publish Bernstein’s article; it became a cover-story for Rolling Stone. Bernstein provided additional information of CIA control in the Senate report and corporate media subsequent “reporting”:

    “Pages 191 to 201 were entitled “Covert Relationships with the United States Media.” “It hardly reflects what we found,” stated Senator Gary Hart. “There was a prolonged and elaborate negotiation [with the CIA] over what would be said.”
    Source – http://wwhttp//

  2. Lynn says:

    Good to see non compliance…they simply can’t buy everyone off. Not for sale.

  3. Nicky says:

    Picked up on the lack of enthusiasm from the media at the time, The thought occured there and then, he was a gent.

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