Why were Lennon & McCartney killed?

This was 1965, the year before Paul died.  Their US tour had been controversial, and they were clearly starting to find their speaking voices as well as their singing voices.  In this video their opposition to the Vietnam War is clear.  The media/Illuminati had made them into worldwide demigods, who could sway a very large audience.  Paul seems like the leader in this interview, which no doubt was edited to keep the full picture out of sight of the public.  Musicians who start to move away from the wishes of their Illuminati controllers, and oppose their wars, don’t survive long – same as politicians and Royalty.  The tension was rising, and it wasn’t to be long before the first Beatle was to die in bizarre circumstances.

Lennon was to be shot years later, and Harrison died after that, when he nearly succumbed to an MK Ultra knifeman, and subsequently contracted cancer.

Interestingly Ringo kept out of all the political stuff.  He’s the only survivor, probably for that very reason.  If any interviewers throw him a serious question, he usually fields it with a neat dodge of Liverpool crack (= humour).

Yet the message spoken by the three others still lives on.  They were speaking for humanity, for peace, for free speech that they thought they were entitled to..


The replacement Paul wouldn’t be able to sing ‘She’s A Woman’ as the original Paul’s voice was so good at high pitch.


The replacement Paul.  The atmosphere has completely changed.  Look at the serious tense faces compared to the relaxed bounce of the former group (apart from Ringo who acts out his usual happy-go-lucky demeanour so well on all occasions).  The studio audience seems unnatural in their reactions.  The singing isn’t as sure-footed.  The high notes not as pure, more of a shout than a sing.  The pained look on Lennon’s and Harrison’s faces says it all.  They never performed live again.






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  1. Aldous says:

    Why were Lennon & McCartney killed?

    When you find out Tap then please let me know.

    What a horror show looking back. John Lennon murdered for sure. I remember the doctor who did the autopsy saying that he had a good heart but the ventricles and atriums had no blood in them whatsoever because they had been so shot out.

    Amazing isn’t it? Des O’Connor lives but John Lennon Dies. Having said that, I really enjoyed some of Des O’Connor’s stuff.

    Bernard Manning – Des O’Connor Show – December 1991 (7:50)


    Bernard Manning vs A Very Nasty Jewess Indeed –
    Bernard Manning v Esther Rancid-Rantzen 4:02

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0efKLMZmHVs dhood News and opinion Esther Rantzen made Dame in New Year Honours

    30 December 2014 / News
    Esther Rantzen made Dame in New Year Honours Recognition for ChildLine founder; NSPCC workers also honoured


    Dame Esther Rantzen 10 FACTS


  2. Tom74 says:

    If the authorities had seriously wanted Lennon murdered, then why leave it until 1980, and why not have done it more discreetly?
    As for McCartney, the imposter would have had to have been his musically gifted long-lost twin brother. The whole theory looks like a load of rubbish to discredit people with legitimate questions about the music industry.

  3. Lynn says:

    The music industry is all about Joos. We were taken over a long time ago by mission creep. These agents are a Maffia and their stars have handlers…the studios were all in this Cabal. Look at Mel Gibson for speaking out. He is ruined….let’s see where the offspring of these Celebs go to school…or Synagogue.

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