Why are there no flights over Antarctica?


What do Tap readers make of this list of reasons why the earth has to be flat?  It’s got some highly persuasive points to make.  Who can bust this and prove the opposite?

He keeps repeating a complex mathematical formula for the amount of expected fall on a round earth of 25,000 miles in circumference, eight inches per mile squared.  He never goes into how that figure is arrived at in detail.  If you divide 25,000 miles by 360 degrees, each degree of the circle is 69.4 miles approximately.  At the surface of the earth, the fall over that distance would surely be imperceptible.

You can, however, see ships disappearing over the horizon as they travel away from you, or appearing over the horizon.

Yet why are aircraft never routed over Antarctica, and why is it so much colder in the Antarctic there than the North Pole?

Why is dawn and dusk instantaneous in places like the Philippines, but drawn out over places like England?

Why is the sun visible for 72 hours without a break at the summer solstice at locations near the north pole?


This should be easy to clear up, one way or the other.

If the earth curves 8 inches at 1 mile away, you would think that it would be nine miles to drop 6 feet.  But this, it is claimed, is not so.  You only need three miles to drop six feet, if the earth is a 25,000 mile sphere, claims the video.  The example below explains the Pythagorean method used to calculate this.  Keep thinking.  To my mind the simple eight inches is right per mile, and the pythagorean explanation is not  calculating the rate of curve of a sphere, but comparing a round earth with a flat earth.  The sum seems wrong.  The amount of curvature increases very slowly at first and then dramatically, so that it would be impossible to see a point 90 degrees round the earth no matter how high you are.  To see a 45 degree span of the earth, you’d need to be more than 1000 miles high.  Yet you can see tall items like hills or towers thirty miles away in any direction from six feet high.  What’s the right way to calculate the curve?

I found this example, and then did my own afterwards.

It is true that Harley showed quite correctly that the earth curves approximately 8 inches in one mile. The solution presented then goes on to find out over how many miles does the earth curve 72 inches or 6 feet. Then this distance is doubled which is required (and would be easy to forget), because each man looks this distance to his horizon, where the line of sight is tangent to the earth’s surface midway between them. All of this reasoning is correct so far.

However, it turns out that while the earth does curve 8 inches in one mile, it does not take 9 miles to curve 72 inches. To show this, let us return to the Pythagorean Theorem method used by Harley, but using 6 feet for the curvature. Here is a copy of Harley’s diagram with the 1 in the diagram replaced by x, since in this case the distance is unknown.

Again, using the theorem of Pythagoras

a2 = 39632 + x2 = 15705369 + x2

Solving for x,

x2 = a2 – 15705369

a must be 3963 miles + 6 feet (Let’s say the men are actually 6’3″, so their eyes are six feet above ground.). Thus
a = 3963.001136 miles

x2 = 15705378 – 15705369 = 9
x = 3 miles

Now, remember that each man looks 3 miles to the horizon, giving their distance from each other as 6 miles.

This shows that at eye level of 6 ft. the horizon is 3 miles (at sea or on a level plain).

A rule-of-thumb for line of sight problems such as this, where the distance is small in comparison to the size of the earth is

c = (2/3) times x2, where x is distance in miles and c is curvature in feet.

For the problem at hand, we then have x2 = (3/2)c

x2 = (3/2) 6 = 9
x = 3

This is the same result that the more lengthy solution yielded.


Now my own thoughts.

If the first mile lowers the horizon 8 inches, the 6250th mile (one quarter of 25,000) lowers the horizon one mile (less a miniscule amount of curvature).  There must be a formula which expresses the accumulation of curve the further you travel round the globe, between one and 6,250 miles.  The curve starts off very slowly indeed, and the rate of tip builds progressively.  A mile is 1760 yards, 5280 feet and 63, 360 inches.  The 8 inches tip at one mile becomes a  63,360 inches tip at the 6250th mile.

What is the relationship between the two?  I divided 63,360 inches by eight  giving 7920.  That figure is not too far far off the 6250, which would suggest the rate of tip of the earth’s curvature is an arithmetic progression, not a squared one or geometric progression, as is claimed in the video and by other flat earthers.  You tip 8 inches in the first mile, 16 inches more in the second, and 24 inches more in the third, all the way to 63,360 inches in the 6250th.   You have to accumulate these totals of inches to calculate the rate of tip at a given total of miles.

At three miles, using the assumed figures, the accumulated tip is 48 inches (8 + 16 + 24), which most adults can see to.  Another mile more and the tip is 80 inches (8+16+24+32), a distance most adults cannot see to, unless they climb a hill.

The simple progression, counting by 8 goes as follows –   8, 16,  24,  32, 40,   48,    56,   64,   72,   80,     88,   96,   104,   112,   120,   128,   136,   144,   152,   160,   168,      174,      182,      190,   198,  206,  214,  222,  230,  238

But this progression needs to be accumulated at each step, as follows – 8, 24, 48, 80, 120 (5 miles), 168, 224, 288, 360,  440 (ten miles), 528,  624,  728, 840, 960 (15 miles), 1088, 1224, 1368,  1520, 1680 (20 miles), 1848,  2022,  2204, 2394,  2592 (25 miles),  2798, 3012, 3234, 3464, 3702

At twenty miles, the tip would be 1680 inches or 140 feet.

The lighthouses would be visible at twenty miles if they are 250 feet high.

At thirty miles, the tip would be 3702 inches or 308.5 feet.

The lighthouse at 250 feet would disappear at about 27 miles – if my very rough assumptions are any good.

(I don’t seem to be far off, do I, which is encouraging.  Hopefully a real mathematician will show up, and confirm my workings.

At 64 miles, the tip is 1213.5 feet.

At 100 miles, the tip is 3102 feet or thereabouts.

The flat earthers are saying the earth’s tip is 8 inches times the number of miles distant squared.  That’s not true.  They are approximately doubling the actual rate of tip, and then saying that they can see islands or lighthouses which should not be visible.  Then they ignore the fact that the identified islands have mountains on them.  The rate of tip is not a squaring formula like the one they are using, but a simple multiplying one.  You take each mile of the distance under consideration and add 1 for each extra mile, then multiply the total of all of them by 8 inches.

So, for example, to calculate the earth’s tip at five miles,  you add 1+2+3+4+5 = 15, and multiply that by 8 to get 120 inches, or 10 feet.  Taking nearly every example in the video or seen elsewhere on other flat earth videos, you can calculate that the apparently impossibly visible islands should indeed be visible.  Of course some of the examples are of the kind ‘people travelling from A to B are saying that they can see X or Y’.   Why not drop off a video to prove these assertions?  I would estimate that their maths is in error in every case, and a formula such as I suggest above solves the problem.  The key is getting rid of the square of the distance times 8 inches formula which seems to be taking a hold of the flat earth internet, despite its being completely wrong.

As to why there are no commercial flights over Antarctica, now that is a very good question.



If you take Dubays’ formula of the distance travelled squared times 8 inches, one quarter of the earth is 6250 miles (one quarter of 25,000 miles).  The square of that is 39 million plus a bit times 8/12 is 26 million feet, or 26000000/5280 =  4924 miles.  Yet the radius of the earth is only 3980 odd miles.  So the formula from Dubays appears wrong, with too much curvature.
My formula drops the earth not enough at 6250 miles travelled  .  I did all the workings to 69.5 miles, which is 1/360 of the earth, or 1/90th of a quarter section.   And then used the same formula up to 90 degrees, or 6250 miles, and only dropped the earth 1500 miles, so while Dubays has too much curvature, I have too little.  More work required.
The squaring formula would correct at 6250 miles by reducing the inches per mile to 6.5 from 8.  That would give a fall of 1950 feet at sixty miles, which would still leave The Isle Of Man visible from Blackpool Pier, for example, as the Isle of Man has peaks of 2000 feet, and the pier must be 100 feet high.
Corsica is 100 miles from Genoa, which would be 5400 feet lower, but there are peaks at over 6000 feet, not to mention that Genoa has hills.  Dropping Dubays from 8 inches to 6.5 inches per mile brings all the impossible distances back into the possible.  Is that they key to understanding this?

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  1. 139) Not only is the disappearance of ship’s hulls explained by the Law of Perspective on flat surfaces, it is proven undeniably true with the aid of a good telescope. If you watch a ship sailing away into the horizon with the naked eye until its hull has completely disappeared from view under the supposed “curvature of the Earth,” then look through a telescope, you will notice the entire ship quickly zooms back into view, hull and all, proving that the disappearance was caused by the Law of Perspective, not by a wall of curved water! This also proves that the horizon is simply the vanishing line of perspective from your point of view, NOT the alleged “curvature” of Earth.

  2. Tapestry says:

    But I’ve looked through binoculars at ships all through my childhood, coming from a naval family.

    • Unless Tap Eric Dubays a Freemasonic clever hoaxer to confuse and distract us all. His telescope horizon ship law of perspective on a flat plane sounds powerful to me. Id like to prove it to myself one day. Even more powerful if a cruise ship, one waited longer for it to get further away, and see if it reappears

      Corsica should not be visible from Genoa, despite its height, it should be well below the earths curvature.

      I think dubays lists examples from all over the world, showing this phenomenon happens all over, like alaska and other places.

      I know its early days. But piecing in all the other things ive been going on about, for cui bono, motive. And observing the alt media alien/secret space programme/Wilcock/CoreyGoode/Cobra show. And what theyre coming out with just in the last few days. Mentioning Antarctica. Sending a probe up into orbit, verifying the curved earth to Cobras fan base.
      Im sensing something within me we might be onto something. I think the 5 eyes tell the alternative media blogs, certain articles to put out, and subtle Tavistock messages, to bring humanity ‘back on track’, away from any 33rd degree truths being chattered about

      It is early days, I know that, I wont get too enthusiastic.

    • Tap, on my way back from the shops just now (Morrisons), at 8.50 on radio 4 what do I hear? An interview with Patrick Moore, discussing the solar system and Jupiter, mars, Uranus, Saturn.
      Even if Eric Dubays not the best videographer. He lives in Bangkok. Im going to stress test more and more things that he says.

      My point is I think its a propaganda information war being played out in Real Time. The 5 eyes are listening. They respond in incredivble ways to keep the hypnotic trick going. many of them. Not just this.

      eg I remember in 2014, huge anti terror UK airport skynews headlines, all the MSM. Turns out it was done by Sir Malcolm, to get his cousin Lord Brittan, off the front pages.

      I think theres a real time information war going on Tap. And if Eric Dubays right, I think the flat stationary geocentric earth could be the most coveted, tightly defended, High Magician Freemasonic 33rd degree Luciferian Satanic secret of them all.

      I think we should at least investigate further

    • I know this isn’t definitive proof by any means. But knowing how underhand the BBC and Tavistock are, how they work.

      The subliminal background spinning globe during the bbc news reports. let alone the intersegment bits. The red landmass. The red bands surrounding the globe. Could these be the magnetic filaments sittshow blog mentioned last month, about the electromagnetic bands that cover the earth, and are linked to human consciousness, and possibly leylines

      put it this way Tap. NOTHING the satanic BBC , ever presents on its screens, but especially, the background to BBCNEWS24…..will go to waste to not further their Tavistock mind influencing agenda.
      Don’t worry im going to search and drill down hard, and find simple interesting exciting proofs based on what eric dubay says.

      its my feeling the Apollo moon hoax wasn’t because of some space race in the 1960s with Newtonian rocket technology, where they couldn’t do it, so faked it for national prestige.

      I don’t buy that, im looking through all the layers of deception, and assessing all the evidence as best I can. I also , whenever eric dubays stuff gets mentioned. I get a tingling strange feeling, I honestly think Henry. its my Higher Self telling me to push on, im on the right track.

      I didn’t get this type of feeling in the last 16 months, talking about the secret space programme

    • The Deceptions of Satan. “Satan deceiveth the whole world” (Revelation 12:9). He deceives not just a part of the world, he deceives the “whole world.”

      • beLIEve says:

        What happens when……SCUM-bag SATAN……can no longer …..DECEIVE…..the world ?

        Do you think it will be …..CURTAINS ?

        His attempt at world domination will be ended……by higher powers ?

        GAME OVER……
        He tried but……FAILED ?

    • And to add as well Tap to dkblues gut feelings. If we are dealing with agent dubay in bangkok. This is a very clever psyop
      Even if the earth isnt a billiard table. Points he makes about the sun not being 93million miles away ar all. Sun and moon same size. Moonlight not being reflected light off the sun, but a strange different light coming off the moon itself.
      The moon appearing transparent during the day.
      Rowbothams zetetic astrology extensively discussed on his blog. The nasa frauds, might be central to this lie, whatever it is.
      I think i made a valid point to rabbit, how this is a satanic deception. Denying man the instant easy ability to know in his heart whats what, god is real

      I will investigate those uni reports about a 300 km valley, and maybe link it in with admiral byrd, and some dubay observations, and submit on the dashboard

    • ” Additionally, people say the same thing about ships “going over the horizon.” I have personally watched a cruise ship appear to do just that as it headed out to sea away from where I was. But when I zoomed in with my camera, I could still see it – all of it – sitting on the water’s surface. Clearly, it had not gone over the horizon on an alleged 8″in per mile curve. Others have done similar experiments. One of the most famous of these curvature/horizon experiments that I have seen so far is the Bedford Level Experiment ”

      ” The Chicago skyline from Grand Mere State Park (on the other side of Lake Michigan) Here we have the impossible. The distance between Grand Mere State Park in Stevensville and Chicago is about 60 miles. At that distance, Chicago should be nearly a half-mile (2,400 ft) below the horizon – assuming we are on a ball with a curvature of 8″ per mile! So, how do they explain it away? “Oh, that’s just a mirage.” Seriously? Give me a break! –

      I’m sorry, but this is total B.S.! I’m not buying it and listening to the guy selling this crap, I’m not even sure he buys it either. Note the horizon is perfectly straight all the way across. The buildings are not leaning away or to either side. They are straight up and down and looking quite solid. I’d bet they would look perfect through binoculars or a telescope.

      At this point, I do not believe we have any conclusive evidence for a curvature – at least nothing I personally will trust without doing an experiment of my own. And that is exactly what I intend to do sometime in the not too distant future. But what the above news clip shows me is that if I were to do any kind of experiment along these lines and we are able to see something that should not be there, then it’s going to be written off by all the monkeys suffering from cognitive dissonance as a “mirage.” Sorry Charlie. No. When something like this can be repeated over and over again, it’s called empirical evidence.

      UPDATE 5/12/2015:

      Speaking of empiracle evidence… I recently began to do some of my own testing of the curvature. On April 30th, my wife and I flew to San Diego for a conference. Even though nearly the entire flight at 37,000 ft was over cloud cover, I still could only see a totally flat horizon out of my window:


    • Samadhi Maithuna says:

      Reports came in for approximately 6 months that high level syndicate groups were moving huge amounts of personal items and supplies to South American underground bases most noted in Brazil. More recent reports stated actual family members and high ranking syndicate members were pouring into these underground bases like ants before a storm.

      Goode elaborated in his June 15 briefing that what the syndicate groups (global elites/Cabal/Illuminati) feared was huge solar storms predicted to hit the Earth. The so-called “solar killshot” long predicted by the remote viewer, Ed Dames, was imminent according to him in an interview on March 21, 2016.
      The syndicate groups chose to flee instead to Antarctica/South America where underground locations provided some safety. The following graphic illustrates one of the six industrial areas under the Antarctic ices with parked spacecraft.
      ht tp:/ /exop olitics.org/wp-content/uploads/2016/06/Antarctica-Under-the-Ice-Final-72px.jpg
      Coincidently, President Obama visited Bariloche, Argentina on March 24, which had become the unofficial headquarters of the “Fourth Reich” when Adolf Hitler fled there after World War II. The Nazi U-boat historian, Harry Cooper, found credible sources establishing Bariloche as Hitler’s refuge in his book, Hitler in Argentina.
      Goode supplied various artist depictions of one of the doorways into the vast water filled tunnel systems throughout South America and Antarctica used by the elites that extend all the way from Mexico, through South America, and down into Antarctica.

      He said that there were six large industrial complexes located in the Western Antarctic region. The two largest complexes were city-sized and about two miles wide. He provided an illustration for the location of these bases that he was personally taken to visit by the “Anshar” on May 14. Goode has previously described the Anshar as the oldest of the Inner Earth civilizations that he has met in secret negotiations – alleged dating as far back as 18 million years.

      Further, he stated that he saw the secret Antarctic cities while traveling on an Anshar space craft that flew about 60 feet above the surface of the ocean directly into what looked like an Antarctic ice cliff, but which in reality was a hologram hiding the entrance to one of these cities. Goode saw large buildings, and two huge black submarines used to transport people and cargo to Antarctica being unloaded by giant cranes.


      • Samadhi Maithuna says:

        Continued from Part 1] At the same time the Soviet Union had deployed Cosmospheres in the 1970’s that competed with the National Reconnaissance Office and USAF for domination of the space around Earth, the U.S. Navy was developing its own secret space program called Solar Warden, which used huge cigar shaped spacecraft equipped with antigravity and temporal technology for distant off world operations.

        Former aerospace engineer, William Tompkins, has disclosed that he provided the initial designs for these kilometer long secret space craft in a secret think tank at Douglas Aircraft Company in the 1950’s. According to both Corey Goode and Tompkins, Solar Warden became operational in the 1980’s and was highly compartmentalized, and therefore unknown to most USAF Space Command/NRO/Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) personnel who were told the vehicles in deep space or remote locations like Antarctica they were monitoring were merely prototype craft being tested.

        Goode additionally explains that most NRO/USAF Space Command/DIA personnel are unaware of the Secret Space Program Alliance (an alliance between the Solar Warden program defectors from other secret space programs), whose operations Goode has been disclosing since late 2014

        During one of Goode’s interrogations, attempts were made to brainwash him into believing that extraterrestrials weren’t real and that the “higher level space programs” he was discussing – Solar Warden, Interplanetary Corporate Conglomerate and Dark Fleet – did not exist.


  3. sepeltura says:

    This video is the worst attempt at trying to prove a point I have ever seen he could have used that fact that some Canadians speak French as proof the earth is flat

    • sepeltura says:

      Are you accusing me of being Jewish ? If so how dare you. just because I don’t believe provable bull@@it of an obvious con man who uses flawed application of mathematics and ignores logic,reason and observable scientific fact you accuse me of being part of the biggest terrorist organization on earth . Merry Christmas to you too

  4. RabbiT says:

    Though having no knowledge of commercial aircraft systems I can advise that g. a. maintain altitude via an altimeter, based upon air pressure, which in turn is relative to height above ground level.

    IMO this blows out of the equation the constantly needing to correct altitude by constantly dipping their nose downward argument.

    In the video (7.53) the text reads “A Airplane” suggesting the producer is incompetent or just plain lazy.

    I’d say this is here to distract from important issues but perhaps someone can come up with the real science on the matter as opposed to how to fly from SA to AU.

    • Yes but id give this whole thing more time, let all the data and conclusions come in Rabbit. The implicationsof what Dubays said. So many great interesting points. Not on video, on his 100 and 200 proofs, books.
      Has in the last 10 days given me an almost instant profound flash, realisation, awe, wonderment, humility, of knowing, God exists. its driven me to instinctively seek out this http://www.scribd.com/doc/15598452/Eighteen-New-Age-Lies-An-Occult-Attack-on-Christianity

      And clarity is coming to me thick and fast, because of dubays claims. Imagine if (if its true), these claims were taught to all of humanity in schools?

      The worldwide freemasonry , Satanists who run the world, would stand no chance doing what they do to humanity. Im convinced this conspiracy is real, a satanic deception, to distract and blind man from the awe inspiring truth of God
      I think we should give eric dubay a chance till we learn more

      “Satan deceiveth the whole world” (Revelation 12:9). He deceives not just a part of the world, he deceives the “whole world.”

      And why is the statue of liberty visible to ship captains from 60 miles away at sea? This shouldn’t be

      Why is Elba, Corsica, and others, visible from Genoa? They should be well below the earths curvature. Yet theyre there fully visible

      These facts and more are in dubays books

      • RabbiT says:

        I keep an open mind on most things Adam but like to test what I hear.

        I read your New Age Lies article and agree with it.

        However I don’t put much faith in Baptist preachers (I don’t put any faith in any man these days). The King James translation was not perfect but some of the texts therein have been removed from newer versions. I assume the reference to the KJB being a weapon is a reference to the “sword of truth” but the important issue is one’s relationship with the Almighty. He concludes “Your spiritual well-being is at stake” but it is far greater than that.

        I should point out that the Holy Spirit is our helper and is given us by grace not something we can use for our ends.

        I have a very supernatural life but that is because God has given me my hearts desire to see Him at work in what I do as well as experiencing His awesome power.

        The demonic is equally real and I have met possessed individuals who have supernatural knowledge but that has come from the Satanic side such is sinful (unclean spirits).

    • http://tapnewswire.com/2015/12/kubrick-admits-moon-landing-movie-was-faked/#comment-51017

      I have more id like to chat about rabbit but cant get my thoughts together at the minute

    • Rabbit if you suspend disbelief, and think, eric dubays right.
      This unleashes the force of God on humanity to understand His power.To create all this around us.
      Science, Darwinism, Copernicus, crick, Newton. I see it all for what it is. A 500nyr old Satanic deception on humanity. This is whats going on and Nasa Scottish rite freemason have been central to the deception, The anti god deception

      ” This is the “Main Reason” why they faked the Moon landings”…Because if they have you “Believe” the Moon landings are “True”…Then that would make the “Bible”…”Not True”…”this is why “They” had the “First Astronaut” Perform a “Masonic Ritual” on the Moon”,this is a “Satanic Ritual”, as “They” Tricked “Everyone”, “They” Ritualized in” they’re “New world Order”….This was the “Beginning of the End”….this is “Revelations”…which “Actually Proves, that the Bible is True”….(Watch Astronaut perform Masonic Ritual on Moon and in the L.E.M, before he takes his First step onto moon,you will see,that Everything that I’ve stated is TRUE)…..it’s on youtube….”Then….WAKE UP..//////..NOTE: thats why Aliens that were on Moon didn’t bother them….Because they are Really Demons….But that’s…”ANOTHER STORY” ”


      Lena Foret creator of the blog. beautiful young woman, married, in louisiana

      • RabbiT says:

        Nothing can make the Bible “untrue”. No one can “unleash the force of God on humanity”. Aliens are demons – I am open to the possibility. Chris White seems to think so and he knows far more that I do in that area.

        I am long satisfied the moon landings were faked but the lunar wave is in my opinion a consequence of digital photography.



      on Tapblog, Henry Curteis with his maths, we are exploring trying to discern, is the earth flat.

      The conclusion were coming to on comments thread…somethings very very strange. Just from empirical evidence and observations

      Put it this way the globe, nasa shows, and taught in schools, our earth looks nothing like it.

      We are not sure at the moment, if the earth is a flat plane, but there are strong lines of evidence this could be the case. Nasas lied to us for 60 odd years, this is definitely the case.

      We are also investigating eric dubays assertions, about geocentrism and a stationary earth. This is a hot topic on the internet now

      Something strange is going on and its got nothing to do with Ets aliens, which are a deception. Though the antigravity technology, free energy, to create this deception, which theyre doing, appears to be very real.

      I remember I told you 2 months ago when I was working and saw on the newsfeed,. 300 mile valley discovered in Antarctica (whatever Antarctica actually is)
      I think this might be an important clue. Admiral Byrd too. I think the reason why we cant fly over Antarctica is because this valley, might be an entry point to Inner earth, with whole ecosystems and maybe an inner sun. Who knows.

      Alternatively there might be some interdimensional portal there. . The Aborigines in Australia , say, their ancestors said, at one time, they could physically walk, to another dimension, heaven.

      Put it this way. Nasa are liars, things don’t add up. We are investigating as best we can. I will update you with any intriguing findings

    • Ok Rabbit
      3.26 of the felix Baumgartner footage. Is a fisheye type lens. Not a proper lens

      Couldn’t it be possible that felix Baumgartner , this wholeop, hasn’t been a Freemason created event. To use the MSM and alt media. To reinforce Nasas and the Jesuits and worldwide Freemasonrys, biggest secret?
      Don’t you think that’s possible?
      I think it is possible

      I say Rabbit. AND I WANT ALL OF TAPBLOG TO READ THIS. I think the whole reason for the felix Baumgartner stunt was to get those curved earth shots in. Trojan horse Tavistock programming

      Just like Cobra in 2014, went high up in a Russian MiG jet (the Russians are the good guys remember in this cabal theatre), to get to the limits of wait for it Rabbit….’the Veil’

      But a curved earth was seen and Cobra mentioned the earths curvature.

      ” Curvature of the Earth becomes noticeable and this is when I took this photo: ”

      CAVEAT: Rabiit I may have got vital fact wrong at some point on my trains of thought and data assimilation. All it needs is a lie to be inserted, to send one off in the wrong direction.
      Maybe Cobras right in the exciting things he says? very seductive?
      But no. I sense STAN MONTEITH is right.

    • I remember many many months ago, when I was regurgitating Cobras stuff, like I was possessed, or brainwashed even, an awakened person captured by the Lucis Trust. And you said, I was an intellectual nut job

      Many months later, I see more and more evidence, feeling, Higher Self feeling, Cobras stuff, and more importantly. His Trojan Horse under the radar Tavistock reinforcement, just like the Metro commuter newspaper does
      Rabbit I feel Cobras full of shit

      Higher Self. How is it different to entities, floating about. On different dimensional planes?How does the Higher Self, myself up there, differ from the Holy Spirit for example?
      Interesting questions id like to chat to you about sometime, but not for this comment thread.
      No flights over Antarctica is a deadly serious business rabbit

      • RabbiT says:

        I was sharing with a brother yesterday that my experience of the Holy Spirit was such I don’t know how I didn’t burst a blood vessel in my brain but I was only 25 then. It was the most powerful experience the human frame can endure. It was unusual but called me to a higher office as it were.

        I guess with me God showed me the truth that I was a filthy piece of crap but He LOVES me like a son and brought me to a higher self as a member of His family. He saw my heart that I loved and wanted to serve others. Having revealed Himself to me and taught me His ways, I came to learn that I now knew more about something than the most intelligent guy I have ever met, I knew God. That guy knew math, biology, electronics, you name it he has many patents to his name, went to Oxford got his first job as a professor but he does not know what I know and I know God. The tables have turned.

    • If Stan Monteiths right. Allied with the very odd, evidence , of earth measurements and observations we are chasing up on Tapblog at this time. Add all this together RabbiT. What do we have?
      We can conclude that things don’t add up AT ALL. Not at all. BBC Michael palins feted by the Establishment pole to pole series, im highly suspicious of. Is he a 33rd degree freemason?

      This is a complex web rabbit. But we are on the case. if youd ever like to meet, ask Tap for my email as I think youre a very interesting person

      Naturally, I wouldntbe commenting now if I was in the arms of a beautiful woman. id still make time though, since I sense Tapblogs doing great things. The icebreaking bough on those ships sailing the arctic.
      One look at beautiful lovely young women. Notjust their physical beauty. its when one observes their consciousness within, the consciousness, and personality, and female kindness . This is when it all comes together, and one can

      • RabbiT says:

        God knew what He was doing when He created the female of the species.

        Beautiful on the outside, ugly as Hell inside, in the case of the Jezebel spirit:


        Don’t be fooled by the Lamia…lol!

        I have had brethren pray for you…just you, as I believed you were open to discussion.

        Write down questions and should we make contact I will do my best to answer but my area of expertise is kind of limited to knowing God.

    • see and feel and experience, other dimensions, in the arms of a woman, one desires intensely

      Man and Woman

      lord mandelosn tshirt. God created man perfectly etc. Im sorry I don’t buy Corey Goodes David Wilcocks rectn offerings, we are nothing special. I hope you grasp my point

      I think Wilcock etc could all be a satanic deception.
      Anyway goodnight Rabbit

      • RabbiT says:

        We are special, we are created in God’s image.

        The Bible has lots to clarify on the man woman relationship. They don’t like things such as:

        “And man was not made for woman, but woman was made for man.”

        1 Corinthians 11.9

        Just so politically incorrect..

        One of the reasons the world is in such a mess.

    • Maybe Stan Monteith is right and much of Cobra too? But Cobras an agent for ET deceptions by the Jesuits in the Vatican, I really sense this

      It brings me to a pretty basic question Rabbit. All the things Stan Monteith says. And the fact we are in the midst of a battle of Deception from none other than Satan himself

      And that this ….extradimensional, interdimensional, spiritual war between good and evil, is very tangible and real, playing out now

      – Does this mean, do you think. Is my line of thinking and assumption correct. That a basic facet of the Deception Satan is trying to pull, to blind Man to understand, he is the ONLY living intelligence in the universe? Like Mandelsons t shirt, Gods intelligent design created us? Rabbit is the UN Lucis Trust/ Vaticans mission, to make us feel like we are nothing special, not unique, and we are in fact one of millions of civilisations? Is God, Man? And God put us here, in his image? Is this what the Satanists in the Vatican don’t like and determined we must be ignorant about? SO Satan can then move in with his many deceptions

      – This therefore brings in Rabbit. Do you think its true, and another aspect of |Deception very important to Satan. Related to point 1 above. Did God place us here at the centre of the Universe? Is this another basic thing going on? As a man of Scripture. Do you think geocentrism could be real? If I was Satan, id consider it highly important to deceive Man to not believe earth was the centre of the universe. Or solar system at least.

      – And therefore Rabbit. Bearing in mind Stan Monteiths correct, and what I say above about interdimensional spirutal war playing out.
      Is this another central basic thing Satan must Deceive the world about? Is it Satanic to suggest that (even if we are unique highest creations of God, placed at the centre of the universe), other ET races exist, humanoid or not?
      Is this incompatible with the truth of God? And is it another motive for Satan to Deceive us about the size and shape of the planet we are on, if its moving, and if its the centre of the universe?
      – Leaving project Bluebeam aside. (Or a reverse Bluebeam, of benevolent ET saviours). Do aliens exist? Or is that the CENTRAL part of the whole thing, the Satanic Deception? To get man to feel hes nothing, strip the awe and wonderment of a loving Creator away, so Satan can take over the world?

      – So I hope you can see how, im so concerned about geocentrism, and stationary strange shaped earth, whatever the truth is. As it provides a key to answer the questions above.

    • Therefore my intense feelings towards beautiful, kind spiritual women. not arrogant inflated idiots one observes
      But good women, where I wouldn’t be ashamed to walk down the street with the,. And in fact, be proud, to be seen with them
      let me say howi sense it RabbiT. you’ve been hurt deep inside over this womans poor behaviour and deception. Its awful and I sense your pain on this matter. the infidelity aspect is even worse. Sad, debilitating , I know. Im surprpised and awed you’ve mentioned and prayed about me , amongst your brothers. Thanks.. Ill discuss this very interesting topic more,at the right time. Im trying my best forus to arrie at truth
      I feel I have spiritual help and protection

    • Is Space, and the Spiritual Dimensions, one and the same thing?

      I have a feeling, planets aren’t physical places above us we can walk on at all. Lets leave aside whether Voyager images are real, now that we know the Apollo missions are complete hoaxes.

      The planets certainly have been noted by astronomers. I think planets are interfaces, between this dimension and another. They might even be conscious entitites?

      They might be Gods, or portals to specific areas of space time.

      If we leave aside the fraud joke of the 20th century space missions.

      Thomas Townsend Browns crafts, certainly seem real. The US government classified the results of Browns electrogravitic tests in the 1950s, the official programme got shut down.

      These asymettrical capacitor crafts, with no G forces inside. Can pull tremendous amounts of power from the surrounding ether. The energy that makes the electrons spin round protons.

      Laviolette said it was something like 100MW per cubic foot, that could be drawn.

      This means. Unless there is some ridiculously bizarre ‘barrier’ above our heads, that absolutely nothing can pass. Surely these types of crafts, have the power to get up there?

      I mean, we see meteors coming into our earth. So we see evidence of traffic of some kind from there to here.

      So im saying the secret space programme must have the power to get ‘up there’, whatever up there actually is. And Townsend Browns are only the tip of the iceberg, with the kinds of technologies they must have developed.

      We can certainly see how bad people in this world intend to lay on either

      – A fake project bluebeam alien invasion

      – or a reverse bluebeam, benevolent ‘aliens’ coming here acting as the saviours

      So what happens if they try and fly into one of the planets, or the Moon? Or the Sun?

      Could it be there are interdimensional portals that open up and lets the SSP crafts enter, and planets themselves aren’t physical places, but gateways? Being Scottish Rite Freemasons, Nasa is very much into Freemasonic Gnostic Astrology, and portals it is being discussed a lot now, open and close several times a day. Nasa knows when to fly through them

      Is space, and the spiritual dimensions, one and the same thing? And whats going on at Antarctica?

    • adamspiritualwarrior says:

      February 5, 2016 at 9:09 am

      Interesting dublinmick how eric Dubay made contact with Capt Ajit several times. I think Ajit could have been hitting on truths and Dubay and handlers took note. Ajit says heliocentrism is real. Hes a ships captain after all, I trust Ajit
      I do not recall Ajit examining the flat earth thing. But in view of my comments added below, I think we can move on from flat earth with my new line of reasoning.

      I found it amusing it made me laugh late last year, your reaction when I was going on about Dubay enthusiastically. ‘ If he really believes the earth is flat, then there is no hope for him in this life ‘
      Funny, and I knew it applied to me as well.

      But I think as you will see below, ive exonerated myself and come out of the Dubay madness ok


  5. Tapestry says:

    I think there’s something wrong with his calculations about curvature of the earth. Maybe the 8″ per mile applies and not the square of 8″. He should spend far more time explaining the mathematics if he wants to be more convincing. You need to be much higher in altitude to see round the earth than 35,000 feet. More like 6 million feet according to my very rough calculations.

    • Ok im no mathematician, but ill do my best to rebut this. But why is Corsica visible from Genoa? Not the tip of Corsica, but all of Corsica
      Admittedly from 70 ft above sea level in Genoa

      Id love to know whether the bottom of the suez canal, is level, or is excavated to take account of the ‘earths curvature’. 100 miles with no locks.

      We need objective impartial mathematicans on the job on this I think. Mathematicians who are open minded to accept a new paradigm

    • If Dubays a complex Tavistock Freemason triple bluff NWO confusing derailing distracting Psyop. That’s fine, if it can be proven. Im not bothered.
      Ill then go back to the SSP heliocentric paradigm and realise theres a quarantine kn earth by a satanic cabal, and a huge, massive, benevolent, intergalactic confederation of benevolent civilisations. Waiting to liberate us.

      Or could we be actually, the centre, the most exquisite, creations of God at the centre of everything and we are in the midst of being subjected to SATANS DECEPTIONS TAP? Please lets keep this in mind. Stan Monteith, his lectures have had an effect on me, just like Paul LaViolette

      I apologise again for swearing the other week, im glad can comment again

    • “Interviews with pilots and high-elevation travelers revealed that few if any could detect curvature below about 50,000 ft. High-altitude physicist and experienced sky observer David Gutierrez [6] reported that as his B-57 ascends, the curvature of the horizon does not become readily sensible until about 50,000 ft and that at 60,000 ft the curvature is obvious. Having talked to many other high fliers (SR-71, U2, etc.), Gutierrez confirms that his sense of the curvature is the same as theirs. Passengers on the Concorde (60,000 ft) routinely marveled at the curvature of the Earth.” So, according to this article, above 60,000 ft. the curve is supposed to be “obvious.” OK. Now watch this video shot by civilians using a camera that does not have a fish-eye lens

      If the curvature is supposed to be clearly seen above 60,000 ft (an altitude 99% of us will never get to see for ourselves with the naked eye), why then is it not so “obvious” at 75,572 ft with a camera that is spinning around giving us a 360 degree view, yet even in multiple angles it still yields the same flat result when parallel bars are placed over the horizon at the same angle? –

      In response to me posting the above pic, someone adjusted the contrast on it to show that there is a “bulge” in the middle. I agree there is a slight rise in the middle, but it appears to be related to the haze and not the land. So, I did another screenshot at a lower altitude, which provided the only shot I could find where there was less cloud haze directly obscuring the earth’s visible horizon:
      The above shot, inverted with the contrast and saturation cranked up, shows no “bulge” but rather somewhat of a curve up at the ends. Still, accounting for the lens issue, it looks quite flat to me. At worst, it is inconclusive. Even the author of the above article stated…

      Detecting the curvature of the horizon directly is a complex issue, and it is further aggravated by psychological factors: much has been written about the evocative effects of seeing the curvature of the Earth from space. People hope and often expect to see it and so they do, whether they actually do or not. [bold emphasis mine]


      I regularly visit Mauna Kea (elevation 13; 796 ft ¼ 4205 m) and Haleakala (elevation 10; 223 ft ¼ 3116 m).From here, a relatively unobstructed horizon is visible in several directions. I was unable to convince myself that I could detect horizon curvature. Thus the altitude necessary to visually detect curvature would seem to be between about 14,000 and 35,000 ft. [bold emphasis mine]

      So, atop high mountains with a “relatively unobstructed” field of view, this experienced photographer and observer could not “convince himself” of a curve. Interviews done with pilots indicated that you needed to be above 50,000 to really see an “obvious” curve. Yet, at 75,000+ ft. using a camera that does not have a fish-eye lens mounted to a weather balloon reveals what certainly appears to be a flat horizon. What’s the deal? I’m seeing stuff that is anything but “obvious” to me.

      Ultimately, I believe we have been so brainwashed by NASA and other footage, which is always shot with a fish-eye lens, that we’ve convinced ourselves we have seen the curvature of the earth. Here’s a prime example of the difference in camera lenses and what each can make you believe you are seeing


    • Henry Henry. Based on your recent calculations, 1000 miles high to see the curvature. Please see this. Could this be a clear clue and indication of Cobra being a Deceiver? Look

      ” After months of preparations, time has come for me to go beyond the Veil.
      The easiest way to do this is a stratospheric flight in a military plane which can reach high altitudes of nearspace.

      When you cross the Veil boundary, 8.6 miles above the surface, you are suddenly embraced by a tachyon bath, a rain of rainbow colored superluminal particles that penetrate your energy field. Your physical body feels energized and you feel healthier than you have felt for a very long time. [ I actually think this could be correct info. A Tap article did discuss somewhere, unhindered healing etheric energy in space, will find it when I can]

      ” There are absolutely no reptilians, no etheric scalar wave technology, no Archons, no negativity, nothing. No Matrix. Just absolute purity.

      The altitude increases. Although you fly almost twice as fast as the speed of sound, you feel no movement. Everything is peaceful and still.

      You feel angels around you, presence of Light motherships high above you.

      You reach 60,000 feet. This is the region of nearspace. The whole sky is like a stargate, magnetically drawing you deeper and deeper…

      Curvature of the Earth becomes noticeable and this is when I took this photo: http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-eo5trRysTao/Uu_uXuE-vyI/AAAAAAAABeo/baPRoexJ0Ug/s1600/Nearspace2.jpg

      [According to your calculations Henry of 1000 miles, Cobras post of 60,000 ft……something doesn’t add up. Might we be on to something?]

    • Ken Danzo 4 days ago
      Eric Dubay loves the work of Acharya S., Acharya S. copied entire paragraphs from Madame Blavatsky’s books into her own books, Madame Blavatsky is a luciferian belief system which all modern new age systems follow and of which it has an organisation tied to the U.N (The Lucis Trust, formerly known as The Lucifer Trust), who else is a Blavatsky fan? that’s right Mr. David Icke, Eric Dubay describes himself as a anarchist, which group follows that same principle?, satanists. Acharya S. has been debunked as well. Eric Dubay a researcher? no.. not really, just a copy paster and he sure loves to quote the Bible whenever it suits him, time to do some more research Mr. Dubay.

    • [Adams Note: JK Rowling is also part of the Fabian Society, and Helena Blavatsky New Age Lucifernaism. JK Rowling was not a struggling single mother made good. Theres much more to the JK Rowling situation. She is good friends with Gordon Brown, who is also a Fabian. I understand Jeremy Corbyn is also a Fabian, as is David Miliband. The picture that seems to be emerging is New Age occult stuff, and Harry Potter is an example, is Luciferianism and an attempt for Satan to rule the world. By blinding and deceiving Man with new age nonsense and distractions. There is an Occult War going on] [ My personal opinion based on emrging facts so far is Dubay has delivered a lot of truth but then diverts us away from truth with saying the earth is flat. I think the truth could be much more bizarre than that]

  6. dkblue says:

    I did see a NASA spokesperson recently describing the earth less as a sphere and more as an ‘oblate spheroid’. They’ll have to ditch that ubiquitous round earth ‘photo’ from space won’t they….but how would they explain it?

    I looked into Dubay’s stuff maybe 4 months ago and while intriguing and exciting to contemplate, on looking more closely at Dubay himself, his background and very comfortable Thai home and lifestyle, and finally a pic of him in his sunglasses, I concluded he is an agent. Sorry, but mathematics aside – and call me superficial – I don’t trust him.

    • Tapnewswire Development Update: Recent Discussions With Tap:

      My email
      The Geocentric Earth Question
      I really need to find out if this is true. This knowledge, whether true or not, will greatly influence and help how i interpret and determine this reality around us.
      If we are at the centre of everything. This throws into real doubt, that any other civilisations exist, around other suns. Nasa have drummed into us, we are nothing special. Theres millions of other habitable planets littered.
      Geocentricity, or heliocentriity truth will be a vital tool for me to sense, who the liars are amongst us on issues

      His reply
      I am having doubts about my curvature of the earth formula. no time to check it tonight.

      My reply

      OK, I am deeply interested when you get the chance, to find out if it means Eric Dubays claims, even if clumsily made with how he explains his mathematics, are correct. And we really are on a flat earth.

      Or, the earth is the size that Governments have told us and academia has dictated to us, theyre not liars. The curvature formula, is very very crucial and interesting. An inescapable set of facts though seem to be, Eric Dubays simple observations, such as seeing Corsica from 70ft above seal level in Genoa, when it should be way below the curvature

      And many other things too. If the earth really is flat, my mind will be blown. It will mean our total reality is not at all like I thought.

      If the earths stationary, and geocentric. Iwill deeply turn to God, know He is real. But of course avoiding the Satanist riddled infested ruling churches of today. Thankyou for being on the case with me on this Henry, goodnight

      • Tapestry says:

        If you take Dubays’ formula of the distance travelled squared times 8 inches, one quarter of the earth is 6250 miles (one quarter of 25,000 miles). The square of that is 39 million plus a bit times 8/12 is 26 million feet, or 26000000/5280 = 4924 miles. Yet the radius of the earth is only 3980 odd miles. So the formula from Dubays appears wrong, with too much curvature.

        My formula drops the earth not enough at 6250 miles travelled . I did all the workings to 69.5 miles, which is 1/360 of the earth, or 1/90th of a quarter section. And then used the same formula up to 90 degrees, or 6250 miles, and only dropped the earth 1500 miles, so while Dubays has too much curvature, I have too little. More work required.

  7. dkblue says:

    Antarctica is certainly in need of investigation. With all the big players having staked their flags and stations there, and with the banning of the world’s citizens from private exploration, the curious reports of Admiral Byrd and photos of anomolous flying craft and structures, who knows what is really going on there?
    I think it’s potentially another key, another doorway into understanding our planet and our history that we the common people are being denied.

    • Well said, well encapsulated. Theres certainly something very very very odd going on. And its a key, a big key.
      Your impressions gut instinct of dubay, are a red flag certainly. I wont be afraid to drop him, and backtrack. Ill just have to spend a bit more time reading his claims first.
      If hes an agent. A clever persuasive agent. Ok they want to veer us off, down a cul de sac rabbit hole. What clues can we discern therefore, about what theyre trying tohide? Getting us to obsess about the wrong things, why?

      Could it be true then, an pblate spheroids real? I don’t see the freemason need to lie about that though over the years. Could it be to distract us, agent dubay, from an admiral byrd like deep valley hole into the inner earth?
      I saw the the other day, a uni here in uk, announcing a 300km wide valley found in Antarctica. I initially assumed they meant deep, but I think it meant wide. Could that be a clue?

      Id be interested to confirm whether its true, a consistent high cliffs of dover like ice wall , all sailors to Antarctica encounter it. With no apparent inlets. That would be interesting.

      Leaving aside the oblate spheroid possibility. I wonder if geocentrism is still real? Big implications for us if it is. And if stationary earth is real

      • dkblue says:

        Hey Adam,
        I think that regardless of what we are told the shape of our earth is, there is enough evidence – scientific/spiritual/experiential, to suggest that there are INFINITE DIMENSIONS.
        This, plus when we consider that the concept, experience and perception of time and space are RELATIVE and SUBJECTIVE, suggests that perhaps finding a ‘concrete’ answer to these questions is therefore impossible and ultimately irrelevant…

        I come from a background of the exploration of ‘truth’ through the logic and practise of Tibetan Buddhism which does have incredible in-depth teachings on the most profound questions regarding the very nature of reality – see Madhyamika Prasangika teachings for example.

        – Sorry if it’s irritating but I just always find myself coming home again to these wisdom teachings as they go beyond or ‘outshine’ relative dualistic phenomena which traps us, to a view which is simultaneously thrilling, empowering and liberating!
        Have a great day 🙂

    • Profound comment, will reply soon. Thanks ill try to, was at work this morning

      I would immediately stop drinking reverse osmosis water. Not just about demineralisation. But its dehydrating, the water structurs damaged. In the australian heat it would be terrible to drink

    • Hello, no your wisdom teachings aren’t irritating, on the contrary valued,
      your Tibetan Buddhism insights on this burning important matter. The trouble is Cobra in posts over last 2 yrs, has mentioned Tibet/Agartha/Inner Earth. Shambala I think he said.
      Swirling around all his posts I suspect Abi theres some tantalising carrots being thrown out. But I still think Cobras…inserting, representing, the Saturnian Jesuit Satanic cult. His comments about Goddess vortex points, over Syria etc. He throws in a load im sure of useful info about the cabal, misuse of the word ISIS for example. He even says 666 is actually a neutral thing of power. Its just that the cabal have put in the public mind, its demonic.
      Aside from all that, it feels like Cobras kicking up a load of dust. Trying to using Deception, mentioning goddesses and Isis and law of One etc, like Wilcock does. I feel its all a UN Luciferian Saturnalian Deception. Where they will simply have built a much much bigger gigantic Truman Show Dome of false reality all around us. This time with Cobras Event liberation and the galactic confederation on the scene

      This is why Abi anything we can discover here on the Tap, truth about the shape of earth, whether its stationary, whether its geocentric or heliocentric. I mean, why have they lied so much about the shape? It must have something to do with Antarctica. My point here is. Any of eric dubays, or this guy who also make very solid points http://testingtheglobe.com/quest2.html

      if we on Tapblog can arrive at some pretty solid conclusions. Like Tap saying today it seems you have to go 1000 miles up before any curvatures seen. Clues like that. We then are armed with powerful tools/weapons , AND THE PROPER LENS with which to view any claims by the likes of Greer, Hellyer, Cobra, Wilcock, etc.

      Infinite dimensions, relative, subjective
      Yes. Kingel said recently, the Australian aborigines, have in their ancestral stories passed down, they used to be able to physical walk to other dimensions. heaven perhaps. This entire discussion might be very relevant to the pineal gland and NDEs, yes.

      But you make a very good immediate point. All the big players have their stations and flags at Antarctica. What is going on? We need to somehow Abi connect that……with realisation of what shape this earth actually is…..connect those 2 things together, relate them to each other. That will be a move forward

      I think youd be better off getting kefir grains and making it in raw milk if you can or the best milk you can get. I think some types can be made in water , or coconut juice as well.

    • Adam Spiritualwarrior Exposing the Secret Space Programme says:

      February 7, 2016 at 3:30 am

      Yes. I will have to certainlyin that case do more research. Its just getting the time. But it will be done
      But Henry Curteos showed at the link above, something wrong on dubays calculations. Atlantean conspiracy blog seemed to be using faulty maths about the earths curvature. Something to do with something be squared , andPythagoras. Im no mathematician. But when Henry came to this conclusion, I then dropped any further looking for evidence. Dubay seems to give loads of really interesting convincing things. Like the suez canal no locks. Yes that is odd. But bearing in mind Henrys maths, I then decided the earth must be so huge, curvature so gentle it appears virtually flat to us – but not quite.

      The illuminati playing cards from the 1980s or early 90s with burning twin towers and much else that confirms the Conspiracy going on. Flat Earth card is also in the pack. But again my gut instinct leads me to think the real flat earth secret is the planets much bigger and there are surface areas beyond Antarctica of which we know nothing.

      But I would like to unsettle myself again, since I want Truth. Can you show me a few examples of powerful unsettling proof of flat earth



  8. Tapestry says:

    I’ve added a few more calculations at the foot of the post this morning.

    • Its still very interesting and exciting. Even if we are exposing agent dubay. Your calculations above seem to show the earth….mustnt appear at all like the nasa images, or globe taught in schools.
      This is intriguing in itself. We might be able to pick out what dubays cleverly inserting to lead us astray. And distil out what truths lie in his claims. Because im sure thete are some.
      Stationary. And.geocentricity, are discussed in rowbothams zetetic astrology which dubay discusses, are intriguing too

      Dinosaurs being a complete hoax is another fascinating article he wrote. But not for this comment thread!

      • dkblue says:

        Sorry, I didn’t mean to imply it’s not intriguing to explore these things and they are certainly very interesting topics.

    • A burning question i hope we can tease the answer from somewhere. Are we on a spherical mass? Of some strange shape.
      Are we moving or stationary?
      IF the spheroid obloid thing is true. Or even a pear shape.
      I still dont understand why they couldnt be honest about that fact. It wouldnt threaten them would it? I cant see how.
      Why the need to present us with a cgi clearly inaccurate official nasa image, from space?
      I dont get it. If were on a very squashed elliptical looking spheroid why lie about it? Bizarre
      Is Admiral Byrd more disinfo i wonder
      What a byzantine maze we find ourselves in

    • Could the implications of this be Tap……100 miles up before any curvature at all can be seen…….

      That earths much much bigger than they’ve told us? Spherical perhaps, yes, of some spherical shape, maybe even squashed

      But could it be much much bigger, with large areas beyond the Antarctic ice wall ?

      I mean, how big could this planet actually be?

  9. Tapestry says:

    Genoa to Bastia in Corsica is 120 miles. Yet the tip of Corsica is about twenty miles less than that. If there are mountains on Corsica and Genoa is raised above sea level, it seems likely that with earth curvature at about 3000 feet over 100 miles, you would be able to see Corsica from Genoa. An excellent article about Corsican mountains by Gangolf Haub on SummitPost.org states that “50 summits reach more than 2000m in elevation with Monte Cinto being the highest one.” English Wikipedia agrees with “Monte Cinto as the highest peak at 2706m,” however then mentions only “20 other summits of more than 2000m.”

    • Ill check this soon. If i remember right, dubay says it was a position 70ft above sea level in Genoa
      Could our earth actually look like an airship Tap?
      Again, why do the scottish rite jesuit satanist Freemasons need to lie about that? Why hide it. Doesnt change the paradigm
      Unless a perfect sphere fits with physics laws lies?
      But i suspect a simpler more basic reason than that

    • Henry 6 mins 20, leylines on a flat earth https://youtu.be/gCpXL6wlKJY

      OK perhaps its not flat. But its something highly strange. We are inhabitants on this planet just like them. How dare they ban us exploring Antarctica for ourselves

    • Tap, this could be it. Earth might be way way more massive than theyre telling us. Like I said to MA below. So massive, the curvature is much more gentle.
      This might account for eric dubays points about flight times, and how they don’t lay on flights from Sydney to Johannesburg etc. And make silly stopovers going back to the N Hemisphere, for no reason.

      Maybe Tap we occupy only the top area of a massive spherical object?

      Or I could be wrong. It could be a flat plane. But I really do feel, with what ive just said above…..this could be the divergence point where eric dubays lead us, before branching off down disnifnormation alley of a flat plane

      Investigations continue

  10. salty says:

    Satellites prove it’s not flat.

    • marcus aurelius says:

      Can you prove satellites exist?

    • adamspiritualwarrior says:
      I tell you what Lynn
      As we feel our way forwards, postulating, assessing facts, using maths, etc. We are starting to build a picture.
      Have you noticed already Lynn? Just this early stage in its infancy, this picture, what does it tell us?

      It shows up very clearly, nicely, who in society are liars, who are doing the Khazarian Freemason Jesuit NWO etc etc bidding. As I pointed out recently on the other thread about Cobra saying earths curvature was seen in his Mig flight, at a height way short of what Henry said, 1000 miles before a curvature should be seen.

      THIS IS THE POWER OF THIS INFORMATION LYNN. it is a tremendous weapon tool in our arsenal.

      What does it tell us about Putin/Russia?

      Well, it does indicate to us Putin is certainly on some level, very connected in and unwilling to share the TRUTH that Nasa is a total bunch of lies, the Space Race, Nuclear Bombs (it seems), and also that the very size, shape, and position of the earth, moon , sun , and nature of them, are totally lied about!

      Id say that kind of puts Putin in the Illuminati camp in my mind Lynn. But maybe theres a silver lining. Maybe Putins agenda is way way different, and maybe he genuinely has broken away from the illuminati. If he has, ill expect him to start telling the truth about Antarctica sometime quite soon.

      I hope youre well Lynn, I like your nightly comments on the state of things

      Wheres Men Scryfa? We badly need this spirutalwarrior, and his brain power, in this tremendous unfolding situation.

    • I have moved on from thinking its flat, and its Crown Jesuit CIA agent Dubay living in Thailand
      Were at the point of, spheroid obloid type thing. Maybe its supermassive. Maybe in our small UN kingdom area, it appears flat enough, thats why plane, not spherical trigonometry is what ships captains use to navigate with. If its not supermassive…ill cross that bridge when i come to it

    • marcus aurelius says:

      Why believe Russia?
      When they are in the club.

  11. brucemega says:

    this is a web site Rob Skiba made good Christian man did extensive studies in to this once you start investigating this it opens a pretty big Rabbit hole lol
    you tubes a buzzing with info on it Happy hunting ppls 🙂
    here is also a pretty good question with airplanes remember we are spinning at 1000 mile an hour in some places 0.0
    should be impossible to land a plane on a runway facing north south lol

  12. Rant says:

    Hi Tap, thought I would look at this from a different view. There has been a group of people who have been projecting light to save people for over 1000 years, over the open seas.
    This is of course non-NASA.
    These are of-course Lighthouses, so I got my Lighthouse great book down and had a look at the distances which their light can be seen.
    So a standard size light house of 40ft like Blyth can be seen up to 21 miles. An half size light house like Tyne South Pier is 13 miles. But I found one at 29 miles but on a small rock and at 86ft this made sense.
    This seems to tally with all the lighthouses with modern lighting.
    The other question a flat earth would have would be endless lights from all the lighthouse all over the earth.

    • marcus aurelius says:

      “The distance across St. George’s Channel, between Holyhead and Kingstown Harbour, near Dublin, is at least 60 statute miles. It is not an uncommon thing for passengers to notice, when in, and for a considerable distance beyond the centre of the Channel, the Light on Holyhead Pier, and the Poolbeg Light in Dublin Bay. The Lighthouse on Holyhead Pier shows a red light at an elevation of 44 feet above high water; and the Poolbeg Lighthouse exhibits two bright lights at an altitude of 68 feet; so that a vessel in the middle of the Channel would be 30 miles from each light; and allowing the observer to be on deck, and 24 feet above the water, the horizon on a globe would be 6 miles away. Deducting 6 miles from 30, the distance from the horizon to Holyhead, on the one hand, and to Dublin Bay on the other, would be 24 miles. The square of 24, multiplied by 8 inches, shows a declination of 384 feet. The altitude of the lights in Poolbeg Lighthouse is 68 feet; and of the red light on Holyhead Pier, 44 feet. Hence, if the earth were a globe, the former would always be 316 feet and the latter 340 feet below the horizon!” -Dr. Samuel Rowbotham, “Zetetic Astronomy, Earth Not a Globe!” (59)

      endless lights? a very important word in this flat earth model ~Perspective.

      • Tapestry says:

        Height, 63 feet (19 m). Range, 14 mi (12 nmi; 23 km). The Holyhead Breakwater Lighthouse stands on the Holyhead Breakwater outside the Welsh port of … The enclosed fresnel lens creates a light with a range of 14 mi (12 nmi; 23 km). Claiming that the lighthouse is projecting light at 30 miles is a serious claim when the lighthouse itself is only claimed to project to 14 miles. Some evidence would be required, such as a youtube video. Otherwise the claim is unlikely to be correct.

      • marcus aurelius says:

        I have posted this before, but it is very relevant . Blackpool is 60 miles from the Isle of man , if the earth was a ball you could not see this-


        “All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.”

      • Tapestry says:

        The Isle Of Man has various mountains over 1500 feet, the highest Snaefell is over 2000 feet. Others over 1800 feet. My 64 miles earth curvature is about 1200 feet. So the visibility of the Isle Of Man from Blackpool Pier doesn’t contradict the earth’s curvature. Nice video.

      • Unless Marcus aurelius I hit on something relevant and important above: Maybe earth is far far more massive than theyre telling us? This then might account for the discrepancies everywhere, and your Blackpool point.

        Maybe Eric Dubay is an agent, with loads and loads of truth woven in. But ultimately to lead us astray. Or I could be totally wrong maybe were on a flat plane

        Note the discrepancy between what Cobra says above, and Henrys 1000 mile calculation.

        I think earth could be FAR bigger. With vast areas off limits to the common people. With who knows, civilisations in an inner earth, and an inner sun. Or Whatever who knows.

        The geocentric and stationary or spiining earth questions are still very very important for us though

      • marcus aurelius says:

        Dear Tapestry , the establishment have presented their hypothesis of a globe earth ,with a demontratable curve, I believe the Blackpool video smashes their ball nonsense ( the video maker makes no reference to flat earth and the tiny view count demonstrates authenticity ) Snaefell is 2034 feet high and @61.625 miles could not be seen on a ball earth.
        When the establishment cabal try to answer this anomaly , their answer is embarrassing – “It’s a Mirage !” ( definition of mirage – an optical phenomenon that creates the illusion of water, often inverted reflections of distant objects . FYI Isle of Man does not look upside to me in that video .) Let’s stick with their mathematical equation ,until you can conclusively prove your new mathematical equation, this formulae they present is the proof of their globe earth.
        And now for some major league bullshit , I present –


        Marcus – the reply key is not working so I’ll use edit.

        The 6250 miles quarter arc of the earth’s sphere (if it exists!) squared times the assumed 8 inches per mile gives about an answer of about 5000 miles. The radius of the earth is only 4000 miles so it has to be a wrong formula. Make the 8 inches into 6.4 inches. The Isle Of man comes into view, and the squaring theory of curvature fits the earth.

      • marcus aurelius says:

        They took the bullshit video down, so here is a guy discussing the bullshit video –


  13. Dublinmick says:

    This thread does contain some humor I must admit. I think most any Native American could have explained, probably about 12,000 years ago the earth is round, although a bit egg shaped due to the spinning motion.

    In fact information from the Rishis dating back at least 11000 years ago indicate the same. We find babylonian clay tablets thousands of years old indicating the various positions of the planets exactly as NASA displays them today.

    As the indigenous people say, the creator must love circles, the earth is round, the planets, the sun, the universe, solar systenm our eyes, nostrils, body orifices, ear canals, etc. are all round. The creator must love circles.

    Here in the west we demonstrate we are the last people created and younger brother by these type discussions, as native Americans have always referred to us as younger brother. Our whole view of the universe seems to be up for debate when much of this debate was solved thousands of years ago.

    And yes there are many dimensions, in fact 12 of them or 12 heavens as described by Buddhists monks and Rishis.

    Friends, the world is round.

    • Ok Dublinmick, if the earth is egg shaped thats fine. My first thought over 2 weeks ago when all this kicked off was, everything in naure is circular, bubbles, etc
      Dubays claims, which cant be challenged easily, such as plane trigonometry being used as spherical doesnt work for sailors. And a ship seeing the statue of liberty 60 miles away
      Has made me realise somethings wrong, and ive stripped all fixed beliefs away, until we determine more
      If we are on an egg shape. I can only presumewe are on one small part of a supermassive egg, that in our little part, the world seems flat.
      Why its shaped like an egg, i cannot imagine. The universes history. Seems old, interesting and long.
      The luciferians running the Smithsonian have done a good job, hiding things, and maybe even fabricating, if Dubays dinosaurs are a hoax article is ro be believed
      If we are spinning. Then dubays atmosphere and other points perplex me, he makes good points. Also about the nature of sun and moon
      Geocentrism might be real.
      I dont understand DM why, Nasa would need to lie about an egg shaped earth. Unless to hide truth about its massive size. Or geocentrism.
      What lies beyond Antarctica?
      Is our north pole really tge centre of the universe?
      I am distrustful and question everything now the lying Scottish Rite Freemasons at Nasa tell us

      • Dublinmick says:

        The earth is round trust me. It is best to accept this and move on.

    • Yes i believe you. Im sure, in this world of psyops and lies done on humanity by tptb, eric dubay is another one.
      But theres an agenda.behind it, obviously to steer people away on a flat earth rabbit hole that leads nowhere. I get that.
      Dubays assertions though, still raise serious questions, about our round spherical earth dublinmick.
      And what he says about the sun and moon. And Rowbothams zetetic astronomy book.
      On a side note. I do not think its posdible for any crafts, even if superfast free energy antigravity ones. To get above low earth orbit for some strange reason.
      I think portals open and close several times a day, and nasa flies into them.
      I think space above is an interdimensional ocean, where time doesnt work like on earth. I think we could be looking at, when we look above, one of the higher spiritual realms, when we look at the night sky.
      And nasa and its secret programmes know how to fly into it
      Id very much like, and hope, CIA agent Dubays intriguing geocentricity assertions, can be settled. Polaris star north pole. And heavens turning around us
      It would be.helpful to get clarity on this issue to navigate forwards with

    • As Dublinmick has said, and he knows his stuff about ancient Mayan and other cultures. They used to say the earth is shaped like an egg. And dm says, it is egg shaped.
      So when you do your maths equations. An egg shape northern hemisphere curvature could be considered. An eggs quite steep at the top. This might be the curvature in our UN kingdom area, of this strange earth. Other areas of earth, might have a different curvature?
      I think, mayan and other ancient civilisations, their beliefs on the earth arent to be dismissed.
      I will leave aside from this discussion Henry, whether ancient Mayan and other civilisations,
      still exist hidden today either inside, or elsewhere on the surface? I also wont go into, whethet ancient Mayans really did and do, have antigravity free energy technology and formed a breakaway civilisation. And this might be. As well as out secret governments. Breakaway Mayans could also be part of the UFO phenomenon?
      Maybe henry, the vaticans satanists are hoping to pull off an alien deception. But the situation.has many other overlapping aspects to it?

      And remember, Laura Figueres, the high up UN woman, the luciferian satanic organisation in our midst with its Lucis Trust. Before a UN meeting, she held a prayer ritual, to ancient Mayan gods. The earth might.be egg.shaped. Maybe a supermassive egg. Divided into Kingdoms

    • I have a feeling that our entire UN Kingdom, could actually sit in the northern hemisphere, of a strange shaped supermassive planet earth. God knows what lies in the southern.hemisphere.
      There might be several, smaller suns going round different parts of this planet.
      There are rumours and sightings of a second sun

      Henrys reply
      Earth’s an oblate spheroid apparently, wider at the Equator and flatter at the ends. the maths needs to be right for a perfect sphere, but could be adjusted according to other evidence.

    • Ive just read your calculations on the flights over Antarctica article. SO its looking like an oblate spheroid? DO you think I have a point, they’ve lied to hide the fact earth has a supermassive size? Is there any clue in your maths equations, that could indicate earths size henry?

      I don’t understand why Nasa would want to deceive us, and Governments and Academia, hide the fact its an oblate spheroid. I don’t find anything really remarkable about that.

      Therefore, it must be the huge size of it, that could be the motivation for the deception. There must be other lands, other Kingdoms. Both on the surface and inside.

      Other motivations have gone through my head why Nasa would lie so much, Apollo being a hoax fraud. Viking it looks like too .etc

      – They simply couldn’t be bothered, all they needed was a distraction cover from the REAL secret space programmes in black projects. Why goto all the trouble when you can fake things in the desert?

      – But why have they gone to great pains to show the earths image from space, being so obviously false and CGI ?

      This could be, again, to hide from humanity

      – the truth about earths size

      – the truth about some kind of gigantic valley area in the Antarctica region from space, some kind of giveaway theres an inner earth

      – Geocentrism. Geocentrisms got a few different facets to it I wont get into on this email, we need to separate the geocentric debate because there are different possibilities on that.

      – I think TPTB decided, sooner or later, intelligent members of the public were going to notice about Corsica, etc, and to avoid awkward questions. Decided to set up eric dubay to completely take it down a flat earth disinformation rabbit hole that leads to nowhere

      – Im convinced, interesting threads of truth run through Dubays arguments. The Sun and the Moon. I have a feeling Henry, it is possible, two 32 mile wide bodies, sun and moon, move around our UN Kingdom area. I think it is also possible, other small suns and satellites, might move over other areas of this supermassive planet. I know it sounds outrageous but this could be the case, and another motivation why Nasa have generated a fairytale fiction in the 20th century.

      – Yes heliocentrism might be real still, but I wont get into that debate on this email. But im trying to identify motives for why Nasa would lie so much

      – And I think another reason why the Apollo missions were faked. Is I think it really might be impossible to get up past low earth orbit, with 20th century Newtonian rocket technology

    • Or do your calculations, point us towards an oblate spheroid – but roughly the same or similar sized planet earth, like weve always thought? Or is it supermassive, with potential for loads of other lands?

      If you sense we are on roughly the diameter and circumference type body, give or take a bit, we have always thought. And the Antarctic continent really does sit at the south end.

      Then I am very very confused why do Nasa and TPTB feel the need toile about an oblate spheroid. It doesn’t make sense. I want earth to be supermassive henry. That would provide a way out of this conundrum. And the UN Kingdom residing in the actual northern hemisphere. Any clues you discern from the maths? I can search for some more distances and anomalies that might help determine earths size

      • salty says:

        Russian satellites prove the Earth is not flat.

      • salty says:

        It is so large, researchers say it can be seen from space through its effect on the surface contours of the ice sheet above it. “Satellite data was used to fill the gap, because despite being covered beneath several kilometers of ice, the valley is so vast that it can be seen from space,” said Ross.
        “Satellite data was used to fill the gap”

        Russian satellites prove the Earth is not flat.

  14. Nollidge says:

    “Yet why are aircraft never routed over Antarctica”
    Because they would be going from where to where.?. And where would they land in an emergency?. Engine trouble,for example.I have a small globe in front of me right now.Only possible route would be South America to Australia/New Zealand.Not much demand for that to be a commercial proposition,is there?. Or South Africa to New Zealand.The answer’s not difficult if you think about it.

  15. UglyTruth says:

    To disprove a flat earth all you have to do is share sunset and sunrise times amongst a group of people who live in different timezones, since on the plane of a flat earth, when the sun is on the horizon for one observer on the plane it is on the horizon for all observers on that plane.

    The Bedford Level problem can be explained from the fact that massive objects (eg the Earth) cause light to move in curved lines rather than in straight lines.

    • Men Scryfa says:

      Not necessarily if the Sun is rather like a torch beam which tracks round a circular path. Also the horizon you refer to always remains at the same height in the distance no matter where it is observed from, be it by an observer standing in the middle of a desert plane, in the midst of the flat South Pacific Ocean or on top of Mont Blanc or better still flying in an aeroplane at 30,000 ft.

      I am just saying these things. I myself am open minded. I am just concerned that I might have been lied to…

      Now why would someone want to do that?

      • UglyTruth says:

        No, even if the sun is a torch it can only stop shining when it is on the horizon, otherwise you don’t get sunsets.

      • Men Scryfa says:

        I am not going to hold myself out as an expert – but I will say I regard the answer to that as being due to the circulation and progression of the sun into the distance. Literally disappearing into the distance where it then appears to merge with the horizon. This is a bit like the bottom of the hull of the ship which disappears as the ship travels away from the stationary observer and an illusion is created making it seem that the boat is hovering on a small layer of air just before it disappears out of sight. There are light tricks that happen at distance which cannot be relied on as proof of a flat or globe earth. Again I say I am open minded, personally I am just more doubtful about what appear to be man made and maintained deceptions and lies, not so much the science. Maybe we should blame the phony israel – imho doing that would sort it all out and then we could all live rich and happy ever after


  16. Men Scryfa says:

    Just throwing something else in here which people may or may not be aware of but back in either the late 70s or early 80s, I cannot remember which, Sightseeing flights over Antartica were run by an airway flying from New Zealand. These came to a sudden end when one flight flew straight into Mount Erebrus killing all aboard.

    The reason for this ‘disaster’ was due to a change of flight plan which routed the plane straight into the mountain in white out conditions. Mr Feathermen himself, Mr Fiennes (Ex-SAS Officer, don’t you know..) was due to be onboard giving a lecture but pulled out at the last minute.

    How very interesting.

    Of course it is not so interesting to me if I was loaded and had better stuff to do.


    • Samadhi Maithuna says:

      That’s interesting. For the sightseeing flights to have stopped. Could mean either Antarctica cabal operations and infrastructure were expanding and had reached a point where the sightseers would start seeing too much.
      So a crash excuse was used to end them.
      Or, which I see as less likely, the plane in question went off course and saw something it was never meant to see, in an area of Antarctica it should never have been.
      Or, the pilot and its passengers may have seen during their flight mindblowing evidence of gigantic antigravity crafts in the sky, that would have blown the lid off everything on their return to Europe and America. Photos may have been taken, and film. So it was decided to ‘crash ‘ it

      Although the Fiennes thing suggests it was a preplanned event. Maybe Antarctic compartmnetalised scientists asking too many questions seeing the bigger picture that had to be disposed of

      This shows well how a clever truth disrupting psyop movement flat earth has been https://dublinsmickdotcom.wordpress.com/2016/06/15/flat-earthers-systematically-used-to-disrupt-and-undermine-truth-movements-everywhere/

      Which I swallowed the hook for very thoroughly, because the Nasa lies on other things, evidence for those lies, is the hook to then make truthseekers question and disbelieve everything about reality. And this discredits blogs and all other topics

      However Tap did determine late last year via maths there was indeed a curvature, but a much more gentle one which can only mean earth is bigger than theyre telling us. Im sure mathematicians could nail down how big earths supposed to be building on that.
      A lot of people say we are on an oblate spheroid. That must only mean subtly surely. it does not make sense to me that all other planets and moons look perfectly spherical yet we are oblate spheroid.
      Or oblate spheroid could be what it seems, but is actually just a symptom, indicator, of a much bigger earth.
      I feel inclined now to NOT think there are strange lands beyond Antarctica. Maybe earths bigger than theyre telling us but not that big.
      Some are suggesting that the underside of what was a much bigger planet was blown away in the past and now is the asteroid belt. Maybe this is part of the Antarctica secrecy
      But maybe even that’s too fanciful.
      Maybe its just an offlimits cabal continent end of story

      But things certainly don’t add up with that continent and I hope the truth of it comes out soon

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