What is Vitamin K (New born baby shots)

Published on Dec 7, 2015

Original by Rizza Islam: https://www..facebook.com/rizzaislams…

What IS the vitamin K shot? Here is: Ms. Marcella Piper Terry – Biomedical consultant & founder of “www.vaxtruth.org” exposing HEAVY TRUTH about this shot in FRONT of the CDC!


TAP – I read elsewhere that the quantity of Vitamin K is thousands of times more than required, and that Vit K can easily be acquired by a baby without a vaccine injection.  Interestingly no doctor ever asks ‘has your baby had a Vit K injection afterwards?’  I wouldn’t trust it, knowing as we do they have  a depopulation agenda in play, and the moment all babies are born, this medically unnecessary vaccination is administered worldwide to all babies.


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