Watch Politicians Snap When Alternative Media Journalist Asks them One Short Question

Jan Helfeld is a political journalist who has been traveling around and asking politicians some of the same awkward questions that work to expose the illegitimacy of their authority. His questions were extremely simple and many times ridiculed as “stupid” by the politicians that he interviewed, because he was attempting to establish moral principles using the Socratic method.

One of the best and most crucial questions that Helfeld has asked over the years is simple enough: “can you delegate a right that you don’t have to someone else?”

This simple question has caused dozens of politicians to either become aggressive, run away, or both because it points out that they do not have the right to do the things that they do in the name of government.

To use an example, if an average citizen does not have the right to steal from his neighbor, then he can not go ahead and vote for one of his friends to do it. Furthermore, if a particular group, even a group with a majority in a certain area decided to vote for themselves or one another, to steal from innocent people, they would not be justified in doing so. In this situation, these people would essentially be granting a privilege to another person that they themselves did not have, which is obviously a ridiculous idea.

However, this is exactly how democracy and representative government works. The power of the politicians is supposedly granted by the people. However, average people don’t have the right to do things that politicians and agents of the state do on a regular basis. Therefore, the people living in a democracy never had the authority that they allegedly gave their government to begin with, which means that this authority does not exist and that the government does not have a right to use it.

Helfeld would lead the people he interviewed to this conclusion, which resulted in an incredibly entertaining encounter nearly ever time.

In the following video, Helfeld interviewed Senator Daniel Inouye of Hawaii and walked him down the same path of logic that was laid out in this article. He asked Inouye first whether or not people had the right to steal from one another, and then if they had the right to delegate that authority to the government, then finally he asked, “can a person delegate a right that they do not have.” Inouye sat frozen like a deer in headlights realizing that he had just been backed into a corner, and that’s when the interview gets really interesting.

Inouye is not alone either, many other politicians and news pundits had similar reactions when faced with the same questions. Check out some of the most interesting below, including an encounter with Bernie Sanders where he gets angry, demands to know by whom Helfeld is funded, and runs out of the room.

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5 Responses to “Watch Politicians Snap When Alternative Media Journalist Asks them One Short Question”

  1. RabbiT says:

    The questioning is skewed. Rights in the context here are set out by government (and judiciary when tested). Without any body to govern there is in effect anarchy and the individual will use force as considered necessary as there is no governing body to say otherwise.

    Government, self imposed or elected, determines the rights of the people through laws however the politicians here try to answer the question in the present tense without seeing a timeline issue and become frustrated as they are in effect being manipulated.

    What is worth noting is that we are transitioning from a government which serves, to a government which dictates and is taking upon itself more and more powers in preparation for the satanic antichrist world beast system/order.

    I was speaking yesterday to an individual who has an HMO. Legislation came into being that he install a hardwired smoke alarm system at considerable cost. He says, the law now requires he pay someone to inspect the system once EVERY month which is costing him a small fortune. Sharing another example, he states the local authority can in effect enter his property at any time and should they discover a certain reading on a damp meter at any point in a room they can deem the room unfit for habitation. He advises that due to the bureaucracy he plans to sell up.

    This, it would appear, is squeezing the small business that big business might take over the trade and is contrary to Article 8 of the Human Rights Act in that there should be no interference by an authority unless as is necessary…

    • Nicky says:

      Hi RabbiT, I’ve a council tale for you.
      TDC our current local council, (something that could change, Again). Has designated an entire industrial estate a carpark, Therefore it does not need to maintain the crumbling main road apparently.
      You cannot park on the car park/road.
      It is forbidden, By there laws. Bless em, They bought a load of silver with the taxpayers pot they had given them and the price dropped. All this before the boundaries changed and we lost our local council. So we are paying the gambling debts of a neighbouring council and getting the bare minimum they can get away with in services provided.

      Good governance and Adminstration is indeed neccessary.
      The day greed riddled corporations privatisation crept in instead of effective governance and management, Was the day we let parasitic taxpot sapping corporate entities fast track us down the road to ruin and war, Again.

      That said, I did not get the feeling Mr Helfeld’s intentions where negative at all. He shone a light on something that needs looking at.. They do not have the right to do what they are doing, Whatever Consent may (or must) have existed has been taken out of the equation by the corporate manipulation of the Law, the Media, Banking, Councils. Electoral fraud, Etc.
      Government does not have the right to cause harm or loss, Never has done.
      Tis the Law of the land. Common law.

  2. Nicky says:

    Could it be that Mr Gustavo is correct in his article “There is Something Extraordinary Happening in the World”.
    Yet another article read today (And both on the Tapnewswire) with constructive methods for bringing some balance to the table, The Excellent use of Mirrors to shake the Police out of there mind controlled state.
    And the possible reality check a less stressed character can benefit from when confronted by the smart use of Socratic interviewing. Both awareness increasing. Thanks for the lessons.

    Sweet last vid with the new lass on the block, A disciple of the discipline.
    You could almost see Mr Helfeld’s brain swelling out through his eyesockets as he switched from heartfelt appreciation at her praise to a reigned in survival mode.
    A little TM would work wonders Mr Heldfeld.
    Give your noggin some tlc, Some R&R

    • Nicky says:

      That said, You would need the darshan of a Maharishi to cope with all the technology pollution that goes with the job, The lights, mic’s, cameras, …

  3. Lynn says:

    Councils are being destroyed.,centralisation is coming. They are being forced to lose funding.

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