War Propaganda Begins: UK Airstrikes Hit Already ‘Obliterated’ Syrian Oil Field

21st Century Wire says…

So what exactly have they been bombing?

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Just over a month ago on Friday 23rd October 2015, The Express reported the following obliteration of an ISIS held oil field by a Russian and American attack:

The terrorists’ oil field in eastern Syria – part of a half a billion dollar crude industry for the group – was obliterated in a day of bombing conducted by both Russia and the US-led coalition.

US operations officer Major Michael Filanowski told reporters in Baghdad the Omar oil field was blitzed, heavily damaging the lucrative funding source for ISIS.

He said: “There were strikes last night that struck Daesh-controlled oil refineries, command and control centres and transportation nodes.

“There were 26 targets and all 26 were struck.”

Now, The Express is reporting that the commencing British action has destroyed the same oil field:

Four Tornados took off from RAF Akrotiri, Cyprus just an hour after MPs voted in favour of launching airstrikes in the war-torn country. The jets struck targets in the Omar oil field in Eastern Syria, dealing a “real blow” to the death cult, also known as Daesh.

One wonders how it might be possible to deal a ‘real blow’ to an already ‘obliterated’ target. Of course, it is possible that excessive hyperbole was used in the original reporting, but it is interesting that this is the first target that the British report hitting.


Booming. (Photo Credit: Andy Dunaway)

Just over two weeks ago, British Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond was saying that the legal and internationally recognised President of Syria Bashar al-Assad “has to go“, but that “we [the UK] are not seeking to destroy the institutions of government in Syria” – of course not.

If Britain’s airstrikes are not hitting live ISIS targets, perhaps they are already working on their true end game of trying to oust Assad. Yet, they will have to deal with the increasing Russia presence seeking to secure the sovereignty of Syria.

Moreover, it is also possible that Cameron is actually dropping bombs on already ‘obliterated’ targets. Those weapons have to be paid for, which will make the British government’s friends in the military industrial complex incredibly happy indeed.

Source: http://21stcenturywire.com/2015/12/04/war-propaganda-begins-uk-airstrikes-hit-already-obliterated-syrian-oil-field/


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  1. ian says:

    interesting. I have never read any mainstream reports since it started, other than RT who though slightly better still accept all the FFs and such like events as true. I feel that it will get difficult to sort out info for a while, but what the hell, I’ve damaged my own health over the years trying to spread the truth. Unless we can gang up and buy a newspaper or a TV station we’ll struggle to convince enough to make much difference.

  2. Gordon Logan says:

    The Russians are flying approx. 150 sorties per day. Apparently the Tornados don’t drop most of their bombs. So bombing ISIS isn’t the real reason that Cameron is violating Syrian air space. MPs should ask for a daily report on the bombing. Hammond is now saying that a ground assault will be necessary. Clearly mission drift is built in. The MoD is questioning Cameron’s claim that he has 70,000 ‘good’ terrorists ready to fight ISIS, or is it Assad? He instinctively lies when he opens his mouth.

  3. Jennifer says:

    When Kauffman was making his contribution to the debate, he claimed he wouldn’t be supporting air-strikes because they would be ‘ineffective’ – although he said he would certainly support some unspecified further action if it were ‘effective’. And Cameron’s eyes jumped out of his head like a he’d just spotted a young sow. He was delighted, (well done that camerman). So, ‘ineffective’ has also been built into the mission.

    • ian says:

      Not so sure Camoron isn’t bi-porcural, but I’d be surprised if he wasn’t ineffective in porcine matters too. As you suggest though bombing isn’t what they’re after. I feel as I said elsewhere, an incident will be arranged. the US could fly a british drone tornado till they get it shot down to facilitate phase 2. Probably knock out the Russian s-300 sites with missiles or special arseholes on the ground, whatever. Loads of dead children and parents. What a shame. It could be so different.

  4. Gordon Logan says:

    The Paris false flag has brought together a half baked western coalition which is illegally intervening in Syria,. The Iraqis are complaining about multiple illegal foreign interventions. Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan want Russian help, not western interference because they know that the Americans and the British are playing a double game and are in fact helping the terrorists. What is starting is not a proxy war between Russia and NATO but a direct war in accordance with the demands of Jews George Soros and Jacob Rothschild. The RAF bombing is insignificant compared to Russian bombing, so the British parliament’s decision to bomb was pointless. It only sets the UK up for a dangerous confrontation with Russia, which is regarded in Downing Street as the real enemy. It should be said that Gen Petraues has just said that the Russians are superior on the ground and could swing Hammond’s dreamed of ‘ground assault’ against the Syrian Arab Army. We should not forget that we have a deluded, dangerous government, which is impervious to risk, which is why the MoD have to sometimes remind messrs Cameron, Hammond and Fallon of reality. There is good reason to believe that Cameron did his damnedest to get us into a nuclear confrontation in March. Richard Sakwa of Chatham House is surprised that we have survived Cameron’s recklessness.

  5. Lynn says:

    I hope I live to see these criminally insane tribesmen brought to boot. They will face the electorate for the crimes they have commited. It will be a joyous day when they are finally rounded up and faced with a baying throng for justice.

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