War-mongering politicians are running out of ammunition and time

David Cameron

David Cameron’s Conservative party led the vote in the British Parliament to authorise airstikes on Syria


by Yvonne Ridley 


It is incredible that an internationally-renowned movement like Stop the War, which brings together the broadest coalition of peace activists drawn from all sections of multi-cultural Britain, is now coming under fire from a gaggle of disgruntled career politicians. The latter seem to have forgotten that at the height of its influence, Stop the War brought two million people onto the streets of London in 2003 to protest about the then pending and ultimately illegal invasion of Iraq. More than eight million other people across Europe, many of whom were inspired by STW, rallied in their own capitals, towns and cities.

I have not always agreed with the movement but on the night of 7 October, 2001, I swore that I would join its ranks, if I survived being bombed by Britain and America. Held as a prisoner by the Taliban, I sat in my prison cell in Kabul as more than 50 cruise missiles rained down on the Afghan capital following George W Bush’s launch of his “War on Terror”. Although I’d covered conflicts before, it was always from a safe distance. I was detached enough not to appreciate the full terror of war, but being bombed by your own country added a new dimension to the experience.

Cruise missiles can be felt and heard 20 miles away from where they land, so you can imagine the sheer terror I experienced locked in a Taliban prison with nowhere to run or hide as these massive weapons of death and destruction landed a few hundred yards from my cell. Suddenly the scary looking guys with big beards and big turbans who were guarding me no longer seemed that frightening.

Within a few weeks of being released, I told my story from a Stop the War platform in Trafalgar Square before 60,000 people who believed, like me, in the futility of the war in Afghanistan. While I would describe myself as a peace activist, like Jeremy Corbyn I’m neither a pacifist nor anti-West nor anti-American, but lazy journalists and the neocons still try to conflate all three into one convenient slur.

Since then, I’ve shared many platforms with a whole raft of politicians and activists to protest against the war in Iraq, Afghanistan and the never-ending injustices launched on the Palestinians, especially Israel’s brutal offensives against the people of Gaza which have happened throughout the past decade. My STW involvement – although not my support – was interrupted with the war in Libya; I still think that Western intervention was the right thing to do, having travelled the length and breadth of the country before and during the fall of Muammar Gaddafi. He would, in my opinion, have committed genocide against his own people in order to remain in power and I believe the same is true of the Syrian leader Bashar Al-Assad. The West should have intervened when the brutal dictator began using chemical weapons against his own people.

There has been what can only be described as a witch-hunt against Stop the War coalition since its creation in September 2001. It has not changed its aims or its ideology since those early days and the leadership looks pretty much the same, although the late Tony Benn is sorely missed. Hilary Benn may have some of his father’s eloquence but he has inherited neither his compassion nor integrity; this was obvious when he gave his undiluted support to the Conservative government over the bombing of Syria.

STW has been proved right about the futility of the war in both Afghanistan and Iraq. The evidence, if any is needed, are the millions of innocent people who have been killed, injured, widowed and orphaned on the basis of a tissue of lies and dodgy dossiers from Tony Blair and his government.

Despite attracting huge turnouts at nationwide protests the mainstream media has – until now – more or less ignored Stop the War. Even during the two million march in 2003, only the Guardian newspaper gave it front page coverage. So why is it now making headline news?

Well, there’s another war in the offing and the anti-STW headlines are aimed at the Labour leadership; more specifically, at Jeremy Corbyn and what he has come to represent. The Islington North MP has the largest popular mandate of any Labour leader; no one has been able to draw in as many new members as he has within a few short months, and there isn’t a politician in parliament who can draw in the crowds of young people the way that the veteran Corbyn can.

The Conservative government is beginning to wake up to the fact that there is a new style of politics in town these days which could cost them dearly in the next election. Ditto the “Tory Lites” — also known as Blairites — in the Labour ranks in Westminster fearful for their long term future as career politicians.

Those who inhabit the Westminster bubble are so out of touch with what is happening on the ground in Britain that they missed the annihilation of Scottish Labour, failed to predict the rise of the SNP and were stunned by the tidal wave that swept Jeremy Corbyn into power as the successor to Ed Miliband. Even now, they still believe that the issue of Scottish independence is dead and buried.

Despite all of this they again failed to predict the recent Oldham by-election result which saw Labour win an even bigger share of the vote than when the seat was held by the late, great and much-loved Michael Meacher. Amazingly, some of the Blairite MPs clinging on to their own seats told journalists that they secretly hoped that Oldham would fall to the far right UKIP because it would bring about the fall of Corbyn.

“No opponent in the Conservative Party has ever aroused such fixity of hatred and rancour as their newly elected leader,” commented Tariq Ali, one of the founders of Stop the War. “The bile is reserved for those who refuse to abandon social democracy. Realising that anti-austerity arguments are popular, the scoundrels have switched to ‘patriotism’, to defence issues, to the safety of the realm, sacralising the ridiculous Trident missiles in the process.” A serving general was wheeled on to breakfast shows to suggest that if Corbyn is elected as prime minister the British Army might mutiny, added Ali. “Since Corbyn is a founder member of Stop the War, the propaganda assault is essentially designed to weaken and destroy him.”

Those MPs who have launched vitriolic and misleading attacks in the media include the modest Tristram Hunt, Michael Dugher and Caroline Flint, as well as the equally modest Emma Reynolds. (And, let’s face it, all have much to be modest about.) They have been wrong about all of the wars that Britain has fought since 9/11 and the War on Terror; all face a battle to remain the elected representatives of their constituencies if the massive influx of new members starts to hold them to account. They have urged Corbyn to pull out of the Stop the War Christmas dinner on Friday night and attacked his links with the group.

Emma Reynolds was caught red-handed being economical with the truth on the BBC when she claimed that Stop the War had blamed the Paris attacks on Western military interventions since 9/11, adding that the group had compared Daesh with the international brigades who fought fascism in 1930s Spain. Normally, the anti-Corbyn MPs get a straight run and are left unchallenged by the BBC to say what they want, but Reynolds’s lies were exposed within seconds when Chris Nineham, another founder of Stop the War, told the BBC that she was telling “untruths” and was engaging in “tittle tattle and smears”. He then presented a few facts that left Reynolds tongue-tied and unable to respond with a coherent argument.

STW later issued a statement saying that it was coming under an “unprecedented attack” from Labour MPs and others opposed to Corbyn’s leadership of the party. It said that its views were now “being routinely misrepresented by the Tory government, the right of the Labour Party and sections of the media.”

The Labour MPs and peers launching attacks on Corbyn and Stop the War do have several other things in common; many are members and/or officers of the controversial Zionist group, Labour Friends of Israel, for example, and earlier this year some attended a £250-a-head dinner organised by major arms dealers and their supporters.

No wonder these neocons dislike Corbyn, the “Corbynistas” and the Stop the War coalition so much. The big question, though, is what on earth are they doing masquerading as Labour MPs? They certainly do not represent the views of their leader, nor do they reflect the views of the massive new intake of Labour members or even the party’s founding principles. Could these war-mongering politicians be running out of ammunition and, more seriously, time in office?


Source: https://www.middleeastmonitor.com/articles/europe/22795-war-mongering-politicians-are-running-out-of-ammunition-and-time


14 Responses to “War-mongering politicians are running out of ammunition and time”

  1. ian says:

    Yvonne Ridley, is within the acceptable parameters of mainstream journalism or wouldn’t still be working for it. Stop the war did no good, if you judge it by it’s objectives. Cameron, Corbyn and the rest of the motley parliamentarians are managers who pass on orders, Ridley and her ilk try to persuade us that we have a choice, we don’t. It’s all pantomime, which save for the so obviously rigged Scottish referendum, is why I no longer vote. Just about every supposed terrorist event ever carried out, unless aimed directly at governments, was carried out by operatives within these governments. It’s all a sham. We can do little other than passive non compliance with our governments to complain. They are watching us so closely now, that anything else would be foolhardy. These little sad twisted grey people behind the scenes, must know that we are watching them too, and will never let them commit crimes we know of.

    • dkblue says:

      Yes, her views on Gaddafi and Assad are pure propaganda then she accuses others of being economical with the truth!

      • Youre right hes back. This indicates my thoughts have been right. Theres a counterbalancing , slowing, resistance of Good, to the evil. We mustn’t lose sight of that and I hope you get the chance to read all my comments, bcoz I hope youre reading them as I type them

        One day, when all this is over. The slums in Phillipines and India and Bangladesh, and the horrible existences on drug estates in the UK, and places in USA. Not to mention all the horrible activities of the secret RKM inflicting on us. One day when all this is over. And free energy is ubiquitous. And Truth is dispensed, on all matters. And the chemtrails stop. And the amazing technologies come out that will house and clothe and feed everyone [though that’s not really a matter of technology. Its political will] .
        And etheric technologies, clean fukushima area and the Pacific.
        And all the Coleman stuff stops. The truth about Cloning, and SSPs, is known, as well as project bluebam stunts, all out in the open.
        The truth about our extradimensional ocean all around us, that can operate and influence, interdimensionally, in our thoughts and actions.
        This is an interdimensional battle beyond doubt Abi, please see this http://tapnewswire.com/2011/09/logan-never-mind-about-aliens-fight/#comment-51380.
        People need to get off the New Age fence in the awakened community
        Its clear we have a simple battle, God against Satan. And realise theres an assault on Judeo Christian values underway in Australia, America, Europe. This is evidenced by the 100 yr old Zionist Christian movement infiltration of Christianity. Satan is like a virus, covertly infiltrating then taking over the internal machinery of the cell.
        There will be a way to incorporate, dovetail, what I say into Buddhism above. In fact serious questions need to be asked about dalai lama, as a Zionist CIA infiltrator into the wonderful Buddhist faith. ive lost the link. But Dalai Lamas there in photos, where other leaders in other photos, are doing the texas bullhorn uni team cover. Satanic hand signal.
        An end to vaccines, the truth about health, the human body, exposure of how everythings a fraud. The soils, getting regenerated. The truth about food and health. GMOs finally outlawed.
        Satanists the world over jailed, castrated, receiving Exorcism help to Repent. Or face death
        A blanket of love and kindness to go right around this world Abi, as we rub our eyes discovering in disbelief, whats really going on at Antarctica. Since the UN no longer has power to prevent private exploration.
        If all this happens, then id very much like to come to Australia and have a drink with you Abi. It will probably be a 20 minute journey if that.

        Is all the above, a pipe dream? I don’t think so. like I said, I think powerful counterbalancing forces on the side of God, are at work, in the shadows.

        ”The ensuing controversy buys them what they need most of all- extra time to plan their get-out clause.”
        ” We intend to make sure they swing for their crimes against children, if it’s the very last thing we do.”


      • dkblue says:

        Thankyou Adam, I agree with everything you say here and find it very moving to imagine our world and future like that….
        We could definitely raise a toast of delicious organic wine from our Southwest to that 🙂

      • email to Dad just now Abi

        Its a little known fact, but the faction of the jewish faith, that reads the Talmud, Im hoping this isn’t the entire jewish people. Im sure some mustn’t be like this. But the Talmud secretly worships Lucifer, not God.

        Jewish Talmudists , and worldwide freemasonry, worshipping Lucifer, in their masonic lodges. Are whats going on. The gay agenda, the diversity agenda, the multiculturalism agenda, the alien ET agenda. Are all Luciferian anti God. I don’t say the word God lightly, I cant stand churches and the way they go on. But there is some Supernatural Physics truth going on around us. And im just trying to say it how to my best sense, the reality is, goodnight xxx

  2. Lynn says:

    They have quite possibly blown it Ian….the AM is far too big now for them to dismiss it as conspiracy..Far too much is available now.History has once again been re-written. Much to their horror. This just can’t go on. Crisis actors all of them. Well they are about to take their Finale. Showtime is over.

    • Aldous says:

      Replying to Lynn and Ian at 5:02 pm

      My missus just demanded: “Well are you going to post a reply or not!?”

      After a second or two’s thought I retorted: “No I’m not going to! Instead I’m going to continue pulling the legs off this dying insect which I’ve called Cameron.”

      But seriously, the name Yvonne – as in Fletcher – always ruffles my feathers and seriously rattles my cage.
      The shortest WPC in UK at the time, she was selected for extinction by the usual suspects and placed in harm’s way by a Common Purpose corrupted Met. She never stood a chance.

      Hollow point (dum-dum) bullets were used so they would fragment on impact and ensure a certain death while at the same time preventing identification of the weapon or type that it had been fired from.

      The Libyan People’s Bureau had nothing to do with it but the CIA/Mossad/MI6 building next door most certainly did.




  3. Tom74 says:

    The elites know they have to keep the deception going that wars are being fought for ordinary people. A mainstream protest movement would pose a huge threat to that deception, which is why Stop The War have to be portrayed by the mainstream media propagandists as ‘left-wing’ or ‘extreme’. It will be interesting to see when the tipping point comes and people wake up.

    • salty says:

      “wars are being fought for ordinary people”

      This is the main thrust of all propaganda, in every war, over the last 100 years, at least.

      The shattering truth, is that ordinary people would never (knowingly) fight wars for the benefit of wealthy people.

      Like billionaires dealing in Middle East oil.

  4. Sebastian Tombs says:

    Is she a schill or what? You can’t have it both ways; STW but….certain leaders of independent nations have to be removed? Regime change is not, and never has been a legal or even moral basis for invasion. Check International Law ans the Geneva Convention please.

    • salty says:

      sarin gas to Syria

      A treason investigation has been launched against a Turkish MP who alleged in an exclusive interview with RT that Islamic State jihadists delivered deadly sarin gas to Syria through Turkey.

      Ankara’s Chief Prosecutor’s Office opened the case against Istanbul MP Eren Erdem of Republican People’s Party (CHP) after his interview about sarin was aired on RT on Monday.

      “Chemical weapon materials were brought to Turkey and put together in ISIS camps in Syria, which was known as the Iraqi Al-Qaeda at that time.”

      Erdem noted that the chemicals used for the production of weapons did not originate from Turkey.

      “All basic materials are purchased from Europe. Western institutions should question themselves about these relations. Western sources know very well who carried out the sarin gas attack in Syria,” Erdem told RT.

    • salty says:

      Washington wants regime change in Syria.

      From the outset of the conflict in Syria in March 2011, the Obama administration has been demanding that Syrian President Bashar al-Assad “must go”.

      It is well documented that Washington and its NATO partners have been seeking regime change against Russia’s long-time Syria ally going back to 2007 during the George W Bush presidency.

      The whole foreign-backed war in the Arab country – resulting in 250,000 deaths and millions of refugees over the past five years – has been orchestrated for the precise purpose of destabilizing Syria.

  5. Nollidge says:

    “He would, in my opinion, have committed genocide against his own people in order to remain in power and I believe the same is true of the Syrian leader Bashar Al-Assad. The West should have intervened when the brutal dictator began using chemical weapons against his own people.”
    Eff you Yvonne Ridley. Gaddafi no longer held any administrative office in Libya & Assad was re-elected with a huge majority in an election even when his country was under massive attack.& the poiso gassing was carried out by those attacking him.You,Ridley are a stinking N.W.O. troll.But as you’re related to the Blairs,this should come as no surprise

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