UK halts Syria bombing as Russia deploys S-400 anti-aircraft missile

“I Want Turkey To Hear This”
Vladimir Putin’s Annual Media Q&A

Turkey will not be able to violate the Syria airspace as Russia has deployed S-400 defense system in Hmeymim airbase, Russian president Vladimir Putin told journalists during the press-conference in Moscow.

“Turkish planes used to fly there all the time, violating Syrian air space. Let them try it now.”

Posted December 17, 2015 –

UK ‘not rushing’ to strike ISIS in Syria – foreign secretary

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Britain is not in a rush to strike Syria, says Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond, as it is revealed the Royal Air Force (RAF) has not struck an Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) target in the country for 11 days.

The admission jars with the urgent tone of debate before the vote held a fortnight ago on extending airstrikes from Iraq into Syria

US withdraws F-15 Eagle warplanes from Incirlik base in Turkey

The US has withdrawn its F-15 warplanes deployed to the Incirlik airbase in southern Turkey, the US European Command Headquarters EUCOM said Wednesday. The Air Force F-15 Eagles and Strike Eagles deployed to Incirlik are returning to RAF Lakenheath, UK, according to a statement.


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  1. Aldous says:

    No sooner do the Syrians just ‘threaten’ to fire back at the cowardly RAF, than they flee and fly like frightened hares!
    I blush for the British people.

    What are they afraid of? Surely not getting shot down? Doesn’t it go with the job? Are they afraid of dying? Or did they think this was going to be just another Dresden turkey Schuetzen Fest? It can’t be much of an air force or military if they’re cowering in their bunker bases and afraid of taking a few losses.

    Blimey, they haven’t even lost one bloody pilot yet apart from one drone merchant electrocuted while using her vibrator inadvertently plugged into the mains while her claws and paws were soaking in a foot spa during a life and death ‘mission’ to wipe out some Syrian ‘insurgents’ viewing Watch With Mother.

    Bumber Harris would be far from impressed. I think around 70,000 aircrew were sacrificed over Germany in the last engineered global conflict and here they are fretting over the loss of a single aircraft or individual. It just won’t do. It’s pathetic.

  2. Aldous says:

    Putin’s speech to the Russian Military

    Somewhere in Russia, December 25th, 2015.

    “Be seated.” Men, this stuff that some sources sling around about Russia wanting out of this war, not wanting to fight, is a crock of bullshit. Russians love to fight, traditionally. All real Russians love the sting and clash of battle.

    You are here today for three reasons. First, because you are here to defend your homes and your loved ones. Second, you are here for your own self respect, because you would not want to be anywhere else. Third, you are here because you are real men and all real men like to fight. When you, here, every one of you, were kids, you all admired the champion marble player, the fastest runner, the toughest boxer, the big league ball players, and the All-Russian football players. Russians love a winner. Russians will not tolerate a loser. Russians despise cowards. Russians play to win all of the time. I wouldn’t give a hoot in hell for a man who lost and laughed. That’s why Russians have never lost nor will ever lose a war; for the very idea of losing is hateful to a Russian.

    You are not all going to die. Only two percent of you right here today would die in a major battle. Death must not be feared. Death, in time, comes to all men. Yes, every man is scared in his first battle. If he says he’s not, he’s a liar. Some men are cowards but they fight the same as the brave men or they get the hell slammed out of them watching men fight who are just as scared as they are. The real hero is the man who fights even though he is scared. Some men get over their fright in a minute under fire. For some, it takes an hour. For some, it takes days. But a real man will never let his fear of death overpower his honor, his sense of duty to his country, and his innate manhood. Battle is the most magnificent competition in which a human being can indulge. It brings out all that is best and it removes all that is base. Russians pride themselves on being He Men and they ARE He Men.

    Remember that the enemy is just as frightened as you are, and probably more so. They are not supermen. All through your Army careers, you men have bitched about what you call “chicken shit drilling.” That, like everything else in this Army, has a definite purpose. That purpose is alertness. Alertness must be bred into every soldier. I don’t give a fuck for a man who’s not always on his toes.

    You men are veterans or you wouldn’t be here. You are ready for what’s to come. A man must be alert at all times if he expects to stay alive. If you’re not alert, sometime, a Zionist son-of-an-asshole-bitch is going to sneak up behind you and beat you to death with a sock full of shit! There are four hundred neatly marked graves somewhere in Syria, all because one man went to sleep on the job. But they are Israeli graves, because we caught the bastard asleep before they did.

    An Army is a team. It lives, sleeps, eats, and fights as a team. This individual heroic stuff is pure horse shit. The bilious bastards who write that kind of stuff for Pravda don’t know any more about real fighting under fire than they know about fucking! We have the finest food, the finest equipment, the best spirit, and the best men in the world. Why, by God, I actually pity those poor sons-of-bitches we’re going up against. By God, I do. My men don’t surrender, and I don’t want to hear of any soldier under my command being captured unless he has been hit. Even if you are hit, you can still fight back. That’s not just bull shit either. The kind of man that I want in my command is just like the lieutenant in Syria, who, with a Uzi against his chest, jerked off his helmet, swept the gun aside with one hand, and busted the hell out of the Israeli with his helmet. Then he jumped on the gun and went out and killed another Israeli before they knew what the hell was coming off. And, all of that time, this man had a bullet through a lung. There was a real man!

    All of the real heroes are not storybook combat fighters, either. Every single man in this Army plays a vital role. Don’t ever let up. Don’t ever think that your job is unimportant. Every man has a job to do and he must do it. Every man is a vital link in the great chain. What if every truck driver suddenly decided that he didn’t like the whine of those shells overhead, turned yellow, and jumped headlong into a ditch? The cowardly bastard could say, ‘Hell, they won’t miss me, just one man in thousands.’ But, what if every man thought that way? Where in the hell would we be now? What would our country, our loved ones, our homes, even the world, be like? No, Goddamn it, Russians don’t think like that. Every man does his job. Every man serves the whole. Every department, every unit, is important in the vast scheme of this war. The ordnance men are needed to supply the guns and machinery of war to keep us rolling. The Quartermaster is needed to bring up food and clothes because where we are going there isn’t a hell of a lot to steal. Every last man on has a job to do, even the one who heats our water to keep us from getting the ‘Shits’.

    Each man must not think only of himself, but also of his buddy fighting beside him. We don’t want yellow cowards in this Army. They should be killed off like rats. If not, they will go home after this war and breed more cowards. The brave men will breed more brave men. Kill off the Goddamned cowards and we will have a nation of brave men. One of the bravest men that I ever saw was a fellow on top of a telegraph pole in the midst of a furious fire fight in Aleppo. I stopped and asked what the hell he was doing up there at a time like that. He answered, ‘Fixing the wire, Sir.’ I asked, ‘Isn’t that a little unhealthy right about now?’ He answered, ‘Yes Sir, but the Goddamned wire has to be fixed.’ I asked, ‘Don’t those planes strafing the road bother you?’ And he answered, ‘No, Sir, but you sure as hell do!’

    Now, there was a real man. A real soldier. There was a man who devoted all he had to his duty, no matter how seemingly insignificant his duty might appear at the time, no matter how great the odds. And you should have seen those trucks on the rode to Aleppo. Those drivers were magnificent. All day and all night they rolled over those son-of-a-bitching roads, never stopping, never faltering from their course, with shells bursting all around them all of the time. We got through on good old Russian guts.

    Many of those men drove for over forty consecutive hours. These men weren’t combat men, but they were soldiers with a job to do. They did it, and in one hell of a way they did it. They were part of a team. Without team effort, without them, the fight would have been lost. All of the links in the chain pulled together and the chain became unbreakable.

    Don’t forget, you men don’t know that I’m here. No mention of that fact is to be made in any letters. The world is not supposed to know what the hell happened to me. I’m not supposed to be commanding this Army. I’m not even supposed to be here in Syria. Let the first bastards to find out be the Goddamned Israelis. Someday I want to see them raise up on their piss-soaked hind legs and howl, ‘Jesus Christ, it’s the Goddamned Russians again and that son-of-a-fucking-bitch Putin.’ We want to get the hell over there.” The quicker we clean up this Goddamned mess, the quicker we can take a little jaunt against the purple pissing Zionists and clean out their nest, too. Before the Goddamned Chinese get all of the credit.

    Sure, we want to go home. We want this war over with. The quickest way to get it over with is to go get the bastards who started it. The quicker they are whipped, the quicker we can go home. The shortest way home is through Tel Aviv and Washington D.C.. And when we get to Tel Aviv, I am personally going to shoot that son-of-a-bitch Netanyahu. Just like I’d shoot a snake!

    When a man is lying in a shell hole, if he just stays there all day, an Israeli will get to him eventually. The hell with that idea. The hell with taking it. My men don’t dig foxholes. I don’t want them to. Foxholes only slow up an offensive. Keep moving. And don’t give the enemy time to dig one either. We’ll win this war, but we’ll win it only by fighting and by showing the Israelis that we’ve got more guts than they have; or ever will have. We’re not going to just shoot the sons-of-bitches, we’re going to rip out their living Goddamned guts and use them to grease the treads of our tanks. We’re going to murder those lousy sawn-off cock suckers by the bushel-fucking-basket.

    War is a bloody, killing business. You’ve got to spill their blood, or they will spill yours. Rip them up the belly. Shoot them in the guts. When shells are hitting all around you and you wipe the dirt off your face and realize that instead of dirt it’s the blood and guts of what once was your best friend beside you, you’ll know what to do! I don’t want to get any messages saying, ‘I am holding my position.’ We are not holding a Goddamned thing. Let the Israelis do that. We are advancing constantly and we are not interested in holding onto anything, except the IDF’s balls. We are going to twist its balls and kick the living shit out of him all of the time. Our basic plan of operation is to advance and to keep on advancing regardless of whether we have to go over, under, or through the enemy. We are going to go through him like crap through a goose; like shit through a tin horn!

    From time to time there will be some complaints that we are pushing our people too hard. I don’t give a good Goddamn about such complaints. I believe in the old and sound rule that an ounce of sweat will save a gallon of blood. The harder WE push, the more Israelis we will kill. The more Israelis we kill, the fewer of our men will be killed. Pushing means fewer casualties. I want you all to remember that.

    There is one great thing that you men will all be able to say after this war is over and you are home once again. You may be thankful that twenty years from now when you are sitting by the fireplace with your grandson on your knee and he asks you what you did in the great World War II, you WON’T have to cough, shift him to the other knee and say, ‘Well, your Granddaddy shovelled shit in Moscow.’ No, Sir, you can look him straight in the eye and say, ‘Son, your Granddaddy rode with the Great Russian Army and a Son-of-a-Goddamned-Bitch named President Putin!’

    “That is all.”

  3. Gordon says:

    Legitimate checkmate. Nice move Mr Putin.

  4. Im sorry for being off topic, but this has astounded me

    The psychiatrist was addressed by one of Robert’s personalities, a young, angry boy named Tommy, who lived in a castle.

    So can skilled exorcists cure multiple personality disorder and dissociative identity disorder?

  5. Lynn says:

    Go Putin Go !!! Get these fake warlords on the run. What a great man can do to change the course of history. A worthy cause if humanity is going to thrive. He knows who they are and so do millions more.

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