UK government doesn’t deny extra-judicial killing is policy

UK ‘not rushing’ to strike ISIS in Syria – foreign secretary

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Britain is not in a rush to strike Syria, says Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond, as it is revealed the Royal Air Force (RAF) has not struck an Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) target in the country for 11 days.

The admission jars with the urgent tone of debate before the vote held a fortnight ago on extending airstrikes from Iraq into Syria

In his first update to the House of Commons since the vote, Hammond told MPs on Wednesday the UK is not “rushing to strike” IS.

Hammond also took the opportunity to claim that no civilian deaths were known to have resulted from UK military action in the region.

[It] continues to be the case that we have had no reports of civilian casualties as a result of UK airstrikes in either Iraq or Syria.

‘Kill policy’

In a separate session, Defence Secretary Michael Fallon was challenged on UK drone operations against targets in Iraq and Syria.

Fallon was asked by Labour MP Harriet Harman, who chairs the parliamentary committee on human rights, how closely the UK’s drone targeting policy resembled the so-called ‘kill list’ assassination doctrine of the United States.

Can you just say as a matter of fact, comparing the two, where you think the differences are, or if they’re the same?” Harman asked.

I don’t want to draw comparisons between our policy and their policy,” Fallon replied.

Fallon’s apparent evasiveness has drawn the ire of human rights charity Reprieve, which campaigns on issues including the death penalty and rendition.

Reprieve legal director Kat Craig said in a statement that Fallon’s appearance “raised more questions about the UK’s new ‘Kill Policy’ than it answered.

It is hardly surprising Mr Fallon was so reluctant to answer this question, when the UK policy is in effect a carbon copy of the US drone program,” she said. “Both are highly secretive, legally dubious, and subject to almost zero accountability either by politicians or the courts.

Craig pointed out that even senior US military figures had damned aspects of the US drone program as a counter-productive failure, among them former top US general Stanley Petraeus.

At the very least, Mr Fallon should come clean with the public that this is the way the UK government is headed, so we can have a real debate,” she added.


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  1. Gordon Logan says:

    The former DG of MI6, Sir Richard Dearlove, tried to get me killed twice: once with weapons grade salmonella in November 2000. Once in December 2002 when my handler added pressure to my off side front tyre. I got a tip off and had the car checked. The UK is an absolute f****** disgrace – rotten from top to bottom. Don’t think they only kill jihadis, they’ll kill members of the royal family and members of the government. They even tried to kill Thatcher. They’ve tried to kill Putin a few times. The last attempt was carried out by a Chechen with a British passport.

    • Your commentis mindblowing, and a glimpse into the inner world.
      – Someone as ‘high up’ (even though I don’t regard him as that) the DG of MI6? And youre still alive in 2015?

      – You must have spiritual protection. And or have powerful friends. Im glad youre still here. But its amazing such powerful bad forces meant to kill you, and youre still here in 2015, talkimg tonus on tapblog
      – Could you have spiritual protection?
      – We know, the secret sevices, use black magic, the occult in their sick dealings
      – So maybe God and powerful spiritual forces have rained down, and helped. Maybe Gods Plan was that tyou shoud survive and be well. So that you can educate people like Tapblog readers now?
      – Gordon , forgive my ignorance please. But you say members of the royal family, and government. I thought in the 20th century, the Royal Family, ans the Establishment generally. Was under infiltration assault, by whatever means (blackmail sexual etc)
      Bu Rothschild khazarian viruslike infiltrarting parasites?
      So, the Royal family, members of govt, and thatcher, were good Gordon?
      Im not wanting or trying to be confrontational. But your statements intrigue me. Aangirfan says, Thatcher was , interested lets aay, in Lord McAlpines daughter Skye. Thatcher, wrote a hand written letter to Jimmy Savile, thanking him for the ‘childrens party’.
      So im confused.
      I agree the UK is a f***** disgrace, defineitely
      I mean no disrespect, im not trying to discredit you, Im just a truthseeker. It seems your comment is to make me sympathertic to elements in the royal family, and givernemtn
      if that’s the case. And if youre a genuine true person which I sense you are. then that must mean, the royal family, and some government members. Arent illuminati Satanists. Are OK people, but trapped in the bad situation. Diana seemed to be one. So I get what youre saying
      Ive not worked on the insde, so my comments might seem naïve and childish, but im doing my best.
      Tried to kill Thatcher? But I thought she was blackmailed and maybe mkultad, and she went to south Africa with Cameron in 1980s or 90s, to do a Zionist nuclear deal?
      But hang on. tapblogs saying lately, ICBMs and nuclear fission , isn’t possible.
      If they’ve tried to kill putin a few times. Well that kind of fits, as a layman looking at things. That must mean hes turned against rhe illuminati.
      The UK illuminati must be more fragmented, than I thought. id be scared for my life, if the head of MI6 wanted me dead. Im sure there are situations, networks, realities, oif which I know nothing

  2. Lynn says:

    Yes thank goodness they failed Gordon. Your knowledge and inside information is pure gold.
    We need people like you who are informed of their nafarious plot.
    They have to fail now as the whole thing is becoming clear to the layman.

    I do believe Putin has got them hindered and outed, he at least has never attacked the west….he is defending and morally leading them into more exposure.

  3. Gordon Logan says:

    I have led a very strange life. This is partly a logical consequence of what I knew and was involved in. In dealing with secret services as enemies, one should be maximally noisy and audacious. I don’t feel sorry for the royal family or politicians, but it doesn’t take much for them to get killed. The Khazar/Rothschild Mafia or KRM requires ideological obedience from its members, that is lip service to dogmas such as the ‘war on terror’, anthropogenic global warning, diversity etc, etc. Deviation in members of the elite is not tolerated. Hence the deaths of people like Diana and Robin Cook. We are transitioning into an age of NWO ideological claptrap, whch is why Cameron puts ‘non-violent extremists’ on a par with ISIS. If the public sees through the claptrap, the whole murderous project will be in trouble. All this is the endgame of centuries of crooked banking and now they’re in danger of dropping the ball. They have two big problems: the rapprochement of Russia and China (both armed to the teeth) and the internet, where everything is hanging out. There is total cognitive dissonance between the net and the MSM and the latter is getting more and more discredited, hence Cameron’s desperate speech at the UN last year. Thatcher’s colleagues were behind the Brighton bombing. The British financed and controlled the Provos for decades. Thatcher was obstinate and unapproachable and had to be got rid of. She wouldn’t even send a frigate to the South Atlantic to dissuade the Argies, because of her pennypinching. The result was that the Treasury had to pay billions for a war that could be avoided. She also didn’t like the bankers and had even read Gibb Stuart. So any British politician can get whacked.

    • Nollidge says:

      And John Smith,the new Labour leader,whacked to make way for Blair Whose handler was Lord Levy & who made an unpublicised – except on the net – trip to Israel within 2 weeks of getting the leader’s job.

  4. Gordon Logan says:

    I mentioned the ecomomist James Gibb Stuart. Here is the book that Thatcher read:
    Dangerous stuff!

  5. Lynn says:

    Didn’t Qweenie confess to Diana’s biographer, that the men in grey in the shadows were a dark force you did not mention. A powerful force who run things. Yes Gordon it is all controlled terror…well it has to end because they are no longer in the shadows…named shamed and wanted.

  6. salty says:

    Nothing new in this story.

    The general theme of this information has been public knowledge for at least 30 years and before the Internet existed.

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