UK Government Breaks Its Promise to Not Allow Fracking Under National Parks

By Kyla Mandel • Wednesday, December 16, 2015

The Range from Bryn Alyn - Clwydian Range AONB

Fracking for shale gas will now be allowed below national parks and other protected sites including groundwater protection zones as the government goes back on its pledge to not do so.

MPs voted 298 to 261 on Wednesday in favour of new regulations to allow shale gas extraction 1,200m below these protected areas. This comes after it agreed an “outright ban” on fracking in these areas last January.

Shadow energy secretary Lisa Nandy accused ministers of using a “parliamentary backdoor” to try to approve the “weak regulations” without debate.

She said: “Fracking should not go ahead in Britain until stronger safeguards are in place to protect drinking water sources and sensitive parts of our countryside like national parks.”

Drinking Water

Green groups criticised the government for its U-turn. “To allow fracking in the areas supplying drinking water aquifers simply goes against common sense,” wrote Rose Dickinson of Friends of the Earth.

Hannah Martin, Energy Campaigner at Greenpeace, said: “As a result of today’s vote, these places can now be fracked in all but name.

“Whether the fracking infrastructure is set up just outside the boundaries of national parks is a moot point: these previously protected areas could be ringed by drilling rigs, floodlights and compressors – and play host to thousands of lorry movements – meaning the most precious landscapes in our country are blighted by noise, air and light pollution.”

Tory Rebels

The vote did however see a number of Conservative MPs rebel against the Government.

Conservative MP Andrew Turner, whose Isle of Wight constituency is under threat of fracking, said: “I voted against the proposals. Although the Government has listened to concerns raised and made a number of concessions, I do not believe that they go far enough to protect environmentally sensitive areas such as Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty.”

Conservative MP Sarah Wollaston, whose constituency covers the South Downs, tweeted: “I oppose fracking in & on edges/under our National Parks & AONBs & have voted against this”.






Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty – Landscapes for Life

An Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) is exactly what it says it is: an outstanding landscape whose distinctive character and natural beauty are so precious that it is in the nation’s interest to safeguard them.

There are 46 AONBs in Britain (33 wholly in England, four wholly in Wales, one which straddles the English/Welsh border and eight in Northern Ireland) and they cover 18% of our countryside.

AONBs are designated in recognition of their national importance and to ensure that their character and qualities are protected for all to enjoy.

They are living, working landscapes, much loved and valued by all who enjoy them. They are powerful symbols of our national pride: places of motivation, inheritance, excitement, pleasure and profit. The flora, fauna, history and culture of our AONBs’ lowland heath, wild moor, towering peaks, dramatic gorges, sheer cliffs, gently rolling hills, sandy beaches, spectacular cliffs, quiet coves, rocky shores, sand dunes, saltmarsh and shimmering estuaries ensure they remain Landscapes for Life.

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8 Responses to “UK Government Breaks Its Promise to Not Allow Fracking Under National Parks”

  1. bluefeather says:

    It’s not just about the landscapes, it’s about people’s health and their access to clean water. Why oh why do we have these imbeciles deciding and voting on such important issues? Why do we allow them any authority when we know what they are about?

  2. bluefeather says:

    George Green talks cloning presidents on you tube
    Synthetic humans without a soul – governing countries?

  3. bluefeather says:

    Indigenous people have profound knowledge of their land and connection to nature, and source of all creation. This is a message to humanity, from the Kogi in Columbia

  4. Aldous says:

    These Lucifer-worshipping lunatics want to get rid of over 90% of the Earth’s population of just over 7 billion and reduce it to half a billion. This fact is set in stones – the Georgia Guidestones. Fracking is just another front in downsizing Humanity.


    1. Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature.
    2. Guide reproduction wisely – improving fitness and diversity.
    3. Unite humanity with a living new language.
    4. Rule passion – faith – tradition – and all things with tempered reason.
    5. Protect people and nations with fair laws and just courts.
    6. Let all nations rule internally resolving external disputes in a world court.
    7. Avoid petty laws and useless officials.
    8. Balance personal rights with social duties.
    9. Prize truth – beauty – love – seeking harmony with the infinite.
    10.Be not a cancer on the earth – Leave room for nature – Leave room for nature.

    Limiting the population of the earth to 500 million will require the extermination of nine-tenths of the world’s people. The American Stonehenge’s reference to establishing a world court foreshadows the current move to create an International Criminal Court and a world government. The Guidestones’ emphasis on preserving nature anticipates the environmental movement of the 1990s, and the reference to “seeking harmony with the infinite” reflects the current effort to replace Judeo-Christian beliefs with a new spirituality.

  5. Lynn says:

    They are killing us Aldous !!
    When we look at this creeping mission to poison everything we need.

    Medicine and food…Air and water…the world is becoming a very black place.
    We are witnessing mass slaughter on an unprecedented scale.

    It is a programming that we have to dismantle…when people have nothing more to lose, they will have nothing more to fear… How long will it take..before the real horror hits people like a wall. All Hell is going to be unleashed. Worrying times ahead and so much social unrest.

  6. Tom74 says:

    It’s all about enriching Cameron’s cronies, as usual. They’ll lie and cheat all they have to to achieve that. Amazingly I once voted for his rotten party.

  7. Nollidge says:

    With oil now at less than $40 a barrel fracking makes no financial sense whatsoever.Already huge layoffs are occurring in the U.S fracking industry & more & more fracking outfits are folding bankrupt under massive debts that they can never repay.Just a simple online search can confirm what I say.In short,Saudi forced down the price of oil to punish Russia,probably at the U.S.’s behest,but it also destroyed the fracking industry world wide which needed oil at $100 a barrel to make a profit.

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