The Truth About Carbon Dioxide



Alex Epstein, founder of the Center for Industrial Progress

Sometimes we need to take the long look so that what appears to be a confusing world around us makes sense. In this instance, we go to Alex Epstein, founder of the Center for Industrial Progress, who just this year wrote “The Moral Case for Fossil Fuels.”

“In the last 80 years, as CO2 emissions have most rapidly escalated, the annual rate of climate-related deaths worldwide fell by an incredible 98%. This means the incidence of death from climate is 50 times lower than it was 80 years ago,” writes Epstein.

“Once again, the leading experts we were told to rely on were 100% wrong. It’s not that they predicted disaster and got half a disaster — it’s that they predicted disaster and got dramatic improvement.”

And yet again, we find that trusting the “leading experts” on global warming and climate change is a mistake. Trust the data, trust the evidence, trust reality — but be skeptical of experts who have a political agenda.

The Truth about CO2

Published on Jul 27, 2015

Global Warming activists will tell you that CO2 is bad and dangerous. The EPA has even classified it as a pollutant. But is it? Patrick Moore provides some surprising facts about the benefits of CO2 that you won’t hear in the current debate.


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  1. Jennifer says:

    David Hawking of Abel Danger maintains that CO2 is the greatest god-given fertiliser ever.
    And also the reason that talking to your plants is so good for them – you are breathing CO2 over them!


      The Transparent Unicorn said…

      I’ve also noted previously that Eric Dubay consistently mixes up two arguments: geocentrism versus heliocentrism (I have no problem with geocentrism and I said so), and flat earth versus round earth.

      In fact, Mr. Dubay has started to block some of my comments (previously published as “Anonymous”) that showed quite convincingly that his flat Earth theory did not make sense, especially concerning the position of the South Pole.

      I find it regrettable that Mr. Dubay insists on mixing both arguments. He (and others) have made a solid case for geocentrism, but I am beginning to think that Mr. Dubay is purposefully leading us astray with his Flat Earth theory. I have no idea why – maybe simply to sell his book.
      December 20, 2014 at 2:35 AM

      Eric Dubay said…
      I haven’t “blocked” yours or anyone’s comments, thank you. Nor am I “confused” between Geo/Helio and Flat/Round. The Universe IS Geocentric AND the Earth is Flat. They are both true proven by experiments and experience. I’m glad you’ve been able to figure out the truth of Geocentricism, but that’s not the end of the rabbit-hole. Please do yourself and humanity a favor by watching this documentary I’ve just finished today:

      The Flat Earth Conspiracy Documentary

      Nobody has “showed quite convincingly that his flat Earth theory did not make sense, especially concerning the position of the South Pole.” Feel free to post whatever it is you claim to have posted that didn’t get through. And as for your, “I am beginning to think that Mr. Dubay is purposefully leading us astray with his Flat Earth theory. I have no idea why – maybe simply to sell his book.” You people never cease to amaze. NASA, the mainstream media and your government schools have “purposefully led you astray.” I’m one of the few people in this world with enough brains, balls, and compassion to tirelessly crusade against the global conspiracy, facing death threats and endless ridicule from the unappreciative masses, just to try and awaken the few sheeple who aren’t completely brain-dead, and I constantly have to hear how I’m just doing it for the money, as I sit here in my tiny studio apartment, still too poor to afford our wedding or move upcountry as we’ve been planning for years. Watch the free documentary I just put together and linked to above, then come back and tell me you honestly think I’m “leading you astray” and “doing it for the money.”
      December 20, 2014 at 4:39 AM

      Eric Dubay said…
      BTW, if my purpose in being a writer was simply to make money, I would NOT write about the absolute most ridiculed and fringe topics ever such as the flat-Earth! There is literally NO existing target audience for such a thing. If I was doing this for the money, I promise you I would be writing novels about love-sick emo vampire teenagers with daddy-issues, and not the flat Earth.
      December 20, 2014 at 6:44 AM

      Rinoni said…
      Eric, have you thought, given the earth flat, why the difference in seasons between New Zealand and Europe, for the same time-point?

      What is the explanation?
      January 12, 2015 at 4:15 PM

      Eric Dubay said…
      Hey Rinoni, In New Zealand situated at 42 degrees Southern latitude, on the Winter Solstice the Sun rises at 4:31am and sets at 7:29pm, making the longest day of the year 14 hours and 58 minutes. On the Summer Solstice, the New Zealand Sun rises at 7:29am and sets at 4:31pm, making the shortest day 9 hours and 2 minutes long. Meanwhile, in England, a full 10 degrees farther North of the equator than New Zealand lies South, the longest day is 16 hours and 34 minutes, the shortest day 7 hours and 45 minutes. Therefore the longest day in New Zealand is 1 hour and 36 minutes shorter than the longest day in England, and the shortest day in New Zealand is 1 hour and 17 minutes longer than the shortest day in England.

      William Swainson, an Englishman who emigrated and became Attorney General of New Zealand in the mid-19th century lived in both countries for decades and wrote of their differences, stating, “The range of temperature is limited, there being no excess of either heat or cold; compared with the climate of England, the summer of New Zealand is but very little warmer though considerably longer. Even in summer, people here have no notion of going without fires in the evening; but then, though the days are very warm and sunny, the nights are always cold. For seven months last summer, we had not one day that the sun did not shine as brilliantly as it does in England in the finest day in June; and though it has more power here, the heat is not nearly so oppressive. But then there is not the twilight which you get in England. Here it is light till about eight o’clock, then, in a few minutes, it becomes too dark to see anything, and the change comes over in almost no time. The seasons are the reverse of those in England. Spring commences in September, summer in December, autumn in April, and winter in June. The days are an hour shorter at each end of the day in summer, and an hour longer in the winter than in England.”

      In the Flat-Earth model of the cosmos, these Arctic/Antarctic phenomena are easily accounted for and exactly what would be expected. If the Sun circles over and around the Earth every 24 hours, steadily travelling from Tropic to Tropic every 6 months, it follows that the Northern, central region would annually receive far more heat and sunlight than the Southern circumferential region. Since the Sun must sweep over the larger Southern region in the same 24 hours it has to pass over the smaller Northern region, its passage must necessarily be proportionally faster as well. This is why the Antarctic morning dawn and evening twilight are very abrupt, whereas in the extreme North twilight continues for hours after sunset and many midsummer nights the Sun does not set at all!.
      January 13, 2015 at 5:50 PM

      • ian says:

        Are you OK just now Adam. You seem very obsessive with this flat earth thing, and it’s taking over everything else.

    • ian says:

      Indeed I agree strongly. Plants gobble up CO2 at an amazing rate. Some commercial growers increase the CO2 levels deliberately to boost growth, and of course produce oxygen in exchange. It’s win win.

  2. Lynn says:

    That ‘s why they are going to tax it. Anything we rely on will be destroyed. They want us begging and hungry. Not self reliant or sufficient. We will have no choice but to succumb to this perverse existence they are planning.

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