The SNP deliver the killer question during the Syria debate, leaving the Tories speechless (VIDEO)

December 2nd, 2015 Kerry-anne Mendoza

During the debate to support David Cameron’s motion to launch airstrikes in Syria, the SNP’s Angus Robertson MP asked a vital question which the Tory party and it’s leader could not answer.

Robertson called on first the Prime Minister, then the Foreign Secretary, and then the entire Conservative Party to tell him how many of the 70,000 Syrian fighters the government are expecting to act as our ‘boots on the ground’ are moderates or fundamentalists.



Robertson isn’t alone in pointing out the flaw in Cameron’s plans. The powerful Foreign Affairs Select Committee has voted against the proposed airstrikes.

The Foreign Affairs Select Committee is chaired by Conservative MP Crispin Blunt, and has a majority of Conservative members – yet this evening, the powerful committee has defied the government and expressed their opposition to the planned strikes. A Conservative member of the committee, John Baron MP, has written a piece for The Guardian outlining the reasons for the no vote.

The piece, entitled ‘I’ll defy my party leader, and vote against Syria airstrikes’ argues Mr Cameron has failed to learn the lessons of previously failed interventions in the Middle East, and is doomed to repeat them if he proceeds with the airstrikes. The MP writes:

“Though the government has precipitated another rush into military action, it has not yet constructed a realistic long-term strategy to destroy Daesh/Isis. On a recent visit to Middle Eastern capitals with the foreign affairs select committee, the officials we met were concerned we risk making the same mistakes as we made in our previous military interventions in Iraq, Afghanistan (post-2006) and Libya.”

And as for Cameron’s claim that 70,000 moderate Syrian ground troops are ready to take care of the ‘boots on the ground’ element of the war? John Baron MP confirms that on recent visits, his committee were informed there were precious few ‘moderates’ in Syria, and even the most moderate groups are unaligned and often fighting each other too. The result of placing our hopes on this fractured and incoherent opposition would, argues Baron, be to repeat the mistakes of the past:

“The government has forgotten the lessons of Libya, where the anti-Gaddafi forces splintered into a thousand militias the moment the common enemy was defeated. A fresh civil war has been a result. Syria would be similar, but on a grand scale.”

The coalition were unable to hold Iraq together with hundreds of thousands of their own troops – yet today, the plan in Syria is that mere tens of thousands of infighting militia men will topple Daesh, Assad, and establish a democracy. This is lunacy.

In short, the sum total of Britain’s planned intervention in Syria, would be to kick start yet another phase of civil war. This would just as likely strengthen ISIS/Daesh, as weaken them – killing yet more civilians in the process.

This last minute call to common sense by the Conservative-led committee has seemingly fallen on deaf ears. The reckless meddling of the Bush/Blair coalition started a fire in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and Syria. Now Cameron stands poised with a petrol can, ready to pour.



Gordon rant:

Having watched and listened to the Syria Debate I thought it absolutely deplorable the way Jeremy Corbyn was treated by the opposition while addressing The House.

Corbyn was heckled at almost every spoken word by the opposition and demands for him to give-way. Furthermore, Presiding Officer, John Bercow showed lack of control by allowing the rabble to control the floor.  The whole episode was reminiscent of a mob hungry for blood.





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  1. Nollidge says:

    With next to f-all aircraft & the selling of armaments to the Saudis which finish up in the hands of the “rebels”,is there anyone who believes ANYTHING that Camerjew says?.

  2. Nollidge says:

    Oh,& can I add this that I grabbed from another site?.



  3. ian says:

    As usual I’m being different. Israel, the Ele in the room, controls it all. Sorry. If ww3 is on the agenda and as I implied yesterday on the 7th there is an occlusion of Venus which makes it a horned bringer of light. We’ll see.

  4. Nollidge says:

    The interesting thing here is the Odet Yinon plan which calls for the break-up of all the Arab countries which surround Israel so that Israel can possess the “land between the 2 rivers”-
    Good luck Jews Suggest you look up pictures on the net of the hideous results.
    This will be an important feature of your “Eretz Israel”.

  5. Lynn says:

    We are housing the terrorists. They are losing public support now. The whole world has seen the truth. Now we are speaking it. Cameron you are a traitorous thug. Rats children all of you yellow bellies.

  6. Lynn says:

    All named and awaiting the trials that will come upon them. The Universe is logging this crime syndicate. They will pay for what they have conspired. We know who you are. We know how you have engineered this .

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