‘The oven gloves are coming off’ at the fracking Battle Of Chester

It was another uplifting day today at the UCPC.
The morning was a little bit ‘hairy’ – mainly courtesy of the ‘false alarm’ that was generated by a combination of a domestic incidence, Cheshire police, and a vigilant local. Though it wasn’t a totally. comfortable experience, I would like to thank all the parties who contributed to making it haopen, as it did serve the camp two useful purposes….
It helped to show up the weak spots in the ‘high alert’ proceedures, which led to a little ‘fine tuning’ of them, and it also gave everyone a glimpse of exactly how it will feel if/when the fateful moment does finally arrive! (that was the uncomfortable bit lol).

Once we were over that bumpy start, it was another inspiring day , full of like-minded passionate and caring people ‘bouncing off each other, as new visitors were received from both near and far throughout the day..

The benefit from yesterdays positive media coverage was tangible at the camp today, with at least one visitor saying only through that had he become aware of what was afoot, and immediately he had felt compelled to visit the camp!

More than once in the course of the day I found myself asking the question: is the threat of a profit hungry oil & gas company landing in their midst the most unifying force that can ever be brought to bear on a local community? I think it may well be.

The day was rounded off by the evening meal, which was lovingly prepared by the (apparently) tireless kitchen diva Juliet and a team of helpers… the cost of it was generously covered by stalwart a/f campaigner Linda, and the irrepressible Nana’s, some of whom have now been staying on the camp for a few days.

I leave you all for today to be suitably inspired by this wonderful image of one of the ‘no nonsense nana’s ‘, which was captured in the dusk near the main gate….

Colin Gong's photo.

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