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  1. marcus aurelius says:

    I love watching these cartoons, I am standing on a flat plane , I look up to the skies and see everything in the night sky revolving around the flat earth.
    Watch out tomorrow for the brainwashing space station B/S.

    • I want to believe all of dubays claims, and say were on a totally flat earth. But henrys calculations, certainly have identified nasa as massive total liars. But his findings also cast doubt on Eric Dubay as being the complete finished parcel we can rely on. As dkblues gut instincts alert us to, and provide a signpost to, something could be ‘off’ with eric dubay. He could be an agent.

      But look at my comments on the admiral byrd latest thing. The earth might be huge enough, so in our little region of it, eric dubays red herring flat earthism, seems to make sense.
      Ultimately TPTB are happy because were off the trail, and down a dead end.

      I am concerned and disturbed still and I hope we can allput our minds together and try and address
      – is Eric Dubay right with the very convincing (to my non scientific mind), geocentric theory? It seems to make a lot of sense
      – Are we on a stationary earth? Again, he makes very convincing points

      We cannot discuss and argue our way out of this using conventional physics. Its very clear, official physics is a lie.

      My feeling this earth we are living on is so huge, Dubays assertions seem to make sense.

      We know George Lucas and Star Wars is made by the occult PTB. What about the Death Star? Could there be a clue looking at that? That huge crater. We know the illuminati put things in plain sight so only those in the know understand whats being represented

      Could planet earth actually be somewhat like the Death Star?

    • yes Marcus Aurelius
      Remember we are dealing with sly, underhanded, khazarian, Saturn worshipping, Jesuit, Luciferian, Freemason (Scottish Rite), power elites. Their psyop hand is very very complex.
      Don’t you think they could weave in truth and lies so intimately, we end up not knowing what to believe?

      Henrys calculation that you need to be 100 miles above the earth before any curvature is seen, should be noted.

      Geocentrism, is an entirely, other debate. In fact 2weeks ago. it was the geocentric part of Dubays assertions in his 100, 200 proofs articles. That made me instantly turn to God and realise theres a wonderful Divine creator.

      its also confirmed my sense, understanding, theres an interdimensional spiritual war going on, between good and evil. Satan is real. And this has nothing to do with organised religion.
      Because the churches are run by Satanists.

      True Christianity, and understanding God, means to leave all churches immediately. because a huge Deception is being put on mankind. The Vatican is behind the alien hype that’s building in the media.

      Geocentrism, the Polaris star being constantly above the North Pole, on a stationary earth. With all the heavens moving around US. This makes me very humble and turn to understand, a Divine Creator is at work

      And I can understand, how Satan, in this interdimensional war being played out. Could have had the motivation with the heliocentric, Coperniucan woirld changing mindset. To let man think he is nothing special.

      And I see that today with all the intergalactic federation UFO alien stuff being bandied about

      Youre right we really need to investigate geocentrism further, its even more important than a flat earth

  2. dkblue says:

    In depth article re the false images from the Mars rovers…they could well be filmed at the NASA base in Dover

    • I think Space, outer space, when we look up, is not …like we imagine. I don’t think its like here, where we get in our car at point A, and drive to the shops at point B, been away for an hour then return to point A a gain, and an hour has passed.

      I think what might be the reality of ‘up there’. Which Nasa know full well. Immediately past the earths orbit, one enters an entirely different type of place. An interdimensional ocean. I have a feeling TIME IS NON LINEAR up in space. I think this could be a big secret. Ill investigate this.

      I have also read, the Scottish Rite Freemasons who set up and control Nasa, study (as do all the elites), daily astrological reports of where the sun, moon, planets are. Rumours are going round, certain astrological alignmnets cause INTERDIMENSIONAL PORTALS BOTH ON THE EARTH AND IN EARTH ORBIT, TO TEMPORARILY OPEN UP, AND BE ABLE TO TRAVEL OUT INTO SPACE

      Then they close again. Maybe this is why bogstandard rockets, and missions, areall a fraud and cant get above low earth orbit LEO

      Mindblowing mental journey this is taking us on

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