The greatest book written this century

I’ve just read two more Ralph Ellis titles – Thoth, Architect of the Universe, and K2 Quest of the Gods.  These are the two most important books many people will ever read.  I am still reeling. His other main area of research, the King Jesus trilogy, and Mary Magdalene, Princess Of Orange, is key to undoing so much wrong understanding of the world, manufactured by the Abrahamic religions, and is essential.  This part of Ellis’ research goes much further.  It takes us out of the dark we’ve been cast into, and opens up an amazing amount of light.  The way he works out the key to the Pyramids is truly astounding, and the implications of the key are even more so.  Out of respect for his work, I’ll not reveal anything here that he’s teased out from the seemingly minimal evidence.  All I can add is that once you can see what Ralph Ellis has seen and shown in his writing, the world looks entirely different.  The Satanic Cult that’s moved in and taken us all over was not operational at the time the Great Pyramid was built, or at least was not all powerful.   Godlike forces were present here on earth, which could literally move mountains and build monuments totally beyond our current technological abilities.  It’s a truly hopeful message.

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There could be yet more to come from this angle of research.  Will Ralph Ellis be able to continue?  Or will he have to leave the next steps to others, who have the capability to endure the hardships involved in travelling to the roof of the world?  It’s probably just a case of him raising the funding to move on, as his own hunger for knowledge seems undimmed.  If enough people buy his books, which he publishes himself after finding his early works being plagiarised by Random House, his own former publisher, he hopefully will find that he can.  His latest work on the King Arthur literature, is back into his work challenging the orthodoxies of the Catholic Church, showing how the character of Arthur was invented and why, and who he really was.  Ellis calls it the fourth book of the King Jesus trilogy.

The Grail Cypher Ep.1 – Ralph Ellis/Michael Tsarion:

It’s great stuff again, but there would nothing better than for Ralph Ellis to complete his work following on from his conclusions about the pyramids and their connection to the second highest mountain in the world.  At the end of his book, he expresses a wish for someone else to take over where he has left off .  You can see why he’s had enough when you read the hardships he went through.


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  1. Ha! Plagiarised by Random House? And.doctored and.censored too
    RH Rockefeller owned i dont doubt

    Thankyou for the interesting review of this amazing Ellis research Tap
    So the satanists and didnt dominate us, when pyramids went up?
    K2 and a pyramid.connection?
    Supernatural godly.force, presence, visible on this earth, helping humanity it seems?

    Bloody hell

    By the way Tap, what lies.beyond the perimeter antarctic.wall that surrounds us on this flat earth? Do people at the UN have answers perhaps?
    Come to think of it Tap. What the hell is out there, and in space? And what lies beyond antarctica?
    Shall i write to HM the Queen to ask?

    I.doubt shell reply. Shell be too excited over unfolding events in Syria

    • Tapestry says:

      You would benefit by reading, Adam. It’s an easier way to build knowledge than net-surfing.

      • Ok Henry. I seem to have a low attention span and must confess ive never read a book, apart from a few biographies when younger, surprising as that may sound. Nevertheless when my interest and attention and imagination is captured on something, I can be very focussed, such as om the Altnatean conspiracy blog lately
        So I could have it in me , to read a book from cover to cover this Christmas, if I commit myself to do it.
        If theres one book you I should buy above all others, which title would you recommend?

  2. NPP says:

    The Grail Cypher Ep.1 – Ralph Ellis/Michael Tsarion:

  3. NPP says:


    Basic question: Are the R Ellis books from Amazon or Barnes & Noble OK? Legit?
    Would you recommend the top 5 RE books or even the whole list in order of your preference.

  4. Tapestry says:

    I buy them on kindle now to save money. Amazon is fine, but eBay is cheaper, of course, if available. Barnes/Noble? I don’t have any experience. It depends what your own interest is, which you tackle first. It’s a lot of work to read them. They’re researcher’s books, not mass sellers! But the reward is there in every one. Your knowledge is increased by them all. Go for what tickles your interest, and keep going.

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