The First Passenger Jet Just Landed In Antarctica. Wanna Go?

The First Passenger Jet Just Landed In Antarctica. Wanna Go?

Prepare for the trip of a lifetime.

12/04/2015 01:01 pm ET


It may be chillier than most travel spots, but a trip to Antarctica is one you’ll never forget.

The first landing of a commercial passenger jet on the frosty continent happened last week on a blue-ice runway. Tour company Antarctic Logistics and Expeditions organized the flight of a Loftleidir Icelandic Boeing 757 to “prove the feasibility of landing commercial passenger airliners” in Antarctica, according to a company statement.

This paves the way (or the ice, rather) for future passenger jets to land on Antarctica, which could majorly change the way we visit our southernmost continent.

Maybe we should do a fundraise so that Adam can go check it out?
The flat earthers all ought to visit Antarctica and tell us what they find.
Tap’s estimate is that the earth is 25,000 miles around, and 6250 miles per quarter of arc.  The Diameter is just under 8000 miles, and the radius just under 4000.
The formula handed around by flat earthers for the presumed rate of curvature of the earth is distance travelled squared, times 8 inches per mile.
Take the quarter arc and square it – 6250 X 6250 X 8, and you get about 5000 miles of descent.  The earth’s radius is only about 4000 miles.  So the 8 inches per mile figure suggested should be converted to 6.4 inches per mile.  That then makes most examples of impossibility of curvature work OK, such as the 60 miles between Blackpool and The Isle Of Man, or Genoa to Corsica, and so on.

6 Responses to “The First Passenger Jet Just Landed In Antarctica. Wanna Go?”

  1. marcus aurelius says:

    What is this supposed to prove ?
    Military aircraft have consistently flown to parts of the Antarctic, and yes, you can take a tour of controlled parts of Antarctic , but do not try and go on an independent tour/expedition, they will not allow it, because of this –

    Don’t you find it rather strange in this scenario , that virtually all governments around the world agreed to that treaty?
    Even Russia , during the cold war?(there was no global warming bullshit in 1959, so they were not trying to save the planet.)
    If Adam were to go on the flight , and then tried to go off piste, say, and head south , my guess is they would shoot him. Adam a martyr?

    Regarding your calculations –

  2. Lynn says:

    So all of a sudden we have this ….is it that they are trying to make out that all we have been saying about the place, being off limits has made them offer this up. To shush us up again….what a joke.

  3. sepeltura says:

    I’ve read far too many people arguing about the curvature of the earth saying it would be impossible to see something 60 miles away and in their mind proves the earth to be flat that is bullshit the Pythagoras equation will only work with a perfectly smooth round object and the earth is not perfectly smooth something which they always conveniently choose to ignore . I wonder why

  4. Lynn says:

    Secret bases hidden from prying eyes are located here. An area 51maybe? We need to get some Intel on this top secret area. What is being done under cover here needs to be investigated.

  5. marcus aurelius says:

    Hi Lynn,
    After much consideration, I retract my opinions on this topic, I was wrong.
    I sense you are a good and true person,
    I hope your life brings you good things and great experiences .
    This is my last post.
    Wishing all who dwell here Happy Alban Arthan .

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