The extinction of species that thrived during the last ice age was not our fault

The latest academic paper from the “University of damned hard work’ as Ralph Ellis styles himself these days, moves on from the topic of his last one, viz. climate mechanisms that drive the earth into and out of ice ages, (and that’s not CO2 by the way) and instead deals with the evidence for a catastrophic impact crashing into the land adjacent to The Great Lakes 12,900 years ago, wiping out all life across the middle and eastern United States, all human and other fauna.  The meteor landed on partly melted ice and sent large chunks of slush flying up into sub-orbital space.  These chunks spread out in a circle travelling th0usands of miles in each direction.  The pieces that landed on thick ice, that has since gone, leave no trace, but those that landed onto terra firma left large elliptical shapes tens of miles long and across.  The angles of impact demonstrate that all these elliptical shapes came from a common source.  The lines of travel intersect at what subsequently became The Great Lakes.

This catastrophic event leaves a black line in the geological record, below which fossil records of life were plentiful, and above which there are none.  The extinction of so many species that happened at this time has often been put down to over-hunting by mankind.  This now appears not to be true.  As with the dinosaurs, the identifiable mass extinction events are impacts from space.


So much for evolution.

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Interestingly, in his book on the Pyramids and Stone Henge – ‘Thoth-Architect of the Universe’, ellis concludes these were all built by entities possessing higher technological understanding than we possess even today, who are clearly no longer here.  And these were all built around the same time, 14,000 years ago before the mass extinction event.  Next question for Ralph, did the impact cause the worldwide great flood that became stories such as Noah’s Ark.  Zechariah Sitchin’s idea was that a chunk of ice detached from Antarctica and fell into the sea and caused worldwide tsunamis/flooding.  A meteor impact at about 13,000 years ago would explain the Great Flood much better to be honest. There’s a never-ending list of tasks remaining for the University Of Damned Hard Work, if he’s still willing!




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  1. Nollidge says:

    Many.many years ago I read a book by a German called IIRC Karl Otto Muck in which he detailed this exact theory.
    Again,IIRC it was called “The End of Atlantis”. It explained why dead mammoths,still with food in their mouths,were found all over the Siberian wastelands.
    Keen followers of this kind of thing can Google those 2 things & see what comes up.

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