Tales from Lock-on City – Upton ‘stop the frackers’ camp



Cheshire police have been monitored counting the number of vehicles parked along Duttons Lane. We urgently need safe locations nearby to park cars and vans so that they do not know how many are on site. As numbers grow we are advising people to park a short walk away from the Protection Camp.

Steven Spy's photo.

After 3 days on Upton community protection camp, I’m facing the big clean up of mud on everything. I’m missing being amongst a tribe of amazing people and the vibe of a community blockade against Fracking. The City is a colourful fortress,with an subterranean warren of tunnels where ordinary people are preparing to lock down when the bailiffs come. Its like a military operation with a place for everyone.

I truly believe that this country has never seen this type of operation from its citizens since the war. Where ordinary folk from all walks of life have built community and are prepared to put them selves in front of those who want to poison our land, water and children. This is the fight to protect our descendents. The children and grandchildren of this land, and the future of the British people. You cant get bigger than that!

Here everyone plays a part. There are the “Warriors” who dangle the bracelets of power from their wrists; Chains to lock on when the time comes. In the past this would have been swords or guns; but now the “Lock on Bracelet” is the sword of truth and courage which protects the land and its people. There are also the unsung heroes and heroines. “Juiliette of the kitchen”, a cookster of amazing talent feeding the tribe with wholesome grub and a team of cookster men and women working hard chopping veg and stirring pans of steaming food to feed these warrior citizens. Olive who “meets and greets”, making everyone who crosses the threshold of the fortress feel welcome and part of this growing community, and of course all the watchmen and women who work through the night keeping the camp protected and safe. Fire keepers, healers, toilet cleaners, visitors, songsters, builders,keyboard warriors and community cooks bringing in food from home.

There is an amazing spirit here, alive with hope and unity, community action to protect a future that welcomes ANYONE who wants to join “the tribe” and feel part of the future we want to create for our kids, humanity reborn from this age of materialism and greed. heart emoticon xxx



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