Syria will shoot down all aircraft without warning, ‘which are not coordinating with us’. Suck on that, Cameron.

Damascus has S-300’s fully in service and 2 Iranian squadrons at T4


Damascus:  “Any aircraft not coordinating with us will be considered hostile and we will shoot without warning”

“Iran sent 4000 IRGC (Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps) equipped with mechanisms, grenades and rocket launchers, with self-propelled cannons to support its offensive operations in Syria. Moreover two squadrons of the Iranian Air Force will be deployed in the T4 –Tiyas airport, located close to Al-Sha’ayrat, when the Iranian engineers will conclude their work at the site. The Iranian Air Force is raising the efficiency of its pilots in combat operations,and  is providing air support for all ground forces from Palmyra to Raqqa. Moscow has agreed to provide all maintenance and ammunition needed to the Iranian jets. ”

On the S-300, the source concluded: “Syrian air defense crews completed their training on the S -300 missile system in Russia, and have received the full sets, as agreed between the Russian government and Syrian forces. The Russian-made S-300s can engage 12 targets simultaneously at distances of 200 kilometers and at heights of up to 27 kilometers.  They are being deployed in the liberated areas, from where they cover the full Syrian geography.

TAP – You have to bear in mind that that is why the outdated Tornadoes have been deployed to Syria.  Hilary Benn says our hearts have to be with the pilots and their families.   Yet he knows perfectly well that’s why they’ve been sent into harms way.  The Cabal wants British planes to be shot down,  That’s how they hope to get WW3 started.  Russia has a full array of modern weaponry including nuclear weapons.  Yet Washington believes that now is the moment to strike, as they incredibly believe they can ‘win’ a nuclear war against Russia.  They need a spark, a reason to escalate the war.  General Petraeus has advised the President against sending US forces to face advanced Russian weaponry in Syria.  Mere British pilots are the ones chosen to be sacrificed.  That way US public opinion can be kept onside.

It is often stated that Russia spends one tenth the amount spent by the US on ‘defence’.  Yet costs in Russia are at least 90% less than those charged to Washington by the vast and bloated defence corporations.  Russia’s spending on weapons is at least equal to the USA, as a result even though, in cash terms, it seems a lot lower.   Many Western leaders in the past have lost wars by underestimating Russian technical and strategic ability – Napoleon, Hitler being just two well known examples.  It seems that Cameron just can’t wait to join in their number.  The best advice anyone could give to the UK is to get out of there as soon as possible.  Labour must regroup, deselect MPs that vote for war, and next time the cocky Conservatives with their Lib Dem lackeys will not be quite so sure of themselves.  Meantime the British people are making their opinions known.  We have no business invading other peoples’ countries over and over again.  It’s high time we were shown that others can do to us what we’ve been doing to them.  The sooner our planes are shot down, the better, and a dose of common sense might start to appear amongst the hotheads in Westminster, counting their financial gains from the defence industry friends.  The royal air farce will soon be shown for the shower that they are by those who want to defend their country from our intrusions into their affairs.

Assad blasts West for ‘SUPPORTING TERRORISTS’ and insists only Russia can defeat ISIS

SYRIAN President Bashar al-Assad has hailed Russia’s two-month bombing campaign as a game changer in the war on Islamic State – and claimed Western airstrikes were a complete failure.

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad is accused of bombing his own peopleGETTY

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad is accused of bombing his own people

Assad insisted a year’s worth of missile attacks by the US and their allies against ISIS militants in the war-torn country had done little to stop the jihadis.

Only Russian bombing raids had caused the terror group’s territory to shrink, he claimed.

Accusing Britain and the West of “supporting terrorists”, the hated Syrian dictator – who stands accused of using barrel bombs and chemical weapons on his own people – urged the US-led coalition to stop striking targets in Syria.

He also revealed Russia’s bombing was only going to get “stronger”, telling Czech TV that there was now “no way back” for Vladimir Putin and his warplanes.

The Russian support or participation is going to be stronger

Bashar al-Assad

And he blasted Turkey over the downing of a Russian jet, saying the Turkish president had “lost his nerve”.

Assad said: “Since the beginning of that (US-led) coalition, if you want to talk about facts, not opinion, since the beginning of that coalition, ISIS (Islamic State group) has expanded and the recruiting from around the world has increased.

“While since the participation of Russia in the same fight, so-called against terrorism, ISIS has been shrinking. And al-Nusra of course and the other terrorist groups. So this is reality. The facts are telling.

“The war against terrorism is continuing. The Russian support or participation is going to be stronger. It is stronger anyway. There is no way back in that regard.”

However, the US defence department said American-led airstrikes had helped rebels claim back 10 per cent of ISIS territory in Syria in just a year.

Pressed on what he thought it would take to rid the country of ISIS, Assad replied: “When those countries that I mentioned – France, UK, US, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and some other – stop supporting those terrorists.

“[The next] day the situation will be better and in a few months we will have full peace in Syria, definitely. If they stop.”

Russian President Vladimir PutinAP

Russian President Vladimir Putin

Russian bombs being fitted to Su-24 warplanesREUTERS

Russian bombs being fitted to Su-24 warplanes

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad speaks during a TV interview in DamascusREUTERS

Assad speaks during a TV interview in Damascus

The 50-year-old Syrian president, who serves as the commander-in-chief of the Syrian Armed Forces, also spoke about the migration crisis in Europe – a problem in part caused by the war in Syria.

Describing the situation as “very sad”, he said: “Every one of those is a human resource that left Syria. So that will undermine. Undermine your society and your country. Definitely. But at the end we have to deal with the reasons.”


8 Responses to “Syria will shoot down all aircraft without warning, ‘which are not coordinating with us’. Suck on that, Cameron.”

  1. peugeott says:

    I agree it’s all to do with peace loving USA about to collapse, and they need someone to blame for it, as you rightlt post ,they cannot wait to have a go at Russia and China,and the sad thing is when they stat losing , out come their nuclear arsenal .

  2. ian says:

    Not much to add to what Tap has said. I’ll just add as I have mentioned elsewhere, that once fear is used as a political tool, it works so well on the vast majority that I could barely credit how little things have changed. I foolishly though that people would openly revolt, but instead on facebook they were desperate for Cameron to remove the threat of ISIS. I tried using polite reason but apart from being verbally abused and brutalised and aquiring one or two new friends one from Barcelona and one from Greece with funny writing, I failed to make an impression. I closed the account down again. You’re right Tap, they’re going after the big one.

  3. RabbiT says:

    Sadly our boys thought they were doing an honorable thing in signing up for the Ministry of Defense not realising they had in fact joined a Ministry of Attack deployed to bring about murder, chaos and anguish to their fellow human beings solely in the interests of those who seek to enslave their children.

    Time to reconsider, there is a life beyond the services after all, God help you if you have to bail out over there.

    • Hi Rabbit , look at this. They seem to have quite a schedule planned. Except as ive shown. Theyre losing their traction to do stuff.

      Globalist Prophecy Watch: Update 2 – Will Pope Francis go down with the West?

      Perhaps I should start from the beginning…In the originating entry of this series, the globalist-engineered 3-Step Second Coming scenario was laid out:

      Step 1) the “fake Antichrist” (Obama) is publicly revealed in 2016 before being taken down in September;
      Step 2) the “fake Christ / real Antichrist, “ Facra, makes the scene next year and defeats Obama;
      Step 3) the “real Christ” makes the scene in 2023 and defeats Facra, thus bringing in a post-NWO theocratic dictatorship

      Also mentioned earlier in this series was a supposed “Illuminati defector” named Carolyn Hamlett. And wouldn’t you know it, Carolyn has recently come out and talked about the 3-Step Second Coming scenario…
      [Carolyn Hammlett aso discusses the secret space programme at length too. Something im increasingly suspicious of, though I don’t deny it exists, in some form – Adam]

      And this brings us to the Pope. Here are a few points worth noting…
      Point 3) Zagami ties the Ziojews into the “corruption” of the Catholic Church…
      >>> Two conferences were arranged in Rome for this purpose by various Jesuits, one took place Friday, October 2nd, at the Angelicum, the Pontifical University of St. Thomas Aquinas, the other on October 3rd, at the Centro Pellegrini “Santa Teresa Couderc,” in Via Vincenzo Ambrosio with the title, “Ways of Love.” It became not only the foundation meeting for the Global Network of Rainbow Catholics, but also the place chosen for the “Coming out” stunt of Father Charamsa, arranged by the famous homosexual spin doctor, Emilio Sturla Turno, who is said to be sentimentally involved with a Israeli intelligence asset, demonstrating the many hidden interests involved in this operation. <<<

      This ties into the whole “synagogue of Satan” (SOS) theme they’ve been spinning. They claim that the Catholic Church has been infiltrated by the SOS, and this is why traditional Christianity has been upended.


  4. Rollo56 says:

    Yep, this is all about their NWO, One World Government, as US and now UK strive for Martial Law, which has been implemented in Paris & Brussels? If they succeed, all our freedoms are gone!

    • beLIEve says:


      “…..all our freedoms are gone….”

      The …UNALIENABLE….is…non-detachable !

      All UNALIENABLE Indigenous Sovereign Rights are….RETAINED.

      • All our futures and.freeedoms are.gone?
        Oh dear
        Im.sorry about that because
        I recognise this.scum for what they are.
        They can TRY and deceive me with paul hellyer tall whites ISS glimpses of aliens, deceive me with all sorts of.things. Charles and his Khazarian mates family can f*uck off!

        Btw i am concerned seeing Putin now.talking about co2 emmisions, global warming, at the UN climate change
        conference on 30th Nov on bbcparliament tonigt
        The flat earth UN flag is to putins right shoulder
        Im sorry Tapblig. I hope im wrong. I think putin is doing the nwo.globalists global warming agenda . Putins a royal arch.freemason, or was.
        Im sorry. I must reach for a.bucket or basin. Talmud Agent Cameron talking at the UN right now. Brings me down, goodnight x

  5. Lynn says:

    The whole thing is just too rediculous now. The awake can’t bear to listen to the blatant liars manipulating the brain dead.
    This is slaughtering and murder Inc. As usual they play the hero when they are the invaders. This is just blatant treason.

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