Syria showdown to create Obama’s graveyard – says Putin (claims EU Times……..)

TAP – If Putin was really so foolhardy as to announce a war with the US, would he choose the EU Times to release his statement?  I don’t think so.  The net is filling with false news in the hope that real news stories won’t be believed.

EXTRACT FROM THE EU TIMES attempt to stir up WW3.


President Putin’s order to his top military commanders to turn Syria into “Obama’s graveyard”, this report continues, was the immediate deployment to this war zone of advanced Russian fighter aircraft, the movement of Federation Aerospace Forces aircraft and ground troops to al-Shayrat air base, near the central city of Homs, and, most crucially, the deployment throughout Syria of electromagnetic weapons designed to turn this war zone into a virtual “electronic ghost world”.
Also to be immediately “deployed/implemented” in this war zone too, this report gravely concludes, is what many call Russia’s “ultimate weapon”—otherwise known in the perception warfare community as “Reflexive Control” whose basic principles are:
Distraction—during preparatory stages of combat operations, creating a real or imaginary threat against one of the most vital enemy places such as flanks and rear, forcing him to reevaluate his decisions to operate on this or that axis.
Overload—often manifested by sending the enemy a large amount of conflicting information.
Paralysis—creating the belief of a specific threat to a vital interest or weak spot.
Exhaustion—cause the enemy to carry out useless operations, thereby entering combat with expended resources.
Deception—during preparatory stages of combat operations, force the enemy to reallocate forces to a threatened spot.
Divisive techniques—cause the enemy to believe he must operate in opposition to coalition interests.
Pacification—through a peaceful attitude and approach cause the enemy to lose vigilance.
Deterrence—create the impression of superiority.
Provocation—force enemy action advantageous to your side.
Suggestion—offer information that affects the enemy legally, morally, ideologically or in other areas.
Pressure—offer information that encourages society to discredit its own government.
And though not stated in this MoD report being referenced, the most astute reader of this report can be left with no other impression than Russia’s President Putin has, indeed, made the choice to confront NATO directly over the Syrian issue, will not back down.
And, as always, the West, especially President Obama, will grossly underestimate the Russian peoples and government willingness to sacrifice everything, if they must, to save the Christian world from what they believe are satanic barbarians.


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  1. beLIEve says:

    “Reflexive Control” that’s interesting.

    I believe in the world of psychology, there is a perfidious “modus operandi” known as …..MIRRORING.

    The perpe-TRATOR accuses the victim of the ….methods/actions…the perpetrator himself commits.

    It tends to be adopted by entities so short on creativity, their own actions are the only actions they are familiar with.

  2. Lynn says:

    Very true…blaming us for their total failure in life. Without bailouts from bent governments their businesses are useless. We have bought and paid for them all.. They think they own us..what a bloody nerve.We own them!!!!!!!!

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