Syria claims British attacks are violation of international law

Syria has accused the UK of violating international law following its decision to join the US-led coalition bombing the country.


The British PM was described by Al-Baath – a newspaper published by President Bashar al-Assad’s political party – as running a “PR campaign” to aid a “US-led show in violation of the UN charter.”

The official Syrian government newspaper Al-Thawra said the Commons had responded to Mr Cameron’s “lies” by “vaulting over international legitimacy as usual”.

Lyse Doucet, the BBC’s chief International correspondent, currently in Syria’s capital Damascus, said state media were asking: “Why didn’t Britain seek permission from the government in Damascus to enter the air campaign, just like Russia?”

Speaking on the BBC Radio 4’s Today programme, she said the same news agency described Mr Cameron’s actions as “jumping over international legitimacy.”

The UN Security Council voted unanimously on 21 November for a resolution calling all member states to that can do so to take military action against Isis, which it described as an “evil death cult” in Syria and Iraq.


4 Responses to “Syria claims British attacks are violation of international law”

  1. beLIEve says:

    It ain’t the British violating International law.
    The British, have not voted on bombing Syria.

    The FAKE “joos” FAKE British ILLEGAL ALIEN khazars…….are the ones ….RESPONSIBLE….for bombing Syria.,7340,L-3302296,00.html

  2. RabbiT says:

    It seems a portion of the text is missing in this article but if my take is correct Britain’s military (excluding Northern Ireland) has decided to enter Syria (without any agreement with the Syrian government) on the understanding it is assisting the Syrian government yet the Syrian government sees Britain as an invading force.

    It would seem to me therefor that Britain has declared war with Syria.

    Did I get that wrong?

    • beLIEve says:


      “……Britain’s military…….has decided to enter Syria…..”

      I do not believe the “decision” to enter Syria has been taken by the military.

      I believe the military are merely following orders.

      I believe the decision to ……ENTER SYRIA…..was taken by the ……ILLEGAL ALIEN khazars…….in the …..FARCICAL……Houses of BAALsacrament.

      Am I correct in thinking the ….ILLEGAL ALIEN khazars….have repeatedly sent British Service personnel into …..WAR…….without actually “bothering” to declare war.

      I get the impression that ……A Declaration of War……is a “technicality” the SCUM-BAG khazars are keen to avoid ?

  3. Lynn says:

    They are cowards…leading us into conflict throughout the ages, raping and pillaging like the vultures they are.
    I have no more sympathy now for the boys who go and slaughter innocent men women and babies in other countries for these parasites sitting on the spoils of the carnage. Time to stop treating them as our defence and heroes , they are killers.

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