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  1. RabbiT says:

    I have a dear friend in Florida with chemtrail sites, albeit she has now retired:

    Check out her story, it is so moving to me.


    Florida was looking pretty clean in the sky but I’ll take steps to find out more.

    Scotland has had chemical sky’s for weeks now it’s utterly appalling!

    • Gordon says:

      Ambient Sunday night temperature here in the Borders – East coast was -2C rising to +2c throughout Monday. Area heavily chemtrailed.

      I ask, if chemtrailling is supposed to deflect sunlight and prevent the earth from heating up, then why chemtrail in winter when ambient temperatures are so low?

      • Because it must have other uses apart from deflecting sunlight. The metals, to make us ill, and possibly microorganisms in too. I do not know how chemtrails interact with HAARP, but i think they do. Perhaps chemtrails are needed for haarp to work? Or work better
        Perhaps chemtrails along with haarp, create some kind of electromagnetic haze around us all. For what purposes i havent read up on these matters

  2. dkblue says:

    Weather totally interfered with in Australia also. When I rang the Bureau of Metereology, the man I had once found rather likeable as the tv weatherman turned on me at the mention of aerosols, and panicking, repeated ‘They’re contrails, they’re contrails, I am going to terminate this call’! I replied ‘We never had contrails over our city the last 30 years and they are harming your friends and family too’!
    They know and they have to live with the guilt.

    • This is very interesting what you have done. And it took nerve as well
      You have actually by your phone call, scratched the surface and seen underneath. Its not all in conpiracists heads, which I know anyway. But this weathermans reaction, is interesting, and appalling.
      What kind of man must he be inside? Terminate this call? You hit a nerve with him. This man could be blackmailed. Or,
      just doesn’t give a s*it, is either too small minded, or ignorant. Or just selfish enjoying his weathermans salary and prestige. He seems to know exactly whats going on. Andhis response to your questions shows, hes complicit, part of the problem. This weather man , the likes of him, does get my back up.
      Well ill tell you what, he was right to panic, the likes ofhim will be doing a lot more panicking in future. Because people are waking up. And this weatherman will be arrested and hauled in for questioning and be punished for acting as gatekeeper on this

      • dkblue says:

        Yes Adam, an interesting call. I actually began by asking him why there was a military section on the website requiring a password to access. I asked him what the military had to do with the weather. Then moved onto the spraying. It was as clear as day he felt fear and was doing his utmost to stop my line of questioning, and really repeat what he had been told to say. No interested questions regarding my query, clearly knew what was required of him. It was a confronting experience for me too!
        Another interesting snippet; I spoke to a lady who has recently married a military aircraft engineer who had also formerly worked in intelligence. When I mentioned the spraying she said she couldn’t break any confidences and she respected his non-disclosure agreements. I said we need whistleblowers and she said ‘There will never be whistleblowers on that’.
        Imagine the threat that must in place over these personnel for her direct, unambigous statement!

    • Interesting. Shes either wrong, because loads of whistleblowers seem to be out and about.
      Or, theres something wrong with them, theyre not real whistleblowers.
      She sounds a treasonous traitor to Humanity in my view Abi.
      Unless only very blackmailed or threatened people are allowed exposure to thiese things.
      It still makes her and her husband traitors though, willing or unwilling.

      Are they also chemtrailing , in any or the other ‘Earth Kingdoms’? Whether on the surface, or inside, this planet? Or is it just our UN top area?

      If you see that woman again please tell her from me , doesn’t she realise what is happening? She must urgently, her and her husband, examine themselves deeply, and their conscience.
      All very troubling

      There must be effective ways of detoxification from all these toxic metals and poisons. Otherwise surely the illuminati would be suffering the same as the unawakened.
      Wilsons NB programme requires some effort and discipline, I don’t adhere to it all myself, yet. But it very much is geared to deteoxification in the 21st century

      • dkblue says:

        She knows about geoengineering as does her new husband obviously, but her passion is against big pharma so she’s not all bad. However, I don’t think she’s abreast of the issue so maybe doesn’t know about the whistleblowers – there aren’t many really. Or maybe she meant from his particular operation or Australia in general no-one will whistleblow. Anyway, I agree she has managed to compartmentalise her integrity for ‘love’ apparently….
        Happy to talk about aluminium from deodorants but not from the nano fallout from above.

    • Well, it doesn’t violate any non discolure agreement, if intelligent truthseekers and truthtellers like yourself throw carefully chosen comments, concepts, key bits of knowledge to jolt her, if you deliver them like a targeted spear or laser beam
      A while back someone on here said dane wigginton, was actually a NWO person. If that’s so, is he withholding something vital in a disinfo operation
      Or, what does the NWO gain by broadcasting out like this, whats going on
      To create fear and helplessness perhaps? That makes sense actually

      • dkblue says:

        She was clearly unwilling to discuss the issue further but I have it in mind to bring it up again one day when I visit her health shop (the irony!)
        re DW, obviously he has the biggest platform at the moment for raising awareness on geoengineering but his background with Bechtel corp and – like Dubay a once again seemingly superficial character appraisal from me – there’s something about him and even his appearance that I find unnerving.
        There was also a bizarre fallout with the What in the World Are They Spraying producer Michael Murphy with the unfortunate result that the two are not combining forces.
        I also repeatedly try to post on his website in comments section the acknowledgement by a UK weather scientist at last years climate summit that it was an out of control experiment that must stop (think it was posted on Tap) and it repeatedly did not appear. Maybe because it was not recent? I emailed a query but no response. I don’t know. As a donor tho I wasn’t impressed.
        Also, his website – although very informative, really does put me into a state of despair so I don’t visit it as much as previously. However, I’m sure a LOT of good has come out of his site so I am continuing my support and pray that he is sincere.

    • It might seem unconnected and irrelevant to chemtrails Abi, but I don’t see it that way

      As I said to Lynn here http://tapnewswire.com/2015/12/quest-for-the-inner-passage-rockefeller-funded-admiral-byrds-antarctica-explorations-supermassive-trench-far-bigger-than-grand-canyon-discovered-in-2014-byrd-had-connections-with-the-british-royal/#comment-51179

      Identifying undeniable truths on this matter, IS A POWERFUL WEAPON IN OUR HANDS, OUR ARSENAL . We then spread it and get it out. I can tell these types of truths have explosive poitential Abi

      This is the Achilles heel for chemtrails weve been looking for. The elites cannot, cannot, keep on chemtrailing once this catches fire. Human awake minds to basic truths about our earth, are what the elites want to stop at all costs because it really does threaten them

      • dkblue says:

        Thankyou Adam. Had a read – would like to try it especially with goats milk. Will try and source some grains locally.
        I buy a locally made kombucha drink that I like but the amount of sugar in the process concerns me a bit.

    • Is Space, and the Spiritual Dimensions, one and the same thing?

      I have a feeling, planets aren’t physical places above us we can walk on at all. Lets leave aside whether Voyager images are real, now that we know the Apollo missions are complete hoaxes.

      The planets certainly have been noted by astronomers. I think planets are interfaces, between this dimension and another. They might even be conscious entitites?

      They might be Gods, or portals to specific areas of space time.

      If we leave aside the fraud joke of the 20th century space missions.

      Thomas Townsend Browns crafts, certainly seem real. The US government classified the results of Browns electrogravitic tests in the 1950s, the official programme got shut down.

      These asymettrical capacitor crafts, with no G forces inside. Can pull tremendous amounts of power from the surrounding ether. The energy that makes the electrons spin round protons.

      Laviolette said it was something like 100MW per cubic foot, that could be drawn.

      This means. Unless there is some ridiculously bizarre ‘barrier’ above our heads, that absolutely nothing can pass. Surely these types of crafts, have the power to get up there?

      I mean, we see meteors coming into our earth. So we see evidence of traffic of some kind from there to here.

      So im saying the secret space programme must have the power to get ‘up there’, whatever up there actually is. And Townsend Browns are only the tip of the iceberg, with the kinds of technologies they must have developed.

      We can certainly see how bad people in this world intend to lay on either

      – A fake project bluebeam alien invasion

      – or a reverse bluebeam, benevolent ‘aliens’ coming here acting as the saviours

      So what happens if they try and fly into one of the planets, or the Moon? Or the Sun?

      Could it be there are interdimensional portals that open up and lets the SSP crafts enter, and planets themselves aren’t physical places, but gateways? Being Scottish Rite Freemasons, Nasa is very much into Freemasonic Gnostic Astrology, and portals it is being discussed a lot now, open and close several times a day. Nasa knows when to fly through them

      Is space, and the spiritual dimensions, one and the same thing? And whats going on at Antarctica?

  3. Lynn says:

    This is a weapon whether we know it or not..they are controlling the food and destroying lands. The whole thing is about controlled. Well clean Air Food and Water are our Devine right.
    They know this and will use these resources to trade our labour.
    Enslavement is coming down the pipe
    And if we don’t reverse this mentality we are finished.

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