Stop bombing us, say Raqqa residents to the Rayal Ear Farce

Syria air strikes: Rebels and Damascus condemn RAF bombing raids

However, Francois Hollande hails the ‘new response to the call for European solidarity’ he made after the Paris attacks

Britain’s first air strikes against Isis inside Syria were met with a warm welcome from France, anger in Damascus – and a sense of exasperation among some of those rebels the West is supposed to be supporting.

In Paris, the French President François Hollande said in a statement that the vote by MPs and the actions that followed were a sign of the “new response to the call for European solidarity” he had made after the Paris attacks.

Not unexpectedly, in Damascus there was a chorus of disapproval at what the Assad regime – backed by its ally, Russia – said was an illegitimate intrusion into Syrian air space.

“Britain didn’t ask permission from Syria’s government,” declared the state news agency, Sana, adding for good measure: “Cameron told lies.” Britain’s MPs who voted for the air attacks were accused of “vaulting over international legitimacy, as usual”.

Perhaps more disturbingly, activists from the anti-Isis group Raqqa is Being Silently Slaughtered tweeted their frustration, saying as the news came out: “We are against the UK strikes on Raqqa. All the world is bombing Raqqa, UK will not make any change in the situation”. They added: “The world all the time want to bomb #Raqqa and they forget about 500[thousand] innocent people inside the city.”


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  1. beLIEve says:

    Khazar Holland quote…………..

    …..the vote by MPs and the actions that followed were a sign of “……..the new response to the call for European solidarity”.

    LIAR liar pants on fire

    European solidarity is ….AGAINST ATTACKS on SYRIA.
    European solidarity is …AGAINST the KHAZAR jihad.

    No one died in the Paris …..FAKE terrorist, theatrical event.

    Syrian State News agency……

    ” Cameron told lies”.
    Britain’s MPs …”….vaulting over international legitimacy, as usual”.

    Britains MPs are not only “vaulting over” international legitimacy…they are “vaulting over” ….BRITISH LEGITIMACY.

  2. Gordon Logan says:

    Compared to the Russians, the British bombing campaign is proving to be absolutely pathetic – symbolic even. It’s embarrassing to be British. Then there’s Cameron’s ludicrous involvement in Ash Carter’s attempt to nuke Russia in March, when the Russians hijacked and decoded Cameron’s communications with the Atomic Weapons Establishment. What a gang of losers!

  3. Lynn says:

    They are indeed losing Gordon…they have lost all credibility now. We are housing the most wanted crime Syndicate on Earth. How we deal with them is a huge dilema. Putin knows who they are ….Can he clean house.

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