Scientists Prove Creationists Right Again: The Appendix Isn’t a Redundant part of Evolution – Its a store of beneficial bacteria that reseeds the intestine after Gastrointestinal Illness. Tonsils, Adenoids also have value

Scientists Prove Creationists Right–Again

December 6th 2015

Well, we creationists have been vindicated–again by evolutionary scientists. This week in Australia’s Herald Sun scientists reported on “new” evidence regarding the human appendix: “Its removal is one of the most common surgical procedures in Australia, with more than 70,000 operations each year. However, we may wish to rethink whether the appendix is so irrelevant for our health.”

The article continued to relate that the appendix harbors “good” bacteria and when the intestines are emptied during a bout of diarrhea, the appendix “reseeds” the intestines with “good” bacteria and restores the body back to good digestive health.

Creationists have known the benefit of the appendix and tonsils for decades! I wrote in the 1994 edition of Evolution: Fact, Fraud, or Faith? (new, expanded edition to be published this month by Barbwire Books) the following:

“Another major error made by evolutionists is that of allegedly useless organs in man that are supposed to be withered memorials of man’s past evolution. As late as the 1960s, evolutionary textbooks listed over 200 ‘useless’ organs, but later information has proved that almost all ‘vestigial organs’ have some function during our lifetime. The tonsils, appendix, and thymus gland are known to protect us against infections, especially during our younger years, but until recent years, they were thought to be unnecessary.”

So there! That qualifies as an “I told you so” event.

Atheist David Mills asserted that the human appendix is harmful to our well-being! However, he is wrong because scientists have finally discovered that the appendix serves an important function in the human immune system. If evolutionists had declared these organs as having an “unknown purpose” rather than being unnecessary (there is a difference, you know) I would have agreed; however, now we know that those organs are necessary for proper functioning of the immune system, etc.

Because of their ignorance, for a hundred years doctors took out those “unnecessary” healthy organs to the detriment of their patients. If those scientists had not been controlled by an atheistic worldview, they could have done an enormous amount of research, but since they did not believe God designed those organs with a purpose in mind, the “experts” perpetrated crimes upon children and adults and furthered their crimes by not researching those organs for a hundred years.

Irreparable harm has resulted from this teaching as hundreds of thousands of tonsils, adenoids, appendixes, etc., were removed from children and adults in the past hundred years. How much research has not been done on various “useless” organs because scientists taught other scientists that many organs and glands were useless? We should pity the distraught evolutionists who had all their “vestigial” organs removed only to discover, post-surgery, that they were all important! Not essential but important. I have been told that some of the more desperate, dogmatic, and depressed evolutionists/atheists had their brains removed, but that hasn’t been confirmed!

One’s worldview changes everything. If a person is convinced that he evolved from the animals, then it is understandable when he acts like an animal. If he thinks life is accidental, then he will face each day without purpose to life. It surprises no one that he will live a hedonistic, selfish life. Since he assumes that he and others are not made in the image of God, he has no obligation to treat others in a kind, gracious, and friendly manner.

Evolution is supposed to be an advance from the simple to the complex; however the vestigial organ argument militates against that position! After all, if many human organs were needed and worked well in the past but are now useless and unnecessary, that is not evolution! Evolution would be the appearance of new organs not the degeneration of old ones.

Only four or five organs are now believed, by some evolutionists, to be unnecessary and those are questionable. And of course, just because an organ may not be necessary does not mean that it is useless. A thumb is not really essential, but it is surely handy when you have to grasp or pick up an object.

Zoologist S. R. Scadding asserted: “The ‘vestigial organ’ argument uses as a premise the assertion that the organ in question has no function. There is no way, however, in which this negative assertion can be arrived at scientifically….I conclude that ‘vestigial organs’ provide no special evidence for the theory of evolution.” That means none, zero, zilch, and nil evidence for evolution based on vestigial organs.

Those human organs may not be necessary for life, but non-thinking evolutionists are unnecessary and should be unemployed.

If evolutionists had followed their much touted scientific method, they would not have made fools of themselves so many times. An honest scientist will keep an open mind so that he will not “jump to conclusions” (often wrong conclusions) until he has made many observations with the same results. He must be very careful to base any conclusion on what he has actually seen, rather than what he wanted to see. And he must always be willing to change his mind. To the credit of most evolutionists, they have done that regarding the recapitulation theory and vestigial organs; however, there are some poorly trained scientists (or scientific fanatics) hanging to those silly, discredited theories like an insecure kid clutches a security blanket. It has been over 65 years since the Recapitulation theory was shown to be a fraud but still being taught; so, how long will it take for doctors to stop removing healthy “vestigial” organs?

No, there are no vestigial organs. God provided man with an incredible body that has the astounding ability to not only reproduce itself, but also to repair itself! But before the body can repair itself, it must review the injury (or illness), report on the problem, then resolve the problem before repair begins. What machine can doanything similar to that? Only fools would suggest that no design was involved!

While I don’t believe in vestigial organs, maybe, just maybe, the atheists/evolutionists have encased inside their skulls a vestigial organ that is shrunken and stunted from disuse for decades.


4 Responses to “Scientists Prove Creationists Right Again: The Appendix Isn’t a Redundant part of Evolution – Its a store of beneficial bacteria that reseeds the intestine after Gastrointestinal Illness. Tonsils, Adenoids also have value”

  1. RabbiT says:

    Nice post Adam is this your first? I don’t myself post but am happy to be free to comment.

    How easy to want to gloat but I (we) are here to share truth and as I have a personal relationship with the Creator this is just as I would have expected to find so thanks for this supporting info.

    I am lobbing in these thoughts because there seems to be a shortage of replies to the blog and I’m sure like me you find the replies often as interesting, as if not better, on occasion, than the posts.

    On this topic I feel about all I can say further is that in Jesus, the true followers have a relationship with God rather than just a belief in Him.

    Have some things to share but will await further opportunity but please keep posting as your comments are valued -we lost Harbinger at a time when he was saying some interesting stuff but I think he got peed off with a certain stripy Hymenoptera of suborder Apocrita.

    Can’t think of a useful link right now but I do rate this one, sorry if I posted this before, I like the music:

    In my opinion there are a number of defects in the video which I believe I can correct but it’s mostly there just as I began to work out for myself a few years ago now our being today in Trumpet 6 – Euphrates – Iraq, Syria, Turkey…

    • Hi Rabbit, no ive posted a few before, and some previously Henry et al put up from emails. Some were heavily on the SSP which had running through them, the heliocentric spherical 100mph rotating on an axis paradigm like a trojan horse. At this point I don’t know if spps exist. I don’t even know what ‘space’ , is. But ill shelve that line of analysis and thought for now

      I hope youre keeping well Rabbit. Thankyou for the encouraging comments which I appreciate

      Heres a few things

      Although now I think cautions the name of the game. Although it must be very very hard, for the cabal, to fake, the Bosnian pyramids. That would be an impressive psyop. The Sphinx, maybe the Ukrainian people are legit, and have made genuine observations on erosion etc, 800k yrs.

      Maybe the Smithsonian Rockefeller Pharisee Bloodline from Babylon, the Lucfierian Freemasons, instead have sought to infiltrate by inserting fake archaeology at these sites, suggesting aliens, and advanced intelligent creators?

      Does it matter, if our creators are the Supreme God, overseeing us from behind the Polaris Star? Or instead advanced aliens, humanoid or not, who move planets about and create ecosystems, and arrange everything as interesting DNA projects?

      I sense theres a vital component here Rabbit, the Smithsonian Freemasons at Bohemian Grove, are desperate that we miss. That Man is the ultimate creation. Lots of Tavistock Freemason CIA infiltrated Alt med talk of advanced aliens creating tinkering with our DNA,and this earth, instantly diminishes us. Like pieces off a factory conveyor belt, and hides the fact (if Eric Dubays correct), that we are supreme exquisite creations, the centre of things. I sense a real smoking gun , why heliocentricty, and aliens, and spherical planets, 1000mph rotating, in a universe of trillions, is so essential to Satan. To deceive us from the resplendent incredible truth, God made us the best he could make us, and this earth. Whether Satans a fallen angel or whatever, I don’t know. But theres some spiritual evil force at work too, as stan monteith says

      There are many other topics id like to discuss , and my mind seems to be going in 100 directions at once, and I forget trains of thought easily

      it seems today, 3 messages from tapblog didn’t arrive in my gmail inbox, I hope this can be fixed, I didn’t see any button ive mistakenly clicked on the dashboard. But aside from that, unless obviously its a first comment, please click reply so valuable replies don’t get missed

      Im now wondering Rabbit whether the Abydos hieroglyphs on bibliotecapleyades, might have been inserted by the cabal. All as groundwork for the alien deception, ultimately leading us away from egocentricity, and god.

      Im not sure. Alternatively. One might argue. Even if there are billions of solar systems planets, habitable planets. And heliocentricitys true. One might say this doesn’t mean a Creator God doesn’t exist? Id say it doesn’t mean that. But it does could weaken the notion in many minds. Compared to earth being the centre, stationary, geocentric, flat earth.

      One could suggest, even if we are central, in a place of high importance. Does this mean, other flat earths cant exist, in parallel domes, universes? Maybe the creator has done all this, in a Venn diagram sort of way, small overlapping circles, envolpoed by a bigger overaching circle. I really don’t know

      Yes interesting youtube link. The Apache helicopyer/locust. The tank. Saddam. 3 days of darkness. It does fit.

      So, weve heard the 6th trumpet. Whens the 7th trumpet coming?
      Are all these events though being orchestrated, by our cabal friends, purposely, to coincide with the prophecised trumpets?

      When the 7th trumpet comes, will I/we be OK? I try to conduct myself well and do good for the world how I can and transmit truth, as I interpret it. I could do a lot more. But one has to think of ones own wellbeing and comfort and needs, too. But I try my best

      I hope when this 7th trumpet comes, only the EVILDOERS will get struck down.

      Could the inuits in the arctic, noting the sky shifting, the stars, the sun even. Could this herald the coming of the 7th trumpet? Is God, sitting behind the Polaris star, shifting the heavens every 25000 years?

      Or could it be actually true, we are moving to a different part of the galaxy?

      Ive stopped believing in galaxies, hubble images, solar system, Mars, Ceres, Jupiter images this last week. Feeling NASA to be a total bunch of Freemason liars.

      Maybe ive thrown the baby out with the bathwater, not sure, time will tell.
      When I get time I must delve in further to Altanteanconspiracy blog, to satisfy myself eric dubays life changing assertions, have basis.

      Well, goodnight Rabbit, for now

      • Look at ‘Lord’ Mandelsons tshirt whilst holidaying with Lord Rothschild×620.jpg

        Could this back up my thesis/hypothesis for want of a better term, above? Man on this planet surely is the ultimate. And mandelson knows this, with his tshirt. Gods ….etheric energy that fills everywhere. Mans Mind seems to interact with it. Man is Divine, though God is the Supreme Creator

        But I can see the motivation of Satan, and his minions on this earth, in this earthly dimension. To want to deceive man from his importance, at every turn. So THEY can be important, over us, instead

    • This Lithuanian American art graduate, sofija, from boston, who I fell heavily for, the barmaid who liked me and talked with me a lot.
      ive moved on. Thereve been other women since ive liked. But I still think of her, In a naïve way, her American beauty, and my thoughts of white picket fences and cosy family life with someone I was totally infatuated and in love with. It has been a very seductive spell , perhapsmagic spell on me. Though for much of 2015, ive not thought of her, until tonight for some reason. It goes to show. A woman. The right woman. Man and Woman together. This is what God has intended. it is so right and beautiful, when it works out. We see clearly the Satanists with their attempts via MSM, to corrupt the young subtly, thru so many different angles. Gay, lesbian lifestyles, being equal to the nuclear family unit
      (theres hair mineral analysis evidence that homosexuality can actually be reversed, If following a NB programme. It could be due to epigenetic, toxic metal and chemical reasons, and congenital in thw womb too. The gay lobby doesn’t like this truth though)
      But yes.
      God is supreme, God speaks to Man,, and mans Mind, Consciousness, something tondo with the etheric aether, Consciousness field, mans Mind can do incredible things with it. Which is what the Satanist astrology obsessive elites, exploit, I think. They exploit the inherent Divinity of Man.

      This doesn’t mean wonderful, exciting T Townsend Brown flying saucers don’t exist Rabbit, with limitless free energy. Im 100% sure this exists. But im sure NASA, the paradigm they’ve presented us with for 80 plus years. IS A FRAUD LIE

      Back to my point. Forgetting about sofija id like someone as lovely as her, one day, that presses all my buttons in every sense, like she did. Women are truly Divine

      If you reply to any of my comments, not this one. Im much more keen to hear your thoughts on postulations above. Not about Sofija

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