Sacramento officials caught secretly adding cancer-causing chemicals to the water supply





(NaturalNews) For over a year, California’s capital city had been poisoning the public water supply – in secret – with chemicals that are known carcinogens, and that have never been approved for use in the water treatment process. This was the disturbing finding of a recent investigation by local Sacramento news affiliate ABC10 News, which revealed that Sacramento residents were treated as human guinea pigs in a heinous government scandal involving massive human rights abuses.

Between 2013 and 2014, the City of Sacramento began quietly adding a chemical known as aluminum chlorohydrate, or ACH, to the public water supply in a supposed effort to save money on water purification. ACH was introduced as a replacement for ALUM – another chemical that had previously been used to remove larger particulates – because it is said to be cheaper than ALUM.

ACH was never properly safety tested, and in fact was known at the time to cause cancer, miscarriages and birth defects when ingested or inhaled. But city officials decided to add it anyway, which resulted in many local residents developing these and other health problems. Some residents even developed cancer as a result of consuming the contaminated water throughout the course of the year.

It was quickly discovered, however, that ACH isn’t even an effective water treatment method. But rather than remove the chemical altogether, the City of Sacramento took things a step further by adding excess amounts of chlorine in an effort to boost the efficacy of ACH – a move that would later prove to create an even more toxic substance.

“An astonishing failure, the combination of excess chlorine and aluminum chlorohydrate ended up yielding carcinogenic toxins known as ‘DBPs’ — disinfection byproducts,” explains The AntiMedia. “Specifically, these are in the class of chemicals known as THMs, or Trihalomethanes.

Hey, Sacramento: Why don’t you stop poisoning public water with fluoride and save money that way?

If you’re at all familiar with THMs, you may already know that these chemicals are highly toxic and represent a major risk factor for cancer, especially at the levels used in Sacramento water. Even so, city officials continued to use them, harming countless individuals by flooding their bodies and lungs with cancer-causing poisons.

“This community was basically looked at as a laboratory guinea pig, in that they were exposed to violation level trihalomethanes for up to one year without any proper notification whatsoever,” stated Bob Bowcock, a local Sacramento resident who grew up working in the water treatment industry, to ABC10.

Local resident Anna Marie Tomlinson, of Rio Linda, is one such individual who now suffers from a debilitating health condition as a result of consuming Sacramento’s intentionally poisoned water.

“I know [the water] gave me cancer,” she lamented to the media, noting that at least three other people on her block also developed cancer during the same year. “I drank it every day.”

If the City of Sacramento is really concerned about saving money on water purification, a better option would be to immediately cease adding toxic fluoride chemicals to the water supply. Not only are these synthetic and highly corrosive chemicals expensive – costing upwards of several hundreds of thousands of dollars annually – but they’re also a toxic and unnecessary addition to public water.

“How do we allow officials to blindly add chemicals to our water supply?” asks Cassius Methyl of The AntiMedia. “Unfortunately, most of us probably weren’t even aware the first chemical, ALUM, had been added to our drinking water — much less the insane chemical soup that resulted as a byproduct of this reckless experiment.”

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3 Responses to “Sacramento officials caught secretly adding cancer-causing chemicals to the water supply”

  1. bluefeather says:

    Really concerned about saving money on water purification? And yet there are people receiving funding from the EPA to purify water – taking toxins out – not choosing to put them into water…
    And then we have companies promoting ways of cleaning water
    And the wonderful Dr Mercola educating us about what is happening with our water
    If these psychopaths left the earths natural resources alone, meaning – no owning, selling, poisoning – water would be able to maintain the source of life that it has always done. How dare these corporate controllers, parasites and their prostitute order followers, allow the water to be disrespected in such a way that it receives such treatment, and then by the intention of malevolent forces is seen to harm humanity. These criminals do not have any authority to do these actions against life.
    Watching the movie Avatar, brought tears to my eyes and heaviness to my heart. What was shown, is no different to what is happening, and has been happening for a long time – that the earth, nature and humanity is being systematically destroyed by pyschopaths.
    Indigenous people know the reverence for Water, for Life, and yet their voices go unheard.
    People should not be paying water rates, for water purification units or most importantly – be paying with their life.

    • Aldous says:

      We buy selected bottled water and then filter it – it’s then crystal clear and the kettle never needs descaling. It’s not scientific by any means because the bottled water could be contaminated but the clarity of the water is somehow reassuring.

      We only use tap water for bathing, watering the lawn, washing dishes/car, flushing the loos and that’s about it.
      I think I would rather chance battery acid than drink tap water around here.

      Of course there’s no telling the usual jerks about the dangers of fluoride in tap water because it’s good for their teeth right?
      Whoever came up with that beaut must have got a combined Royal Knighthood and Congressional Medal of Honor.

  2. Aldous says:

    I have to say that the image of the little girl brushing her teeth reminded me of a certain:

    It’s extremely non-PC of course but surely to be taken more seriously than the ‘circus’ surrounding the poor girl’s disappearance – almost certainly sacrificed on the satanic altar of the New World Order. .

    Disappearance of Madeleine McCann

    DAVID ESSEX – OH WHAT A CIRCUS – 1978 Promo with restored audio. 3:40

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