Quest For The Inner Passage: Rockefeller Funded Admiral Byrds Antarctica Explorations. Supermassive Trench, Far Bigger Than Grand Canyon Discovered in 2014. Byrd Had Connections with the British Royal Family

Researchers have discovered a massive ancient subglacial trough that’s far bigger than the Grand Canyon, under the ice of Antarctica.
The massive valley, which has been dubbed Ellsworth Trough by the research team, is up to 3 kilometers deep, more than 300 kilometers long and up to 25 kilometers across. It is so large, researchers say it can be seen from space through its effect on the surface contours of the ice sheet above it. “Satellite data was used to fill the gap, because despite being covered beneath several kilometers of ice, the valley is so vast that it can be seen from space,” said Ross.

A few years ago I spent a great deal of time researching the Arctic and Antarctic exploits of Rear Admiral Richard E. Byrd looking for anything that could explain why his name continues to pop up in any serious study of the Hollow Earth Theory.

I have already reported in my research about the possible involvement of the Admiral in the exploration of lands located inside our global world. The most significant fact is the lack of proof otherwise that really stands out in our investigation. In the series of reports, “The Quest for the Inner Passage,” (THEI Vol. 1) we found that Admiral Byrd, who’s family is part of the elitist crowd through kinship with England’s Royal family.

Seemed to know from an early age that he was destined to explore the earth’s Polar Regions. As a matter of fact his grandmother, when the Admiral was but a small boy, said, “That Child will go to the North Pole Someday.” Could young “Dick’ as his family called him, have been groomed from an early age to explore the secret lands?In “Quest for the Inner Passage” we learned that a veil of secrecy has covered his expeditions from the start. As one biographer put it, “there were secrets that would not be talked about. (1) We also learned that the One World Order paymaster John D. Rockefeller and his pals had financed every one of his early explorations. (2) And, much to the dismay of the other expedition members, all of the scientific information gathered by the members of Byrd’s First Antarctic Expedition – “enough to fill 7 large books” – was turned over to Rockefeller before anyone else had a chance to study the findings, only to vanish and never be seen again. (3)

ANTARCTICA:  Earth might be much more massive than the authorities are admitting. We might only occupy in our ‘known earth’, a portion of the northern hemisphere. The Antarctic landmass, is a complete mystery. According to Taps calculations, the curvature of the earth should only be seen 1000 miles from the surface. Therefore the curvature could be much more gentle. And many of Eric Dubays claims about a flat earth, could indeed apply.  The question must therefore be asked: How big is planet earth actually?

This might be the divergence point where Eric Dubay has delivered substantial truths, but then veers off leading us astray down a Flat Earth disinformation cul de sac. This is possible, Eric Dubay might be a Crown Agent

The Live Active investigation so far dissecting Eric Dubays Flat, Stationary, Geocentric Earth assertions can be found here

Here on Tapblog there has been furious activity in the last 24 hours trying to discern, is the earth flat.

Tap has done extensive mathematical calculations testing Eric Dubays earth curvature claims.
The conclusion we’re coming to on the comments thread is that something very strange is going on from calculations from empirical evidence and observations
It appears the globe, nasa shows, and taught in schools, our earth looks nothing like it.
The gigantic canyon discovered in 2014, visible from space, might be an important clue combined with Admiral Byrd above. A possible reason why  Antarctica is off limits for private citizens exploration is because this valley, might be an entry point to Inner earth, with whole ecosystems and maybe an inner sun. Who knows.
Alternatively there might be some interdimensional portal there. . The Aborigines in Australia , speak of how their ancestors said, at one time, they could physically walk, to another dimension, heaven.
Nasa and Rockefeller owned school textbooks are liars, things don’t add up. Tapnewswire continues  investigations into  this incredible situation unfolding



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  1. Lynn says:

    Very intriguing Adam and Tap…so much more to this tale and what we are not allowed to see. Money does not buy life. And the Earth is ours. Not theirs. This is a new adventure. Keep us informed please. We all have a vested interest.


      Mindbending incredible stuff Lynn, as we search for and try and discern Truth

      ” As a young man in 1926, Giannini had been wandering through a New England forest when he had a vision. Guided by “his extrasensory perception” he suddenly realized that the earth was not round, but sort of spindle-shaped, and that the North and South Poles were illusory points. The earth’s surface, he perceived did not end at the points of the spindle but continued into space and curved back over our heads. What looked like stars, planets, galaxies and comets were actually “globular and isolated areas of a continuous and unbroken outer sky surface.”

      This meant that these seemingly “heavenly” bodies weren’t heavenly at all, but points of the vast land surface of the universe, part of which was the earth’s surface.

      There was no need to develop rockets to explore space, wrote Giannini for “space” was an illusion created by the refraction of the lenses of our eyes, telescopes and cameras. All we needed to do to reach Mars or Venus was to climb into an airplane (or amphibious vehicle) with a very large tank of gas and fly (or drive) there. When Admiral Byrd flew beyond the poles he had proven Giannini correct – the earth did not end at the poles, but continued into “vast new lands.”

      Immediately following the publication of Giannini’s book the heated debates about a February 1947 North Polar Flight began and the argument has continued until today.”

      This report is looking into only two questions.

      (1) Did Admiral Byrd make a flight to the North Pole in February of 1947?

      (2) Is the so-called “secret diary” of Admiral Byrd that has been circulating amongst those of us who are interested in the Hollow Earth Theory since the late 70s in fact a true account of that alleged flight?

    • [Email to Dad just now]

      Rumours are going round, some pretty convincing peoplesuch as this Swedish marine engineer

      That the entire space exploration thing is a hoax, including the ISS. This mans saying it is impossible to get above low earth orbit.

      He argues very well as well, that Hiroshima and Nagasaki, were just heavily bombed like other Japanese cities. Intriguing evidence he shows, atomic weapons, nuclear fission, is not possible.

      The mushroom cloud stuff is just TNT. Nuclear power plants, obviously that is real. But this man seems highly intelligent, qualified, and knows his science

      If it is all a hoax, im trying to workout why Nasa would lie such a huge lie like this in the 20th century

      it could either be something to do with keeping from mankind truths about

      – geocentrism

      – a stationary earth

      – or the shape of the earth itself, or all 3 of these things.

      Whatever the reason, I have a strong feeling answers lie in Antarctica and Admiral Byrd

    • Or, the size of the earth. If as Henry calculated, you need to be 1000 miles high before any curvature at all is seen.
      How big, how massive is this thing were living on?

    • I tell you what Lynn
      As we feel our way forwards, postulating, assessing facts, using maths, etc. We are starting to build a picture.
      Have you noticed already Lynn? Just this early stage in its infancy, this picture, what does it tell us?

      It shows up very clearly, nicely, who in society are liars, who are doing the Khazarian Freemason Jesuit NWO etc etc bidding. As I pointed out recently on the other thread about Cobra saying earths curvature was seen in his Mig flight, at a height way short of what Henry said, 1000 miles before a curvature should be seen.

      THIS IS THE POWER OF THIS INFORMATION LYNN. it is a tremendous weapon tool in our arsenal.

      What does it tell us about Putin/Russia?

      Well, it does indicate to us Putin is certainly on some level, very connected in and unwilling to share the TRUTH that Nasa is a total bunch of lies, the Space Race, Nuclear Bombs (it seems), and also that the very size, shape, and position of the earth, moon , sun , and nature of them, are totally lied about!

      Id say that kind of puts Putin in the Illuminati camp in my mind Lynn. But maybe theres a silver lining. Maybe Putins agenda is way way different, and maybe he genuinely has broken away from the illuminati. If he has, ill expect him to start telling the truth about Antarctica sometime quite soon.

      I hope youre well Lynn, I like your nightly comments on the state of things

      Wheres Men Scryfa? We badly need this spirutalwarrior, and his brain power, in this tremendous unfolding situation.

  2. beLIEve says:

    Fascinating………..most intriguing revelations of the past….2,000 years of….DECEPTION !


      Leaving aside earths curvature. Im very troubled and obsessed eric dubays convincing claims,

      – the sun and moon are the same size, about 32 miles in diameter each

      – they are much closer to us. So the sun has more of a spotlight, defined edge effect. Not93 million miles

      – don’t you think its strange? How gullible we are being dictated to by nasa? The sun is 400 times…bigger than the moon. But the moons 400 times closer to earth, so they make a perfect eclipse. Either, a Divine hand has arranged these heavenly bodies in such a way. OR weve been lied to about the heliocentric theory

      – im troubled too. Dubays claim, the moon can never reflect sunlight. its been a 500 yr old lie. Scientific evidence really seems to indicate. The moon has its own light source. Im very troubled by this, but also very excited.

      Ultimately the takeaway point I have so far is. There are spiritual, interdimensional aspects to everything, and this reality around us. I don’t know much more than that. Any Tapnewsire breakthroughs I will update you with

    • beLIEve says:

      The video linked below, is a guy talking about flight connections and their nonsensical …deviations.
      He is saying exactly the same things that you have highlighted i.e. the difficulty in travelling in a straight line and, the requirement to fly north in order to make a connection to fly south !
      Another intriguing point raised was, does the atmosphere rotate in line with the earths ….spin ?
      How do the global earthers answer that ?

      ‘CERN, Shiva, Flat Earth ! Must Watch’

      This second video is fascinating but, so pedestrian it is a bit of a struggle to watch.
      It is a long film and I have only watched half.
      The narrator is hypothesizing about lands that he assumes lie beyond the Antarctic coastline.
      An interesting point he made, in line with the thought that other lands exist beyond the Southern Oceans is that those lands…..may have their own suns.
      My thinking on other suns is, there is a lot of talk at the moment about a second sun having been seen in the sky ?
      This video suggests that if, other suns exist beyond the Antarctic coastline they may at times be visible, on the planes of Earth ?
      If true, this might explain why some people are reporting two suns in Earths atmosphere.

      ‘They’re Hiding Land – Flat Earth Explained Documentary’

      @ 22:47 Graham Hancock…..maps
      @36:00 Resource Rich….other suns
      @38:20 Funding is being cut
      @41:50 Government lies and the enslavement of mankind.

      • December 10, 2015 by Starship Earth: The Big Picture

        Second Sun Clearly Visible in Indonesia

        The fact that the American lamestream media never touches anything like this “second sun” only serves to strengthen the conspiracy that NASA is lying to us. Why? Because it would shatter the reality they have so carefully crafted for us.

        Didums says:

        December 10, 2015 at 1:37 PM

        Friend of a friend sent a what’s app with a picture of a…what looks like a distant sun….way way too big to be a star (like what we think of stars). It was orange in the night sky in Thailand in August. Smaller than the moon but way way bigger than anything else. Can’t put it up as it has a message on the picture and its not mine to post to the world so I wouldn’t dismiss that picture from Indonesia

      • 3 Emails to Henry this evening:

        Henry im getting the suspicion that
        Due to your 1000 mile high calculation before any curvature can be seen. We could be dealing with a Supermassive spherical type object. As well, somethings telling me, the illuminati occultists, im sure George Lucas is a Freemason. Henry i think the Death Star could be the truth hiding in plain sight. Notice that huge concave depression that exists, more or less the area where on our ‘earth’, the supermassive Antarctic valley 2014 discovery would be. Where admiral Byrd visited.
        Notice too Henry, Luke Skywalkers planet Tatooine, had 2 suns, as he watched the sunset
        Something to consider!

        I think we could be dealing with…..several different Kingdoms. On this Supermassive Earth. That for some reason have lived in parallel with each other. But no or barely any contact. Unless the Mystery Schools, the High Priest Occult Magicians in worldwide 33rd Degree Luciferian Freemasonry, go back and.forth at will?
        Maybe they know, and have seen things, that would totally blow our minds?
        Maybe these Freemasons are sitting in London and New York restaurants tonight?
        Yes, there could be several other Kingdoms. Who rules them, how are their societies? Do they use Free Energy? Are they benevolent?
        It is said in the Himalalayas, are places that can lead to Inner Earth, another Kingdom. Shambala i think its called.
        I think we are onto something Tapblog

        Yes. I know im stretching things to the boundaries of sanity but bear with me.
        Perhaps theres a very good, real tangible reason, NOONE, nothing can get above low earth orbit? Not even Secret Space Programme crafts , such as the US Navy have.
        Maybe Henry, theyre using these SSP crafts travelling to the rest of our planet, and inside it?
        And maybe, by some mendbendingly bizarre method as i commented to Lynn today. The way to get ‘ up there ‘ , is to actually go beyond antarctica? And somehow. On some bizarre spindleshaped earth with no end points like Giannini said. Thats how one gets into space.
        Im not sure if the Hubble images are even real now. I mean, if Scottish Rite Freemason Nasa have been fraudulent liars about the Apollo missions. Can we trust anything they say, trust Voyager? Hubble images? Is there really a galaxy after all?
        Solving the size, shape, stationary or spinning, geocentric burning questions
        Will go a long way towards providing clues and answers on all this, and put our minds at rest

        [His reply] A very easy deception to make to fool people. There are definitely people around trying to fool the alternative media

      • beLIEve says:


        You mentioned…DEATH STAR….in one of your emails to Henry.
        I know nothing about a Death Star or, death stars in general.
        However, a week or two ago, I came across an article written by a guy, seeking asylum in Switzerland and, he said there is a …DEATH STAR…above CERN.
        Does this make any sense to you ?

        Incidentally, there are a lot of youtube videos saying CERN has been destroyed by a fire.
        I read it a few days ago but, didn’t bother to pass it on because I thought it might be disinfo.
        I get the impression, in fact I have been doing it myself but, people have been envisioning CERN …broken, damaged, malfunctioning etc etc…in the hope of ….ending its reign of terror.
        I am wondering if the …SCUM….have planted a false story about the ….DECOMMISSIONING of CERN….in order to “dissuade” people from …CREATING.. …PROBLEMS ?

      • I think Space, outer space, when we look up, is not …like we imagine. I don’t think its like here, where we get in our car at point A, and drive to the shops at point B, been away for an hour then return to point A a gain, and an hour has passed.

        I think what might be the reality of ‘up there’. Which Nasa know full well. Immediately past the earths orbit, one enters an entirely different type of place. An interdimensional ocean. I have a feeling TIME IS NON LINEAR up in space. I think this could be a big secret. Ill investigate this.

        I have also read, the Scottish Rite Freemasons who set up and control Nasa, study (as do all the elites), daily astrological reports of where the sun, moon, planets are. Rumours are going round, certain astrological alignmnets cause INTERDIMENSIONAL PORTALS BOTH ON THE EARTH AND IN EARTH ORBIT, TO TEMPORARILY OPEN UP, AND BE ABLE TO TRAVEL OUT INTO SPACE

        Then they close again. Maybe this is why bogstandard rockets, and missions, areall a fraud and cant get above low earth orbit LEO

        Mindblowing mental journey this is taking us on

      • When we look up to the night sky, the Planetarium Dome. Could that be another dimension we can see?
        Could Saturn, Mars, Venus, Mercury, Jupiter…..the sun and moon too. Be in another dimension? Could we be seeing, the interface, between dimensions, when we look at the Sun and Moon?

        Why did Nasa name the planets after the ancient Pagan gods?
        – I have certainly read, the sun is an interdimensional portal.
        – I have read, the Papal Key, actually represents the Sun, and the 3 knobs on it represent interdimensional portals.
        – Therefore, could the SOHO Nasa images of the Sun that capture gigantic UFO craft flying in and out of the Sun, be real?

        ” NOTE: Did you know that the statue that many millions of pilgrims go to kiss the feet of in the Vatican is not Peter? It’s actually the statue of the Roman god Jupiter. It was moved from the Pantheon in Rome and moved to the Vatican and renamed ‘Peter’. The Roman Catholic Church are guilty of taking on many pagan customs and idols, and renaming them “Christian”. ”

        Could it be Lynn. Up there. Is an interdimensional sea, and ENTITIES, DEMONS, ANGELIC BEINGS, INHABIT SPACE ABOVE EARTHS ATMOSPHERE?

        Are we looking at the Afterlife realms, up there above our heads? HM the Queen will know the answer to this im sure. She will know what lies beyond Antarctica as well. This is clear

      • Maybe no amount of thrust power can actually take us fly us up there into space. Maybe it really is impossible.
        For some unknown reason, maybe even as the Bible says, ‘The Firmament’, Man will not leave it. KEEP US IN THIS DIMENSION. MAYBE IT REALLY IS A BARRIER BETWEEN DIMENSIONS

        Maybe the exception to this is, portals that open up several times a day. That the Scottish Rite freemason Nasa gnostic astrologers, know when to predict they will open. TO FLY THROUGH, OUT INTO ANOTHER DIMENSION!

        Could Cern or HAARP be a way of artificially interfering, and making more interdimensional portals? To come and go at will?

        Could this image in the daily Express recently, be evidence of a portal opening above us?

      • [Youtube accounts closed. A second, smaller Sun, just like ours? And what causes the shadow over the Half Moon now? A Black Sun? Another Moon?]

        ” Anything approaching from underneath the orbital plane of the solar system can be seen from the South Pole”

        ”What I am requesting is for readers to do this not only today, but every day for a while. Together we can monitor events that are concentrated at the southern pole of our planet. Be prepared to see some strange things, unexplainable light sources and celestial bodies”

        ” Whatever it is we can see it is not a regular sun for it does not illuminate the landscape like our sun does ”

        ”Sometimes we see the image of the station shifting to the right and then back into normal position. But what does not lie is the way the landscape receives the light from the different sources. Thank God the sun seems normal enough in this regard. That video gets into explanations or what some people might call speculation. ”

      • Hi Kingel ill watch the youtubes you put above today
        Heres the latest from dublinmicks comments on the flat earth. I see it as a psyop so clearly now! says
        February 8, 2016 at 1:16 am

        Try looking up in the sky and you will notice the sun moon and other planets are round. To believe we are sitting on one that looks like a pancake is not worth discussing. The spinning of this round earth is what causes gravity.

        Adam Spiritualwarrior Exposing the Secret Space Programme says:

        February 8, 2016 at 2:59 am

        Yes exactly and after replying to the commenter above ive decided to no longer discuss it, there are more pressing matters. No offence to the lady above if shes genuine. But I find this comment suspicious
        ‘ dont say anything unless you have seriously researched both of the very least it will enable you to thouroghly trash the flat earthers with their own arguments.. ” As if im to have all my time and energy wasted ‘saying nothing’ (ncluding debunking it and moving on), and deeply researching this nonsense, only to then waste more time engaging in pointless arguing with flat earthers! I think its a troll above dublinmick
        And I have moved on.

        Heres a more valid question though – It is being said we are on an oblate spheroid for whatever reasons. Yet looking up at te moon, sun, Mars, Jupiter Saturn etc, these are all perfectly spherical, not squashed with a bulge
        Why should we be unique in this regard? Doesn’t make sense.

        But more fundamentally, I think the big lie is earth is much much much bigger than we are being told. Which is why as I explain above and on tapblog, Dubay managed to hoodwink me in December until we busted him. Earth is so big, the curve so gentle, that the ‘known earth’ (UN Kingdom I like to call it) appears almost flat with regards ships, statue of liberty, lighthouses etc.



    • I love that choice of name, be LIE ve. it makes me laugh quite often actually

      Thankyou for your efforts andresearch on all this. This can feel a lonely road if im the only one trying to research what I know in my bones IS AN ACHILLES HEEL KINGEL. FOR THE UN, FOR HELEN CLARK, FOR THE LUCIS TRUST, AND FOR THE VATICAN, AND FOR SCOTTISH RITE FREEMASON SATANIST DECEIVERS
      This is the situation

      It is a privilege and pleasure conversing with you Kingel

      • beLIEve says:

        They’re a bunch of worthless shi*es Adam, waste as little time as you can on them.

        Whereas mankind is sooooo AMAZING !

      • Nicky says:

        Ere ? Just a thought. Maybe that sun is next doors domes? An astrological occurence of sorts. When its path becomes visible from ours?

    • Flat Earth true but Eric Dubay EXPOSED!! ID PROOF

      Eric Dubay seems to have an agenda, cleverly weaving truth and lies together. I think Tapblogs taken a major step forward on this, Henrys calculation showing Dubay to have an agenda to lead people totally away from possibly the fact earth is much more massive than we thought. There are other lands beyond Antarctica

      Possibly other suns. This doesn’t mean Dubay hasn’t told some startling truths, such as about the sun and moon. But these are vital bait to throw the awakening public off the trail of the true situation with this planet

      Investigations continue

      • Tapestry says:

        Adam, why make assertions of things? Just providing evidence is enough and readers can decide if they’re convinced or not. There are so many claims being made, it’s mind-boggling. Just try to find good evidence, and interesting presentations as you do. Don’t rush to the conclusions. Take your time. We all need to take our time as there’s a lot of work to be done, getting to the bottom of the occult world in which we live.

    • Hi Kingel death Star is the artificial constructed planet in star wars, with a huge depression crater in its northern hemisphere. Its on star wars, and also return of the jedi, and the latest one released today I don’t doubt. I haven’t read the rest of your comment but will now.


      By the way. This is a separate huge topic. I wont get into. But ill just say.

      Yes there are a lot of toxic drugs, definitely harmful. That yes, Government legislation is doing us a favour, by outlawing.

      The thing is, underhand elements and forces by TPTB (the mafia and deep state are one and the same) have purposely bred highly addictive, toxic strains of marijuana for example.

      Why do you think David Rockefeller was in Uruguay discussing with its president about Marijuana? The elites are the people behind the whoile drug situation on this planet.

      Whats my point? My point is, yes Government legislations been brought in to solve the problem of harmful drugs. And synthetic breaking bad type chemicals. fair enough

      But remember Problem Reaction Solution.

      And by throwing the baby out with the bathwater, other psychedelic drugs which aren’t harmful, but take the mind to profound, other states of consiciousness. Like Ayahuasca, Pscilobylin mushroom. Someone said on Tapblog, take pscilobylinwhen its a full moon, watch what happens

      Im saying it is possible the elites, TPTB don’t want the pineal gland consciousness enhancing Truth realisation effects, certain drugs give, to be legalised. Its a complex picture as you can tell

      I don’t have the nerve to take pscilobylin, or ayahuasca that Graham Hancock talked about. But maybe in the future I might do it once, in a safe supportive environment, not any time soon though

      And this is for one off, consciousness enhancing reasons. Not habitual recreational being a waster drug user

      Ill end with two thoughts

      – Apparently the secret societies. And this is all anti God, and I don’t condone this. But Freemason higher degree initiation ceremonies. They create a NDE near death experience in the initiate, and his life is never the same again. This whole process, situation, has been hijacked by Satanists. And I don’t condone it. Im typing this to try and show, whats going on. It seems any tapping into the Supernatural Force, is bad

      – Fluoride in toothpastes, and the water supply. Evidence shows it promotes cancer, does little if anything for tooth enamel. But crucially, IT CALCIFIES THE PINEAL GLAND. Fluoride has an affinity for the pineal gland. Which, Paul Laviolette described, is the interdimensional portal inside our heads. Stargate. Goodnight xxx

    • Is Space, and the Spiritual Dimensions, one and the same thing?

      I have a feeling, planets aren’t physical places above us we can walk on at all. Lets leave aside whether Voyager images are real, now that we know the Apollo missions are complete hoaxes.

      The planets certainly have been noted by astronomers. I think planets are interfaces, between this dimension and another. They might even be conscious entitites?

      They might be Gods, or portals to specific areas of space time.

      If we leave aside the fraud joke of the 20th century space missions.

      Thomas Townsend Browns crafts, certainly seem real. The US government classified the results of Browns electrogravitic tests in the 1950s, the official programme got shut down.

      These asymettrical capacitor crafts, with no G forces inside. Can pull tremendous amounts of power from the surrounding ether. The energy that makes the electrons spin round protons.

      Laviolette said it was something like 100MW per cubic foot, that could be drawn.

      This means. Unless there is some ridiculously bizarre ‘barrier’ above our heads, that absolutely nothing can pass. Surely these types of crafts, have the power to get up there?

      I mean, we see meteors coming into our earth. So we see evidence of traffic of some kind from there to here.

      So im saying the secret space programme must have the power to get ‘up there’, whatever up there actually is. And Townsend Browns are only the tip of the iceberg, with the kinds of technologies they must have developed.

      We can certainly see how bad people in this world intend to lay on either

      – A fake project bluebeam alien invasion

      – or a reverse bluebeam, benevolent ‘aliens’ coming here acting as the saviours

      So what happens if they try and fly into one of the planets, or the Moon? Or the Sun?

      Could it be there are interdimensional portals that open up and lets the SSP crafts enter, and planets themselves aren’t physical places, but gateways? Being Scottish Rite Freemasons, Nasa is very much into Freemasonic Gnostic Astrology, and portals it is being discussed a lot now, open and close several times a day. Nasa knows when to fly through them

      Is space, and the spiritual dimensions, one and the same thing? And whats going on at Antarctica?

    • [Kingel, new posts on flying over Antarctica be sure to check when you can, the plot thickens]

      If its true the Mars Viking images etc were all taken on earth….thoughts that arise

      Then, looking at these telescope images by amateur astronomers of Mars. I suddenly feel like im born again and it becomes an intensely curious exciting thing to wonder:

      – What happens when we fly uptowards Mars?

      – Is it spherical? Probably?

      – Why could Nasa have deceived us its a fake red barren desert? Perhaps because its been the easiest to fake in remote earth landscapes?

      – Is it possible to land on Mars?

      – Is it not possible to land on Mars, and if not why not?

      – Is it an energetic conscious entity its impossible to land on?

      – Is it an interface, between this dimension and some other place?

      – If it really is an actual spherical planet, we can walk on. What exciting possibilities could be there? This bibliotecapleyades article and images below show how mars real colours aren’t the fake redscape

      – And before we even start thinking about Mars. Planet Earth is enough of a coinundrum of its own

      – The deepest point on (our known) earth. That James Cameron director went to, in the pacific, the sea bed canyon. Could this be an inner earth entry point?

      – Please note. Cameron produced the Clooney film Solaris. Could there be a clue there about what Mars really is, and the rest of the planets? Clooney couldn’t land on Solaris. Instead it was a strange, conscious entity. I wonder what truths are there in the Solaris film?

  3. Lynn says:

    Good advice Tap….Adam has so much enthusiasm it is hard for him to contain.
    He has brought a lot of enlightenment to us on here. Great work Adam.

    • Thankyou Lynn I am lifted and appreciate the comment and acknowledgment

      I do not think any of us should be afraid at all, of these unfolding shocking truths. Its nothing to fear. its actually very exciting, thrilling. Its the Satanists, its Ms May in her red and black outfits, sorry I mean Terry May, the likes of her, who should feel scared.

      Their 25,000 mile circumference (or is it diameter) globe earth with 2 poles and a small Antarctic continent lie, has been rumbled Lynn


      • salty says:

        It is so large, researchers say it can be seen from space through its effect on the surface contours of the ice sheet above it. “Satellite data was used to fill the gap, because despite being covered beneath several kilometers of ice, the valley is so vast that it can be seen from space,” said Ross.
        “Satellite data was used to fill the gap”

        Russian satellites prove the Earth is not flat.

      • Nicky says:

        What exciting times to be in. Nice one Adam.Tap. and other fellow travellers.
        Some cracking information out there. Bit of a minefield trying to sort the dross from the reality. Humbling.
        Patanjalis yoga sutras eloquently deliniates (I think that is how you spell those last two words, Not many opportunities come along that neccesitate their use.) divides knowledge into catagories.
        On how it is obtained. By direct perception, Reliable testimony, Unreliable testimony, Inference. etc
        This subject sure covers the whole range.
        The pole star fascinates me now more than ever. Excuse my ignorance but the thought just occured, Are there any fixed points in the alledged southern hemispheres skies, or do they also spin around the pole star?

  4. Nicky says:

    What exciting times to be in. Nice one Adam.Tap. and other fellow travellers.
    Some cracking information out there. Bit of a minefield trying to sort the dross from the reality. Humbling.
    Patanjalis yoga sutras eloquently deliniates (I think that is how you spell those last two words, Not many opportunities come along that neccesitate their use.) divides knowledge into catagories.
    On how it is obtained. By direct perception, Reliable testimony, Unreliable testimony, Inference. etc
    This subject sure covers the whole range.
    The pole star fascinates me now more than ever. Excuse my ignorance but the thought just occured, Are there any fixed points in the alledged southern hemispheres skies, or do they also spin around the pole star?

    • Hello Nicky this is vanishing , wont post. Maybe ive hit on something?

      Hello Marcus aurelius Icosidodecahedran, sparked me for a moment. But of course, it cannot be true. If that’s true then we throw it all out the window and realise beings whove made us are having a laugh. SO that’s not true

      The pear shaped also seems daft, clearly. I did mention somewhere on another thread. How Dublinmick and others say, ancient civilisations have said the earth is like an egg. So, the strange bulging things not adding up in southern hemisphere, plus Antarctica being off limits and no flyovers. I have wondered if the Ancients were correct.

      However. As I said to Henry last night here . Rather than an egg. the oblate spheroid, to my mind feels right
      – It would mean we, our known UN Kingdom area, resides only in the northern hemisphere of a supermassive oblate spheroid.
      – It means the strange southern hemisphere situation, for us, is the beginnings of the bulging out moving towards the equator of the oblate spheroid.
      – Therefore if that’s the case, why is the weather so bad at Antarctica etc?
      – Perhaps this is the point we need to consider. Maybe disinformationist eric dubay, has said some truths too, to make his claims stick. The Sun.
      Dubay says its not 93million away. Its far smaller than said, maybe 32 miles diameter. And the light has more of a spotlight, defined edge effect on the oblate spheroid UN Kingdom portion. Hence night day seasons etc.
      Therefore MA could it be there are similar small suns moving over other areas of this gigantic oblate spheroid? Over other lands
      – Mindblowing thought
      – I left on another Antarctica thread, the bibliotecapleydaes thing, of the cam at Antarctica. Suggestions of strange other light sources in the distant sky.
      – WHat other kingdoms lie beyond Antarctica MA?
      – As well. Theres the earths interior to consider. Antactica 2014 supercanyon might be one entry to inner earth
      – We know the illuminati like to hide things in plane sight. DO you think this could be a clue, from Star Wars?

      I think we should seriously consider this.
      Also, I think the Dubay claims about
      -The Sun
      -The Moon
      -Stationary earth
      -Geocentrism/Polaris star

      Really need to be drilled down into and see what we can come up with

  5. Nicky says:

    Are there any timelapse photographs or videos of the skies from the south edge? that can be trusted, Any Aussies out there with the equipment you know?
    Surely this will give us some answers.
    If they spin around the polestar from a Plane perspective then it will be a continuation of the timelapse photography of the northern hemisphere and form a larger arc than we see from the fixed north centre. If it is from a globe shaped Planet and you are stood on the other side from the polestar then a camera pointed south would pick up stars rotating around a southern point. Any reliable testimony most welcome. I’ve never been that far south so direct perception will have to take a back seat.

  6. Nicky says:

    There are a few that purport to show a time lapse with the southern cross spinning around the south pole and debunking the flat earth model but it is clear to me in the ones thus far they are doctored. Cuts from the southern crux doing one arc to a bunch of different ones spinning in a tighter arc. There are a few showing something unusual. The one for uluru is just mindboggling. Not sure what I am seeing. yer tis

    • Hi Nicky I think as explained elsewhere flat earth is debunked. But still things are very very fishy and don’t add up AT ALL

      And I do not think Dubays Atleantean Conspiracy blog, will be 100% lies. That’s not how psyops work

      So….the transpacific flight from LA to Tokyo 10 hrs. Why isn’t it half the flying time going back? Why roughly similar flying times.?
      Is the earth not spinning? We might have debunked flat earth it seems. But this is strange.
      Or is my ignorance about gravity showing?

      ”. 25) If Earth and its atmosphere were constantly spinning eastwards over 1000mph, then the average commercial airliner traveling 500mph should never be able to reach its Eastward destinations before they come speeding up from behind! Likewise Westward destinations should be arrived at thrice the speed, but this is not the case.”

      • Nicky says:

        Hi there Adam, What an adventure. there are some versions of the electric universe model that state gravity may in fact be a push not a pull and that objects repel each other rather than get sucked into each other. It all gets a tad overwhelming at times i find, That said it does one good to be open to all possibilities and not to blindly follow the accepted model. there could well be some truth to both. as is the atom so is the universe is one observation made, With multiple Forces at play in shells around the nucleus, Have myself lost the thread on this somewhat and moved onto to other areas as you are no doubt aware. May come back to this another time when not so frazzled. Nicky.

    • Hi there Nicky thanks for all your interesting replies, which I wont reply to on those topics immediately for various reasons. I hope you are managing to stay okand strong and regather your energies and strength
      Note the possible part sphere earth comment today Nicky

      And see this

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