Our hearts are with the RAF pilots and their families, says Hilary Benn


Mine certainly is not.

This from Patrick Henningsen 21st Century Wire.

Hilary Benn MP is the son of Labour’s legendary anti-war activist and leader, Tony Benn, who recently passed away at the age of 89. Undoubtedly, Hilary Benn’s shrewd move to undercut his own party could leave a long sour taste in the mouths of his father’s faithful following. He will be regarded by many as a son who completely betrayed his father’s legacy as a brave voice for justice and nonintervention.

Indeed, Benn’s famous 23-year-old speech about Britain’s wars in the Middle East is still relevant today. Watch:

Let the bombing begin, but Westminster’s hawks should be warned that today’s Parliamentary decision could come back to haunt them – should they end up on the wrong side of history regarding Syria.


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  1. ian says:

    Probably resented being called Hilary.

  2. beLIEve says:

    I believe Tony Benn, Labour Leg-end, made some pretty niffty financial arrangements…….that resulted in a “comfortable” inheritance for his children.

    Creative arrangements, that only those with money and access to “top drawer” accountants/lawyers tend to make.

    • ian says:

      Good point beLIEve, Tony Benn shone amongst the vile filth in government, but he was still one of them. He was the best of a bunch of self serving crooks.

    • I never realised Tony Benn was part of it all. However I know Corbyn is, and Benn must have been too, the cabals ‘left’ voice of opposition in the Game.
      Hilary Benn I can tell is the same.
      I take some comfort, that, in 2013, they failed to get parliament to vote for Syria bombing. So this all evil ‘cabal’ secret government. Cant seem to click their fingers and automatically get their way
      There seems to be resistance, difficulties for them. its not a done deal.
      But the destroyed child in the photo, this comments not any use to him/her

      Come to think of it Tapblog. I wonder if Cameron and Sam and all their Satanist cronies, will be holding a ritual tonight, that links in with a much bigger ritual, of sacrifice in Syria? With the new bombing strikes? Im telling you, I think this could really be going on behind expensive closed doors in London tonight

  3. Lynn says:

    Total contempt for the nation ….they don’t mind and we don’t matter.
    They have totally ignored the voices of the people, we don’t want to blow anyone up…they do. What more proof do we need ?? It’s all a done deal.!!!!!

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