NWO Fail Part 2: Benjamin Fulford


The biggest sign the Europeans have rejected the gangster regime headquartered in Washington DC is their decision to reject US pressure and join the Chinese initiated Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, which formally opened its doors last week. This move was led by the UK, usually the US’s most firm ally, and was quickly followed by France, Germany, Italy, Switzerland etc.

The French and the Germans, for their part, rejected the Washington DC crime regime’s attempt to start a war in the Ukraine by by-passing the US and directly negotiating the Minsk Peace accords with Russia.

There is also a systematic attempt to cut off all funding for the Zionazi (neo-con) faction of the Khazarian mob. These are the people who wanted to star World War 3 in order to reduce the world population by 90% and enslave the surviving 10%. This faction, headed by George Bush Sr. and his fellow Zionazis, survives mainly on oil, drugs, slavery and arms dealing.
The plunge in oil prices from over $70 a barrel late last year to the $30 range recently will start hitting these gangsters in earnest in January as their one year price hedges begin to expire.

The FARC rebels in Columbia meanwhile, have announced they will no longer be laundering their $50 billion a year in cocaine revenue.


5 Responses to “NWO Fail Part 2: Benjamin Fulford”

  1. ian says:

    A wounded animal is at it’s most desperate and dangerous. Look out for Desperate measures.

  2. Lynn says:

    Correct Ian…there is a massive waking up now, people know something isn’t right here… They will show their crooked hand now.

  3. Lynn says:

    I don’t trust BF…he puts out far too much of the white hats…UK and Germany are in the top of the pops..they will never side with the white hats…in too deep.

  4. Nollidge says:

    Fulford has been spewing out his “the New World Order is Doomed” crap for years.Ignore him.He’s mis/disinfo.

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