New Free Energy Device On The Market – “Steorn’s Orbo Power Cell Products: Available For Sale

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New Free Energy Device On The Market – “Steorn’s Orbo Power Cell Products

Free energy or over-unity devices have long been dismissed as pseudo-science by the priesthood of technology, which dictates what the truth is to the masses. But if even one invention is capable of producing more energy than it draws, it is a proof of concept and demonstrates the incompetence of the establishment.

For the seasoned researcher, the realities of over-unity are well established. Nikola Tesla is probably the most well-known pioneer of free energy technology.
The following article discusses an over-unity device that is presently on the market and expects to ship its first units in the early months of 2016. It costs about $1200, and can only charge low-powered electronic devices, but it is a proof of concept nonetheless. According to thermodynamic ‘laws’ in physics, this device shouldn’t work, but it does
Despite academia steadfast adherence to dogma related to over-unity devices, a child can clearly see that viewpoint is wrong and the truth is free energy is a reality, which you can prove to yourself if you have the money.

So the next time someone says: “Free Energy is pseudo-science” send them a link to this device and ask, “well what’s this then?”
Steorn’s Orbo power cell products available for sale


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  1. As well. Discretion is advised with the Sitsshow blog, and caution. Because until we know more and explore deeper. It looks we have an entire different paradigm on our hands, potentially

    Eric Dubays blog

    Sitsshow blog heavily focusses on secret space programme insiders like Corey Goode spilling the beans. This is all grounded in the heliocentric, spinning spherical earth paradigm Copernicus changed the world with 500 odd years ago.

    We must pause, I feel, and check does what Eric Dubay with his free ebooks, claiming a geocentric, stationary, flat earth that’s the centre of the universe. All the heavens rotating round the polaris star/north pole EVERY 24 HOURS

    Do Eric Dubays disturbing claims stand up? Tapblog helps investigate this

    But as with all the best disinformationists. If Sitsshow is one. Truths will be in there too, and this free energy device might be real.

  2. Truthseeker says:

    If Steorn’s Orbo Power Cell Products really are working so it will be interesting to see how the illuminati-satanists suppress them in order not to lose one of their most important tools for control and money supply (energy “tax” upon us)!

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