NASA Hacker Gary McKinnon Says War Ships Are Already In Space

NASA hacker Gary McKinnon has claimed that when he hacked into US government top-secret files he found evidence that the US Navy had already sent warships into space.

NASA hacker says that US warships are already in space
 McKinnon is a UFO fanatic and hacker who was famously arrested in 2002 for hacking into the US Navy and NASA systems, with the US dubbing his breach “the biggest military computer hack of all time”. reports:

McKinnon claimed the security was so lax, he didn’t expect to get caught. He used a program called Landsearch to scan documents and files to look for UFO cover-ups, and he did so undetected for two years before the game was up. McKinnon then faced a ten-year legal battle in the UK, only narrowly avoiding extradition to the USA.

He has spoken before about exactly what he discovered during that time, but never in as much depth as in this interview with RichPlanet TV.

McKinnon claims:

  • In Building 8 at Johnson Space Center, there is someone whose job is only to airbrush UFOs from images, since they are so commonly captured.
  • He found a US Navy spreadsheet entitled ‘Non-terrestrial officers’. McKinnon admits these words “can be interpreted in various ways,” but one thing is for sure: given the name, we know they’re not based on Earth.
  • McKinnon says there were maybe 25 rows on the excel spreadsheet with officers’ ranks and names, and that the ships had the prefix ‘USS’, just like American sea vessels.
  • He claims of evidence of “material transfer between ships”, of which he guesses there are “possibly eight to ten.”
  • McKinnon says all of this points to evidence that the USA has war ships in space, which might account for why the Bush administration were so keen to have him incarcerated in the States.

In parts 2, 3 and 4 (which follow the video above on YouTube), McKinnon expands on the information shared in this first part (and gives his reasons for not believing in the moon landings, amongst other things).

Many might be quick to label McKinnon a quack or a liar, but in this interview his body language doesn’t suggest he’s making anything up: in fact, during the course of the four-part interview, his story is surprisingly consistent.



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  1. beLIEve says:

    Really ?

    Which space ?

    The one in the sky or, the Antarctic ….SPACE…..that is sooo heavily guarded ?

      • beLIEve says:

        Interesting video Adam.

        All hidden in plain sight.

        Did you notice @ 7:15 the following sentence was visible………

        “….NASA and Antarctica, are intimately linked and have been since day one of the so-called “space agency”……”

        The video went on to say Werner von Braun visited Antarctica prior to the lift off, of ….SPACE…..rockets.

        I am wondering if the ….SCUM…..have been down in the ….SPACE…..of Antarctica, for some considerable time whilst, leading the ……tax-paying…..populations to think …THEY….were in… SKY…SPACE ? ?

    • Orion stars visible in the southern hemisphere Kingel

      Globalist Argument #6: Many will point to the fact that there are some stars visible in the southern hemisphere that cannot be seen in the norhtern. Fair enough. But it seems to me that this is easily explained. Imagine an extremely large bowl over a massively huge plain. Now imagine you are under the central (northern) area of the bowl. You see Orion, perhaps the most recognizable of all the constellations, and one that is visible in both hemespheres. He looks quite big with his head facing upward toward the north. Then, you go toward the outer (southern) regions of the plain and look up again. Not only does Orion look inverted (because you are essentially now looking up his skirt), but you also see stars on the lower ends of the dome that were not visible to you when you were much further away, under the center of the dome. – See more at:

      The Orion constellation is interesting to me for many reasons, but since it is so clearly visible in both “hemispheres,” I tend to believe that Yeshua will return from that general direction, thus, every eye will see Him. For interesting potential comfirmation of that idea, see: – See more at:

    • Yes Kingel. This topic is EXPLOSIVE I can tell. Some might argue its a distraction waste of time. What with Syria and everything else going on

      I don’t see it like that. Instead, I see all this as the KEY, the ACHILLES HEEL, that is going to help us all profoundly. And have cascade effects on all the other issues we discuss from Syria to Colemanexp to Monsanto to Fracking


  2. RabbiT says:

    Judging by the video I’d say “right now we only can…” green screen the ISS.

    • ” this particular subject matter – like no other – tends to bring out the very worst in people. Indeed, almost since day one, this “quest for truth” has brought us nothing but pain and significant damage – emotionally, spiritually and especially financially. The attacks have been relentless. This tells me that there must be something to it, for the enemy to respond that way. I’ve covered many controversial subjects in my life, but none have even come close to bringing the kind of resistance as this one ”

      Welcome to the new website for testing our understanding of the globe and examining the Flat Earth controversy from a Biblical worldview

    • True? Not true? There might be some truth nugget in David Wilcock/Corey Goode SSP Whistleblowers very recent latest offering. Such as this. But it might be total lies

      ”The portal system used to travel vast distances in space works much like the seasons do here on Earth. The cosmos is a dynamic moving system of planets, star systems, and galaxies, all tangibly connected via electromagnetic filaments, which at certain times create openings that a craft can use to travel instantaneously. A spacecraft, possessed of the proper technology, can calculate when gateways open and where they lead to, essentially providing passage to any conceivable location in space or time.”

      I actually feel Kingel theres a load of Trojan horse Tavistock BS reinforcing of basic lies in this article. MAYBE to keep the Antarcitca/Copernicus/Nasa/Dubay conundrum out the minds of the awakening masses


      ” CG – Mmhmm. And a lot of these are super-Earths and Earth-like [planets]. We’re not that rare and special as we think we are. I mean, yes we have a wide range of genetic diversity and life here, but from the traveling that the Secret Space Program has done, the trade we’ve done with other ET groups, that have brought us specimens of life from all these other planets, there’s an unbelievable amount of life out there. ”


      EXPOSING: The Deceptions of Satan. “Satan deceiveth the whole world” (Revelation 12:9). He deceives not just a part of the world, he deceives the “whole world.”

    • Samadhi Maithuna says:

      Without diminishing your (and mine) belief in God Rabbit, supreme creator. There is still a chance in the bigger picture whats written below is true. The entire topic might not all be project bluebeam stuff. We might really be being held as hostages, under siege here, by a parasitical alien extra inter dimensional evil force. You may not believe in the Nefilim. But Dublinmick makes a strong case for them existing.
      The Ringmakers of Saturn too. None of this means the God you and I know and believe in doesn’t exist. It just means the system, the picture, is much bigger playing out now.
      We are all witnessing limited Disclosures. A renaissance of space travel is taking place, including private initiatives for space vehicles, projects for Moon and Mars as well as explorational vehicles for the solar system. All this is on the boiler and will soon boil over. In a few years, we shall see space vehicles flying around as a matter of course. In 5-10 years time, space travel will be as normal as airplane travel is now. Just last week alone, two new propulsion systems were being introduced. In the beginning of the technological development, it took about a half a year to get to Mars, later on it took 3 weeks. The SSP only take 15 minutes to Mars and to reach the Pleiades through a portal/wormhole takes 15 seconds.

      Even traditional space travel will lead to extraterrestrial contact and in this manner the Dark Forces will lose their control over the quarantine one way or the other. The progress of contact cannot be stopped anymore, no matter how much the Dark Forces attempt to delay Disclosure for their purposes. Hillary Clinton has just announced disclosures regarding Area 51.

      But they are planning once more to distort the disclosures. The Cabal would like to blame the responsibility for the current situation on the Dracos, taking on the role of “victim”. For this purpose the Cabal has devised various plans, which however – according to Cobra – will not be successful. Every truth that is revealed will lead to the next one.

      Since the Cabal attempted to use the “Panama Papers” to accuse Putin, Putin is now publishing something truthful about the Rothschilds. Without this triggering he would not have done so. By distorting the disclosures they are actually helping us all. Certain people will continue to publish important information when the time is ripe. There are various reasons why this is taking so long. The Cabal are dangerous psychopaths.

      Disclosure will also show how ships are landing

  3. Lynn says:
    Rovers are outed.
    Latest on the Mars BS …they are on Devon Island Canada….filming as per the masses… They are surley doomed to fail.

    • What does this mean Lynn? Does it mean Mars isn’t a physical place, its not possible to walk on there? Just like it seems the moon is too?

      Or do you think the secret space programme certainly do live on mars colonies?

      Come to think of it, maybe Mars isn’t at all like the red desert they’ve shown us.

      I think the Scottish Rite Freemasonsat nasa have had a huge load of laughs at our expense, over the years

  4. Lynn says:

    I don’t think they can get off this plane. I think it’s all a big money spinning lie. They have to fake it all.
    The good thing about that is they have no place else to go….lol

  5. Lynn says:

    Is Putin in on this…or does he hold all the aces now. It’s all a web of lies..

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