Money buys kids for paedophiles

Banned! Former Cllr Sheena Williams – WhatDoTheyKnow Org

  • The website; What Do They Know; have banned former Councillor Sheena Williams from submitting any further Freedom of Information Act request to their organisation.   

Councillor Sheena Williams who resigned from the Conservative party after Kent county council took her four grandchildren away in a forced adoption, has been in a long running battle with Kent County Councils Social Services.   It all started when Sheena’s daughter Jade reported her partner as being violent within the relationship.  The Social Services intervened, and instead of addressing the situation and trying to resolve any problems, they took the children into care. 

A long custody battle ensued, whereas Sheena was putting herself forward to be the children carer.  For some incredible reason the judge in the case preferred to keep the children with foster parents as opposed to letting them go and live with their grandmother. 

Now anyone who knows Sheena Williams, she is a well turned out lady, they don’t have riff-raff in the Tory party!  But you know what I mean, she is obviously fairly intelligent for her to have become a councillor, on saying that, I often wonder; how on earth do the majority of politicians get voted in?

Everyone in the case seemed to agree Sheena was the ideal mother of her own children and would probably be for the grandchildren, yet the court rejected the obvious, which is that the four children involved, would of course be far better off in the loving and comfortable surroundings of their nicely decorated grandmothers home, and not in some strangers home.    

Sheena speaks at the UK Rally Against Child Abuse 2010

There’s big bucks for these parents who go into the “children for sale” game.  Dragons Den – James Caan, exposed how easy and common practice it is to buy and sell children, when he offered £7,000 for a young girl.  Little did he realise he was being filmed.  Makes you wonder what these types of people might have locked away in their cellars or attacks?

It seems to be that the major problem is that children become a commodity, that once they are taken into care then the financial ball starts to role; social workers, solicitors, judges, doctors and so on – all have a financial interest in what it is they do.  

The parents who come through the system are strangers to the social workers and members of the legal and medical fraternities that they have to encounter. 

However, they all know each other and regularly work and collude with each other so as to not rock the boat and have a decent living, whilst many families suffer in the process. 

It’s in everyone or these workers interest to keep quite and just go along with the abusive regime.

Kent Payments to Adoptive Parents:

  1. Adopted Child Support Allowance for 2010/11 was £3,324,101
  2. Grants to Adoptive Parents to purchase furniture, equipment, etc, prior to the adopted children’s arrival for 2010/11 was £9,463


  1. Prospective Adoptive Parents expenses for 2010/11 was £36,241.01…

Being a former Tory council, she no doubt has made enemies.  She has exposed many cover-ups she had witnessed taking place in her council.  He continuous years of battle in trying to get her grandchildren back out of care – and home with their own family, has caused her to campaign and expose what a sham Kent County Councils’ Social Services, the Police and the Courts really are, and that the adoption process and procedures are regularly being abused and all in the quest of control and making money.


She has recently caused a stir by placing a banner onto her front garden gate [see photo above], it reads: Former Cllr Sheena Williams – What Do They Know .COM – Knowledge is Power – Trapped in a Masonic World – Free eBook ‘ – ‘Warning Over 18yrs Only’ – do share.

Sheena said police cars have stopped outside and taken photos of it, as have other local people and passers-by.



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