Merkel Shouted Down As A Traitor In Germany

(Before It’s News)

Vatic Note:  This is way more than I had thought it would be.  Its worth the read and the videos’ to watch in order to understand the breadth, and depth of the problem.   I genuinely feel sorry for the German people.   They have been hood winked, robbed and villified for things they did not do.   Further, they were massacred in the millions after WW II.  We did a few blogs on that fact.  Starved, bombed, and shot by Russians and even allies  once taken over.  But then we find out the allies leaders were all Khazars.   We did a blog on that one to.

Anyway, go down this rabbithole, do additional research if you wish and then you decide what you  believe.   For sure, Muslims have done no more to us than we to them and in both cases it was done by the khazars pretending to be Muslims and pretending to be Americans….. Given how much hatred against Muslims that has been pushed in mainstream news, and politics,  I can only imagine, just  how bad the propoganda about the United STates must be in their countries.    IF WE ARE ALL SMART, WE HANG TOGETHER UNITED AGAINST THE TRUE ENEMIES OF CIVILIZATION AND HUMANITY, THE KHAZAR ROTHSCHILD BANKERS AND THEIR ILLUM BOSSES.

Lets not contribute, either Muslims or Christians to the fascists agenda of profiting from world wars.   If they want a world war, let them fight each other…. one trillionaire after another.   WARNING TO MILLIONAIRES!!!! Once these trillionaires are done destroying, raping and pillaging the middle class of the world,  the millionaires will be next and then the billionaires….. so get ready, you will be next if they succeed.  

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Merkel Shouted Down As A Traitor In Germany
by, Here Comes The Sun,  Oct 7, 2015


This video is apparently banned in Germany. It appears the EU will get their dictatorship through revolution and then the crack down. More and more young males are flooding into Germany and it appears the more psycho the better as they are now using the knockout game on young females. If you don’t find that enraging, I don’t know what to tell you. See video.

Gun is understood in France still


A protester holds a banner featuring German chancellor Angela Merkel reading 'resistance against her Europe' during a Blockupy movement protest on May 17, 2014 in Berlin. The demonstration is directed against the government's refugee policy. AFP PHOTO / DPA/ MAJA HITIJ /GERMANY OUT

And of course she is a traitor.

But Zuckerberg is going to help her out by finding all of those xenophobes on facebook.

Germany Must Perish In Italy migrants are placed on an island

“We, the undersigned, no longer want to watch passively how our authorities and politicians at this historic moment lose time and do not do their duty. Your task is to defend the interests and security of citizens in your own countries. Today we are faced with a fundamental threat to the future of our lives. The mass migration represents a serious threat to the stability of Europe and of the EU Member Countries.

We are not indifferent to the fate of the victims of wars and other disasters in today’s world. However, we reject the manipulation of public opinion, which aim to push an acceptance of mass migration. … We see undeniable risks and threats arising from the artificial blending of different peoples, cultures and religions.

The European governments behave irresponsible… Well-founded fears of the influx of hundreds of thousands of migrants must not be trivialized, silenced and scandalized – by politicians and most media.
For all these reasons we call on the governments of the EU countries to:

– To secure internal security and effectively close external frontiers by any means …

– Not accept EU quotas or similar measures on allocation of migrants …

– Countries at the borders of the EU must assure that illegal migrants are returned to their homeland.

First Signature: Václav Klaus, 4. 9. 2015″

Former Czech president: “Call to European citizens, governments and parliaments”Nazi Germany A Creation Of The VaticanCAN'T QUIT CHA 

In Anti-Nazi Germany You Can Lose Your Job And Children For Posting Anti-Mass Immigration Views On Facebook-Thanks Zuckerberg

Fish lipsYou may have noticed in the video that fish lips finds it almost erotic the German population is declining and feels at liberty apparently to refer to all Germans as nazis. Where is Zuckerberg and facebook when you need them?Young women punched in the face

Also in video you may notice some young women taking overhand rights to the face simply for being white on the street. In the wrong place at the wrong time I suppose. Frumpy needs to be on the next plane to Tel Aviv.

Is this the plan?

love ya too much

(VN: Do not forget, Obama is a dual Israeli citizen on his mothers side of the family, and he was raised by his dual Israeli citizen grandfather since he was 11. He was shored up in Chicago by the khazar community that calls themselves “jewish” and who are not.  They are Satanists.  At least the leaders are, such as Rahm Emmanual. The real ordinary khazars are generally the same as everyone else and believe in their faith.  )

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12 Responses to “Merkel Shouted Down As A Traitor In Germany”

  1. ian says:

    Merkel ist ein verraterin. Excuse my German grammer and spelling, if it’s wrong, but that was how she was described to me by a German person I encountered on facebook. I don’t do Languages apart from asking for beer/ hello/goodbye, so it was a discussion frought with difficulty caused by Facebook’s built in translator which is worse than useless, in a (the man fat tabledown) kind of way. The first sentence stuck though, and they were rightly upset by her the Verraterin that she is.

  2. Lynn says:

    They are pushing for a revolt. That is the only way their system is going to be ushered in. Chaos and carnage unleashed on the occupants of every nation. We have to be vigilant and stay calm. Americans are armed and in a good position to shoot back at these demons…we are not !

  3. Lynn says:

    Hitler’s Daughter…Groomed and MK’d…she is a traitoress bitch.. All bloodlines…genetically modified to fill a gap for the NWO..freak show.

    We are breaking them down..step by step they are failing. Their little game is now public knowledge….they are petrified that we will take their energy…their power…their evil little secret…well get ready cos we will.

  4. salty says:

    Merkel cancels Davos trip as pressure rises over Cologne attacks

    By Stefan Wagstyl in Cologne
    17 Hours Ago

  5. salty says:

    Angela Merkel faces new rebellion over refugees

    More than 40 MPs from Angela Merkel’s Christian Democrat party sign petition calling for Germany’s borders to be closed to asylum seekers

    Wednesday 13 January 2016

  6. salty says:

    ‘Unsafe on streets’: Danish women ‘sexually harassed’ by refugees in at least 3 towns

    Published time: 13 Jan, 2016 15:22

  7. salty says:

    Merkel’s Popularity Drops to Four-Year Low After Cologne Attacks

    January 15, 2016 — 10:51 AM GMT

  8. salty says:

    Gun sales and gun permit applications have soared in Germany in the wake of the sex attacks in Cologne on New Years Eve.

    Cologne, Düsseldorf and Frankfurt are all reporting an influx of requests for permits with Cologne police estimating at least 304 applications since the attacks.

    In 2015 the entire year saw only 408 applications total in the city.

  9. salty says:

    Huge riot in German nightclub after 500 immigrants break in and grope women

    Jan 14th, 2016

    More news is coming out of Germany about the New Year’s Eve sex assault wave committed by “Arab or North African” men, despite German media trying to censor the events.

    Die Welt reports that the “Elephant club“, a nightclub in the city of Bielefeld, was attacked by an organized mob of about 500 immigrant men.

    Nightclub bouncers phoned the police when the mob became aggressive and started throwing fireworks, but before the police could arrive, the mob broke into the nightclub and then started to grope the groins and chests of female visitors.

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