Letter to Owen Paterson MP about the proposed bombing of Syrian civilians

Dear Owen,
I hope you don’t wish to support Cameron’s proposed use of RAF bombers in attacking civilian areas of Syria.  Fortunately Russian air defences are in place and we will get lots casualties if we’re stupid enough to go in.  I will be cheering every single one if we do.
Don’t fall for the ISIS trick.  They never attack Israel as Israel is who’s behind ISIS.  We’re not so dumb as to fall for it, I hope.  I know war is very profitable for the arms industry and the arms industry sponsors the Conservative Party, but let that not get in the way of making the right decision about Syria.
Yours sincerely,


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  1. Tom74 says:

    I don’t think anyone should be cheering British casualties. What I will be cheering is when Cameron and his fellow travellers face justice for their criminal betrayal of the British people for foreign interests.

  2. Lynn says:

    For foriegn interest ???? Excuse me but they are a foriegn government. They infiltrated us a long time ago. They are not patriotic in any shape or form. They are cutouts for the NWO Zionists. Ushering in total Fascism. Wake up world please. This has gone insane.

  3. Eternity says:

    Here’s a letter to Crispin Blunt MP.

    More mad hatter than stating media facts, but true on all counts:

    Dear Mr Blunt,

    Regarding the vote, yay or nay to bomb Syria.

    Apart from the concern this decision will effect on this country and it’s relations with the Muslim world and the obvious threat of Russia.

    Do you really sit in office to allow this atrocity to take place let alone use the guise of democracy in the form of voting, is it on or off, as cold and calculated as that actually is, democracy being used to decide the fates of the innocent in Syria… this time round, regardless of the opinion of the electorate… déjà vu creeps in unanimously, again.

    Only those that have vested interest in one form or other for his own greater good can sit in what is assumed relative safety and comfort while deciding the fate of imposed destruction upon others.

    Please do not tell me the importance of bombing civilian territories (not that it has not happened over and over before this, in all other places that have been and are invaded by the historically insane ruling class) to eradicate the enemy while the civilian casualties are merely the sacrifice worth every bloody penny as collateral for an enemy that despite modern military and national security technology escapes it’s political adversary, very conveniently evading and eliminating the possibility of capture until the agenda is fulfilled.
    But, you see Sir, we the people know who created the enemy, the same creators of the previous enemies that were no longer useful and upon it’s perceived demise a new enemy springs up like it was ordered from an Argos catalogue at discount price. We know who creates extremism and this group of so called ISIS or the like and we know who funds them too (I expect many were created in torture chambers disguised as prisons such as Guantanamo), we even get to sit back and watch the show as the perpetrators in smart suits that create extremism from a safe distance are all so richly rewarded for their part in this degradation of common sense to prop up the wheels of evil created by the state, the state that creates the enemy then pretends that the enemy is responsible for terror attacks around the Western world to drum up support for wholesale destruction of the host civilisation where your state has embedded it’s latest enemy. I fear it is inevitable as what the state wants, the state gets even using dirty tricks.

    Speaking of enemies, the deliberate shepherding of ‘refugees’ consisting of many ISIS trained Muslims I suspect into the European nations must also be in line for the same fate I assume?, or maybe they are special ones, enough to cause terror for political operations against the people to cooperate the ease and use of false flag persuasion. We see what you and your business of politicians are doing and you are even creating laws to silence those that share their opinions in the face of the adversary also created by your very own, they are yours, the day you entered office to serve, or be served more like (not personal) you took on the burden of it’s responsibility, a racket that we all suffer the burden of.

    I implore you to resist the illusion that voting yes to bomb the living daylights out of an already desolated nation for an enemy created by your own that the technology exists to extract and eradicate any enemy without damage in any form to innocent civilian populations.

    Should you go ahead and sanction bombing innocent children it reveals what most of us already think is the obvious and never fail to demonstrate our accuracy. The ‘game’ is always a slaughter of the innocent yet the political machine escapes completely the wrath of the enemy, that is no coincidence and in itself gives the game away. It is not the innocent that deserve the lynching, but we the people know who does deserve it.

    If you are of integrity, and hoping that you are?, of honesty and hold your position honourably you would do what is right above personal privilege and seek counsel with your peers to use national security and secret service to eliminate terrorists without harm to innocent peoples, unless of course you are the terrorists, your actions will show whether your fruit ripens or rots.

    Please in most cases is an empty word that permeates self interest, today it is a bargaining for innocent life that already has very little left of to be, a usually equal empty word, sorry for.
    So PLEASE do all you can to help end this atrocity.

    Sincerity, integrity… and baited breath.


  4. Dee says:

    If anyone is interested Zachary Hubbard has some interesting short vid’s on his youtube channel revealing Masonic coding in the voting results. I’ve just seen there were 66 (!!!) Labour MP’s who voted to bomb. It’s all fixed. I am expecting a FF where an Iranian passport or something similar gets left behind – Iran are next on the evil hit list aren’t they….?

  5. Lynn says:

    True Dee.. We are onto them all now. It was all possible 70years ago….not now..propaganda is BS. 2015 is awake and their dirty secrets are common knowledge.

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