Letter to Heads of UK Public Authorities [Councils, Police, Courts, Universities, Gov’t Departments etc]

December 2015

Paying taxes, fees or fines in a time of war is a crime

I recently discovered that by demanding and collecting money in lieu of taxes, fees and fines, when some of it is used for the purpose of waging war, public authorities are breaking the law and acting illegally. I ask that you instruct your officers to cease and desist from these crimes.

When Parliament enacted the Terrorism Act 2000, MPs stipulated that it is a crime to ask for, collect or provide money if a person knows or has reasonable cause to suspect that it may be used for the purposes of terrorism. The Act defines terrorism as the threat or use of firearms or explosives endangering life for the purpose of advancing a political, religious, racial or ideological cause. In a recent ruling the UK Supreme Court stated that, the definition [of terrorism] appears to extend to the military and quasi-military activities of HM Government.

As HM Forces are currently bombing targets in Iraq and Syria causing the violent deaths of men women and children, HM Government is violating warfare and terrorism law and acting illegally. Consequently, to avoid criminal charges of fundraising for the purposes of terrorism, UK citizens are duty bound to withhold all payments of money from UK Public Authorities [HMR&C, Police, Councils, Courts, Universities etc] until HM Government has ended its lethal use of high-explosive weapons.

I attach summaries of the law relating to the funding of terrorism and aggressive war. Please let me know if you discover any clause that excludes payments to public authorities from the crimes.

In the meantime I shall withhold all payments to UK public authorities pending a court ruling that my interpretation of the crimes in the Terrorism Act 2000 is incorrect, the use of high-explosive weapons by HM Forces in Iraq and Syria does not contravene terrorism and warfare law, and I am granted immunity from prosecution under terrorism and warfare law

Yours faithfully

Tony Rooke
Laws making the collection and payment of taxes, fees, fines etc illegal

The Terrorism Act 2000

Terrorism is the threat or use of firearms or explosives endangering a person’s life for the purpose of advancing a political, religious, racial or ideological cause. [summary of section 1]

A person commits an offence if he asks for, collects or provides money knowing that it may be used for the purposes of terrorism [summary of section 15]

A person commits an offence if he enters into an arrangement as a result of which money is made available to another for the purposes of terrorism. [summary of section 17]

UK Supreme Court ruling R ‘v’ Gul UKSC 64 [2013] [extract from para 28]

“ the definition [of terrorism] would seem to cover any violence or damage to property if it is carried out with a view to influencing a government or IGO in order to advance a very wide range of causes. Thus it would appear to extend to military or quasi-military activity aimed at bringing down a foreign government, even where that activity is approved, officially or unofficially, by the UK Government.”

The International Criminal Court Act 2001 [summary of section 52]

It is a criminal offence for a person to aid or abet the commission of genocide, a crime against humanity, a war crime or conduct ancillary to such crimes.

The Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court [summary of article 25.3 (c)]

A person, who aids, abets or assists in the commission of a crime of genocide, a crime against humanity or a war crime, including providing the means for its commission, shall be criminally responsible and liable for punishment.

Laws making war illegal

“After the signing of the [Kellogg-Briand] Pact, any nation resorting to war as an instrument of national policy breaks the Pact. In the opinion of the Tribunal, the solemn renunciation of war as an instrument of national policy necessarily involves the proposition that such war is illegal in international law; and that those who plan and wage such a war with its inevitable and terrible consequences are committing a crime in so doing…” [Nuremburg War Crimes Tribunal 1946]

It is a crime against peace to plan, initiate, wage or participate in a war in violation of international treaties, agreements or assurances. [The Nuremburg Principles 1950 – UNGA Resolution 177]

No State or group of States has the right to intervene, directly or indirectly, for any reason whatever, in the internal or external affairs of any other State. Consequently, armed intervention and all other forms of interference or attempted threats against the personality of the State or against its political, economic and cultural elements are in violation of international law.
[UN Declaration on Principles of International Law 1970 – UNGA Resolution 2625]
Chris Coverdale Make Wars History May 2015


Source: http://www.makewarshistory.co.uk/?p=2012


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  1. Lynn says:

    Haha talk about coming back to bite them…these laws are a definate way of us all refusing to pay taxes. They are just so incompetent…let’s get behind this and quietly dismantle the corrupt system…the BBC were proved to be a terrorist organisation with the 9.11 court case..and the guy won. No BBC licence and no taxes.

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