Kubrick admits moon landing movie was faked


A stunning new video has emerged 15 years after Stanley Kubrick’s death in which Kubrick admits that the NASA moon landings were faked. 

Filmmaker T. Patrick Murray interviewed Kubrick three days before his death in March 1999. He was forced to sign an 88-page NDA to keep the contents of the interview a secret for 15 years.

Below is a transcript from the interview with Stanley Kubrick, in which the 2001 Space Odyssey Director admits on camera that, “the moon landings ALL were faked , and that I was the person who filmed it.”


K: I’m so preoccupied. With my work, innovation, risk-taking, regrets…
T: Why are you giving this interview?
K: Because, it started to get to me after awhile. Well, this is difficult, because it is the first time I’ve talked about it. (sighs)
T: Sure, take all the time you need.
K: I’ve always been conflicted by it, but not consciously until years later. I was just blown away by the chance, the opportunity, the challenge of making this, this production, and I went into this like it was a regular film, like another regular film of mine, not thinking too much about uh the long term effects of what it would mean to society if it was ever discovered.
T: What are you talking about? I’m dying to know what you’re talking about.
K: Well, a confession of sorts. A movie I made, that nobody is aware of – even though they’ve seen it.



marcus aurelius….

Totally agree.

Love your posts Adam.
Things are getting interesting.

Have you seen the ….JOHN LEWIS….Christmas advert ?

It is “filmed” on the moon !
The video looks exactly like the Nasa video.
The …JOHN LEWIS….moonscape shots look exactly like Nasas.
The ….JOHN LEWIS….shots of the “Earth globe” look exactly like …Nasa’s video of …..glo-ball earth !

I thought an earlier commentor said companies are not allowed to make videos/films of the moon because, the moon scene is so easy to….FAKE….viewers might start to question the……AUTHENTICITY…..of the Moon landings !

Thank you John Lewis, your moon video looks just like Nasas.



21 Responses to “Kubrick admits moon landing movie was faked”

  1. Could Jesuit Scottish Rite Freemason Nasas sole reason for existence be to keep the heliocentric spinning globe lie alive?

    Maybe, all the stars we see when we look up. Are suns, with a moon, and another flat earth of their own? Each one, thinking they are the centre of the universe? The heavens above them all revolve around them too. Fascinating thought that might have legs.

    But if our Earth alone, proves to genuinely be the centre of everything. The meaning and implications of that are too profound for words, man will turn to God instantly with that knowledge

    I can certainly see a cui bono, powerful motive for the Satanists to lie to humanity on this issue


  2. jay says:

    Forget this brian mashup video edit — I could not watch past 4 mins,such a waste..
    I think the editor was taking something exotic?
    Try this instead-


  3. Lynn says:

    All very strange….is it credible.?

  4. dkblue says:

    Many people are calling this recording a hoax in itself…saying that is definitely not Kubrick.

    • Yes. GCHQ and others have whole teams. To listen to any major 33rd degree Freemasonic truth bombs, that are beginning to get chattered about. They then have sophisticated subtle disinfo teams, to splinter any momentum. This will be an example of that.
      To me, this kubrick stuff aboves irrelevant. We are onto something.
      We must not get discouraged
      As i try to make sense of everything, all the issues we all discuss.
      I realise a basic profound question i need to know the answer to – to act as a tremendous key that will then give great help to proper dot connecting
      Is is the geocentric theory correct. And are WE at the centr of the universe as dubay claims. I need.to know the answer to that . Its the key
      Not only for myself, but if we can start identifying, building on, what Dubay is trying to show. And start spreading it
      I think the UN Lucis Trusts whole existence will be fatally weakened

      I note the BBC, Tavistock masters of Deception and influencing the mind, perceptions. What do we see constantly in the bacground on bbcnews24? A spinning red globe. Red landmasses, is that what the satanists at BBC are hoping for, satanism taking over the world totally?
      I think so.
      Sky and RT also reinforce spinning globe imagery. As does the rest of media in many forms.

      If the truth is were on a heliocentric spinning ball, fine. But so far too many disturbing things are getting to me where i cant let this drop.

      The full on SSP/Alien/ Galactic Confederation stuff now, for one thing. I see a thread here leading right back to Copernicus.

    • marcus aurelius says:

      They never went to the Moon, but, they set traps.


      • The way i see things shaping up at this point is either
        – ok fair enough. 1960s conventional technology wasnt good enough. So for US prestige, they faked it. And voyager too? And mars pioneer? Maybe. All for prestige reasons. If thats as far as the scandal goes. Its not such a big deal. Maybe overall, into the 1990s and later, maybe at least SOME nasa stuffs real. With newtonian 20th century official tech the publics allowed to know about. And in this scenario, maybe mars and the moon are physical spherical places we can walk on. Uranus images etc are real. The earths a rotating.ball. If nasa faked apollo just for US prestige, big deal. Theres no real conspiracy here for me.

        – Or marcus aurelius. Townsend brown tesla secret technologies, thete really had been a burgeoning ssp. Up there. Why goto all the hassle and difficulties with 20th ventury newtonian paradigmtechnology, and prohibitions, impossibilities too. Instead, fake it all in hollywood. To disguise the real ssp situation. Its said the cabal had a man on mars in 1962. This coild be complete disinfo.

        – Or. Perhaps the real smoking gun why apollo was faked. Nasas whole reason for existence, is to keep yhe copernican heliocentric satanic freemason lie, alive

      • And as well, to add to what I just said. Maybe the Truth is actually, both points 2 and 3 above are correct. And who knows, maybe for those lower down the pyramid, out of the loop in compartmentalised nasa, who are only aware of the existence of 20th century Newtonian rocket stuff
        Maybe to an extent some of point 1 is correct as well. But not at the expense of point 2,
        And if Eric Dubay and Rowbotham are correct, point 3

        And ill finish by saying. Maybe point 3 above is the ONLY truth. A geocentric stationary flat earth, where the moon is non spherical and cannot be walked upon, and maybe the planets too.

        Im sorry I have to say though, aside from flat earth. And wondering about what lies at the edge. Or is it an infinite plane.
        Aside from all that, the thing that keeps blowing my mind is the Polaris star is directly over the north pole. And the heavens turn every 24 hours round, this stationary earth.


        How can one not be humbled and prostrate oneself and be totally awestruck, at the magnificence of it all….and turn to God

        If I was a Freemason Luciferian Satanist, I would certainly make it a top priority to hide this information from the world, the people

        “Satan deceiveth the whole world” (Revelation 12:9). He deceives not just a part of the world, he deceives the “whole world.”

      • Do you think any cabal secret space programmes powered by free energy
        – can get above low earth orbit?
        – can land on the moon. DO you think the moon is a spherical place man can walk on?
        – did you read dubay where he says its not reflected sunlight off the moon? The moon has its own light source, of a different nature to the sun
        – Do you think its impossible for anyone to walk on the moon? Is it some kind of hyperdimensional image bestowing electromagnetic effects on us, the sun too?

        It is unfortunate this Kubrick thing is such a bad hoax. I emailed it on to others without checking. And the entire topics been discredited in people I communicate with, in their minds. Which I think was the intention of this trap

    • pete fairhurst says:

      Yes it is a fake dk blue.

      This shows the actor being coached by the director. The actor is called Tom. It’s not Kubrick.

      Having said that I still think that the basic story is true.

      Maybe this is just a way of discrediting truthseekers? Maybe the “Apollo landings are fake” story is becoming too well known by too many people?

    • Hi I hope youre ok. And things are ok in Australia. Well, as far as can be expected, with corrupt Satanist tony abbott, and friends, in govt. But don’t worry Abi, youre quite safe from them, is my understanding.
      This is spiritual war. Stan Monteith is correct. I understand that the bible, and jesus Christ even, and the last supper disciples, and other stuff, its all to do with the stars constellations above us. This isn’t to disrespect Rabbit, in fact I think hes totally right too

      But theres certainly an anti satanic truth going on, the 5 eyes want to stop us all waking upto put it that way.

      Anyway I hope youre ok and can stay strong
      I wont bore you with alt health links but will certainly bombard you with them and my thoughts if you request.

      Yes if I was living in NZ now. With Helen Clark at the helm (though hasn’t she moved onto the UN full time?) But im sure Clarks still a presence there, plus the whole commonwealth satanic system that’s set her up to be NZ PM. If I was living in NZ id be uncomfortable and try to be as off grid as possible, so these Satanists didn’t touch my life at all, or of my children (if I had wife and children) eg no vaccines whatsoever

      Anyway I hope youre ok, and stay strong, knowing people here in northern hemisphere are thinking about Abi dkblue

      And btw. Why do sunsets happen so fast in NZ, and brazil. And phillipines. Compared to the northern hemisphere at same latitude Abi? WHy?
      Why Is the UN Helen Clark logo a flattened earth?
      Why Abi does the Polaris star constantly sit over the north pole?
      And why is it much colder in Antarctica, than the arctic?
      And if I win the lottery, why cant I take my private 14 hr fuel tank Gulfstream IV jet from cape town to …..Buenos aires? Wellington? Under the globe, Antarctica?

      These aren’t daft questions from a conspiracy guy. These are real legitimate questions. Why?

      Theyre not pointless questions at all Abi. In fact. These questions represent the entire downfall, of Tony Abbott, Helen Clark, the UN, the Satanists in the UK, everyone. Just from these peaceful human realisations

      Btw in 1980 and 81 I would goto Sydney Chinatown for Chinese food, I remember after seeing raiders of the lost ark at the hoyts cinema in George st. There was also a nice Italian restaurant called giovannis on George st. These things are probabluy not there now
      I was 6 to 7 yrs old at the time

      • dkblue says:

        Hi Adam.
        Tony Abbott was educated to be a Jesuit priest I believe whilst the PM prior to him (Julia Gillard) was a Fabian and lesbian with a male hairdresser as her ‘beard’! Abbott was recently ousted by a multi-millionaire globalist former banker who is pro the carbon made global warming hoax AND who had(s?) shares in a GEOENGINEERING company. Real nice hey?

        Re health matters, thinking to buy in spring water as we invested in reverse osmosis but am concerned re demineralisation…
        Also you said kombucha was not good but I have read it’s a wonderful tonic and good probiotic booster. Maybe reply in a health related thread if you like…
        I am hoping to study alternative medicine as my health improves – it’s a passion of mine.
        Hope you’re keeping well as we head into our satanic season with all the fun of spending a long lunch with people who are related by blood but not by common interests, awareness or spirit!

    • I forgot to add. Even if Jesus Christ wasn’t a real person. Theres something very real and Good, about the words esus Christ.
      We know the churches are run, infiltrated by Satanists. Lets leave the churches totally aside. Fiona Bartlett even said recentlyon Tap, the Sydney cathedral was packed with Sydney high society. Doors guarded by military personell. For a normal run of the mill service

      Except it wasn’t.These elites in Sydney have the arrogance to take over a church cathedral, most probably over a Sydney important leyline/vortex point. Bartlett says a satanic sacrifice happened, with NSW Sydney and perhaps beyond, High Society present.

      This is terrible, horrendous

      But also a source of inspiration and protection. Tap has said, he has a friend, who drives out demons with the name Jesus Christ.
      Could it be, just like the etheric physics energetic effects that emanate outwards from a pentagram shape on the floor.
      Could as well, our thoughts , prayers, and asking the Angels and Jesus Christ Help, to help us, and banish negative entities, demons. Actually be a powerful tool Abi?

      Whether youre a Buddhist, atheist, lapsed chrsitian, or a muslim, or anyone. I thiAnk Stan Monteiths lecture, hits a big nail on the head goodnight

    • Henry
      The 5 eyes, are linked in, with the awakening alternative media, for the most part. I don’t think Kenneth Redfeinggod is one of them. Or tapblog

      But I really do think theres a hotline link between the 5 eyes, and the popular alternative media gurus. Like Fulford, Cobra, David wilcock divine cosmos. Tapblogs immune to all this

  5. ian says:

    This is about the moon landings being faked and indeed I am, and have been for many years sure, that they have been. There was motive and means to fake them. There was motive to go to the moon,but not the means. In fact I’d say that even if the US government now admitted that it faked them, they would still be allowed to hold their head high by those who think that in the war for global dominance, that they had no choice given Russia’s supposed success in space at the time. I’ve watched video interviews with people who designed the rocket motors, saying that the surface would have been scattered to the four corners of the moon, and no Adam, the Moon’s not square. In the staged event, even the light moon dust under the motor wasn’t disturbed.

  6. Lynn says:

    So many unanswered senarios, but knowing the complete and utter lengths they will go to to fool the world, I believe nothing they say anymore. The opposite is always true. Upside down and inside out liars.

  7. salty says:

    The Western Wall is not Jewish

    Posted on April 18, 2016.


    And the Anne Frank Diary was a hoax.


    Bring on the dancing Israelis.

  8. danceaway says:

    The comments here are a real flash back, Gordon. Both to the commenters we no longer hear from, and the topics we used to discuss.

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