Janner: Unfit To Stand Trial – Still Eligible To Legislate

by | December 7, 2015



Lord Janner is unfit to stand trial over child sexual abuse offences dating back 50 years, a High Court judge has ruled.

Mr JuBBC Newsstice Openshaw told the Old Bailey the 87-year-old peer had “advanced and disabling dementia”.

Both prosecution and defence barristers had agreed at a previous hearing that Greville Janner was not well enough to take part in a criminal trial.

Lord Janner faces 22 counts of sex offences against boys.

Greville Janner was made Lord Janner of Braunstone in 1997. He remains a life peer, but has been on leave of absence since 2014. He was suspended from the Labour Party in April.

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  1. Lynn says:

    It’s how it has always worked…untouchable and heavily rewarded for the crimes they commit.. Sick and very typical of how our political system works.

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