2 Responses to “James Scott On Reporting David Cameron For War Crimes & Why Scottish Referendum Was Rigged”

  1. ian says:

    An excellent video. Interesting discussion about Cameron, Scotland, banks and various other items.

    • ian says:

      The video mentions the pact or treaty under which it was hoped, the people involved could get the police to arrest David Cameron as a war criminal. The Pact is called the Kellog Briand pact. Apparently after the 37 million casualties of WW1, world leaders were upset, bless them, and they decided to make a law to end war. Obviously their desire for peace didn’t last long as soon they added another 65 million casualties in WW2, probably really upset them that. Anyhoo, apparently the pact is still never been repealed and is still law, so anyone going to war since, other than in self defence , is a criminal. Of course the laws only apply to us as we all know, so there will be no breath holding necessary.

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