Is the moon a rotating flat disc?

Time-lapse photography shows the Moon itself turns clockwise like a wheel as it circles over and around the Earth. You can find pictures of the Moon at 360 degrees of various inclination from all over the Earth simply depending on where and when the picture was taken.


145) Heliocentrists believe the Moon is a ball, even though its appearance is clearly that of a flat luminous disc. We only ever see the same one face (albeit at various inclinations) of the Moon, yet it is claimed that there is another “dark side of the Moon” which remains hidden. NASA states the Moon spins opposite the spin of the Earth in such a perfectly synchronized way that the motions cancel each other out so we will conveniently never be able to observe the supposed dark-side of the Moon outside of their terrible fake CGI images. The fact of the matter is, however, if the Moon were a sphere, observers in Antarctica would see a different face from those at the equator, yet they do not – just the same flat face rotated at various degrees

TAP – This thought comes from flat earthers.  Yet the moon could be flat and the earth a sphere, as well.  I’m sure that the comments will be interesting!

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  1. john66 says:

    Not one proof the earth is a globe


    If you question it your seen as a lunatic .

    I confess im a lunatic. I most peoples eyes

    The globe bullshit does not wash with me . we are not spinning thousands of miles an hour. do i care if im seen as mad ?

    I can not understand people they do not believe the msn. But the globe bs has ingrained its self deep into the masses start thinking and use some logic . then ridicule people if you prove its a globe

    • beLIEve says:


      Never A Straight Answer.

      Quote from paleohippy, commenting on…..

      • You raise an intetesting Tsarion point Kingel. The entire debate about whether there might be …..other civilisations good and bad. In the ….galaxy? Universe? I hesitate to use these words now. Because Nasas lied so much about basic things.
        Stargates, interdimensional portals, iraq, egypt. There might still be something out there. This might not be a sealed planetarium round us. But im now extremely wary about talk of intergalactic travels of other beings
        Do galaxies even exist? Are hubble images real?
        They might. But thanks to eric dubay atlantean conspiracy blog. We must view it all through a DIFFERENT LENS. I meant to talk to you about something else. But ive forgotton my point

      • Ive remembered!
        Email i just sent to.Henry

        Could the grid on the UN flat earth map. Thats divided into 33 separate spaces. Could this grid possibly be the leyline grid? And etheric energy vortex points where lines cross? I could be way off on this. But its worth.bearing in mind. Maybe, like tributaries off a main river. Smaller leylines might surely exist, branch off, that shown on the map

      • Kingel i think we are in a very exciting time, place. Despite the HAARP flooding in.UK. That the bbcnews24 hammers in the ww2 like propaganda pathe news of the blitz. Same shit going on. Populace as victims. Authorities Government.the saviour to the rescue. We know whats going on.

        The point of this message Kingel is, i think theres something very exciting. About the Polaris star always being directly above the north pole. These eric dubay Revelations me totally grasp, Rabbit is correct, and creation has been at work. Higher beings. God. I feel very humble at whats unfolding, the implications of ALL stars etc rotating round Polaris star. The zodiac. And our north pole lies directly.under.

        Im going to research Polariis star intensely, when i get time. Who knows?
        Interdimensional portals , im.sensing, good evidence is.showing, they exist. Other other dimensions? Polaris might be the Highest.dimension?
        This conversation is.mindblowing.

        I dont know whether.theres any in Solar Warden etc free energy.based.secret space programmes. There it might be totally independent Kingel, from.nasa 20th century lies. Nasas whole reason.for.being, miht.have been , not just to deceive massively, hide stationary flat earth.geocentric TRUTH. It might be to divert away attention….from.some.kind of secret ‘ space’ programme
        Whatever space is

      • Thankyou for the kind comments which are appreciated Kingel

        Yes the possible proximity of the sun and moon to us. Being the same size. The moon not being lit by sunlight. But moonlight coming from the moon itself. The eclipses, it not being the moons shadow, as dubay discusses. There must be another celestial body close by. Oraclereport discusses the black moon sometimes. Could it be that? All these things kingel blow my f***ing mind, IF TRUE. What lies beyond the Antarctic perimeter wall, blows my mind. It all blows mymind

        I haven’t seen the john lewis advert but will look out for it. it sounds an example of Tavistock Trojan horse reembedding, re-establishing, maintaining, the magic illusion, the Deception. That the moons a place we can sit on and walk on. Theyre very sly and I admit clever , these Tavistock people. Clearly big advertising agencies like j walter Thompson etc etc, have Freemasons in their boardrooms and Tavistock influence.

        How interesting, I didn’t realise moon films aren’t allowed, bcoz the Deception could be realised by too many.

        Clint eastwood, rumour he attended bohemian grove Once. Tommy lee jones . Tells will smith in MIB , the earths flat, and centre of the universe. Space Cowboys, eastwood and jones starred in. Hollywood Talmud readers reembedding the lie.

        Don’t get me wrong, I like waitrose, very good store. But is john lewis a jewish organisation I wonder? Their recent advert was ‘Tiny Dancer’ wasn’t it sung by Elton john, who Coleman speaks, spoke about

        Many important questions are brewing in my mind Kingel which ill put on Tapblog over the coming days, which ill put on Tapblog, to help us utilise and move forward on these TREMENDOUS REALISATIONS we are experiencing now


        Henry if I didn’t know better

        IF eric dubay is correct with his 100, and 200 proofs etc. Then im afraid its really exposing a lot of alt media websites for being cabal creations. Deus Nexus is one

        All very tantalising wonderful ‘bait’. Free Energy is a truth used as bait. But I note the one underlying theme, pattern, is all these sites continue

        to embed and reaffirm the heliocentric theory, the spherical earth theory, the rotating earth theory, that we are nothing special in the scheme of things. But in a Trojan horse under the radar Tavistock type way, secondary to the headline topic

        I am going to search hard to find an answer to your stars in the southern hemisphere good question

        Questions are brewing in my mind, where do we go from here, what can we draw. Even though Nasas lied it seems, a monumental mother to beat all psyop deceptions

        A discerning person might be able to pick out whats REALLY going on with the satanic cabal, free energy, antigravity technologies, and whatever, the Freemasons might be up to above our heads

        I am very very awed tonight looking up at the clear night sky, all the stars, constellations.

        And looking up, it actually DOES LOOK LIKE A DOMED PLANETARIUM HENRY

      • Globalist Agenda Watch 2016: Update 1 – Did the Georgia Guidestones cube reveal the date of the Olympic terror attack?

        An eagle-eyed reader from Germany has pointed out a possible connection among the Georgia Guidestones cube, the upcoming Rio Olympics terror attack, and the Jewish holiday of Tisha B’Av.

        If you are unfamiliar with the Georgia Guidestones cube, it first appeared on the monument in early September of 2014…

        you watch as the woman circles the cube in a clockwise motion, the numbers on the cube faces read 8 – 14 – 20 – 16, so this gives us a date: 8/14/2016 in standard US format. And the inscriptions on the top and bottom of the cube read “MM” and “JAM.” We can only speculate what these letters mean, but looking at the cube as an encoded reference to the time World War 3 begins, I came across some candidate interpretations:

        > “MM” reminded me of the Roman numerals for the number 2,000, so I decided to check if there were two “M” words in Latin that signified “starting a war.” This is what I found on Google Translate…

  2. Tapestry says:

    The flat earth case is fun, but really is a hard one to hit home with. The flat moon on the other hand. That does challenge the mind. No one’s ever seen the other side.

    • The way things seem to be shaping up Tap, as i read more and more of the points that seem impossible to argue against. At any location on earth, it can be demonstrated. Like Genoa 70ft above sea level, Elba and Corsica should be hidden by the earths ‘ curvature’.
      Instead they clearly visible. The vanishing perspective on a plane, making a cruise ship look like its gone over the curve after 6 miles. When if we pull out a.good quality telescope, the ships still there.
      The Statue of Liberty visible by ship captains 60 miles away when it should be under the curvature.
      Many other examples on Eric Dubays Atlantean Conspiracy blog. These dont require a degree of belief, and trust, like free energy. These are plane facts

      My sense is Tap this has been a 500 yr old or more deception put on us by Satanists, Luciferians, who are now running the UN

      All to hide from man the truth of Creationism and God Divinity. Satanic Deception. And making man submit to tyranny and authority and Satan, using this deception

      It is intensely interesting to me the Polaris star lies directly above the north pole. I think the stars spin around it. I think.Polaris is very very impirtant. It might even be Heaven? Or some kind of anchor, or rod. Keeping earth and sun and moon in place.
      Sun and moon, i think are the same size and much much closer than tge Satanists have told us..The Scottish Rite Satanists at Nasa
      It seems the sun is much more like a spotlight, 32 miles in diameter

      Sailors use plane trigonometry Tap. Spherical trigonometry doesnt work

  3. john66 says:

    there seems to be a lack of logic and common seance .
    its seems people dot believe what they see with there own eyes

  4. Gordon says:

    I recall one day while down in Australia that while observing the moon with a friend whom had not visited the northern hemisphere that the moon was indeed different in appearance to that that which I was accustomed to looking at and remarked to him jokingly that if we in the northern hemisphere look up at the moon’s face what do you think you in the southern hemisphere are looking up at.

    The moon is indeed a fascinating object said to be older than the Earth and to contain helium-3 (He-3) which itself is a light and a non-radioactive isotope of helium with two protons and one neutron. Its presence is rare on Earth, but it is sought after for use in nuclear fusion. Processing one ton of He-3 in a fusion reactor would supply all the energy needs of New York for a year.

    Also of interest is that God’s true calendar is governed by the moon which commences from the day after the night of the sighting of the crescent moon. Jews, Muslims and Christians celebrate their Sabbaths on a Friday, Saturday and Sunday respectively, each of which are related to pagan gods. Time to thing again!

    The word month is derived from the ancient word moonth and each of God’s months has either 29 or 30 numbered days. Each Sabbath throughout the month commences, as said, the day after the night of the crescent moon and is the first day of the month. Sabbath days fall thus on the 1st, 8th, 15th, 22nd and 29th days of each month throughout the year.

    To keep sync with the sun, the seasons and the moon itself usually every other month has a floating day which allows for the appearance of the crescent moon again and so the cycle continues again.

    To most, this will all seem very strange but it’s really very simple really and woks perfectly.

    Yes, the moon is indeed a fascinating object both to look at, admire and study.

    Gen 1:14 And God said, Let there be lights in the firmament of the heaven to divide the day from the night; and let them be for signs, and for seasons, and for days, and years:
    Gen 1:15 And let them be for lights in the firmament of the heaven to give light upon the earth: and it was so.
    Gen 1:16 And God made two great lights; the greater light to rule the day, and the lesser light to rule the night: he made the stars also.
    Gen 1:17 And God set them in the firmament of the heaven to give light upon the earth,
    Gen 1:18 And to rule over the day and over the night, and to divide the light from the darkness: and God saw that it was good.

    • Gordon says:

      Sorry, did mean to add that if indeed the Earth and the Moon are flat discs and all else in the universe are round then would that prove that we are something truly unique furthering the handy work of God for Earth and mankind.

    • john66 says:

      Are you mad ?
      Do you believe in creation .
      I do life and the earth are to fantastic to be a complete accident . im not so sure about women thou . better not let her know my thoughts on that one

    • Hello Gordon
      Rather than me go round the houses and down rabbitholes, I think its best, I ask you.

      – the phases of the moon. Looking up tonight at the crescent moon. I do not believe, accept, that the dark curve im looking at is the earths curvature blocking the sun on the moon. Ridiculous.

      – Again I hesitate to read too far or too much. I seem to be prone to falling down disinformation rabbitholes. A Black Sun. or Black Moon. Could it be one of these moving round us and blocking the moon each month to varying degrees?

      – If so, what is this black sun moon made of. Some kind of demonic energy?

      – Dubays Atlantean conspiracy blog. The Deceivers are clever enough to include quite a few truths, to make the lies they want swallowed, get swallowed. the AC blog mentioned how moonlight isn’t , can never be, reflected sunlight. The moon has its own light source, of a different nature to the sun. This torments me. Am I being lead up the garden path? Yin and Yang, Moon and Sun

      – Of course the moon and suns supposed distances and coincidence of an eclipse. Etc. Disturbing. Dubay AC blog has said moon and sun are identical size. This brings in geocentrism. Im inclined to disbelieve this. But I can tell the freemasons are F*cking with our minds.

      – Gordon whats your view on geocentrism, and mankind, non khazar Aryan man and other noble races on here, being the centre of everything? Is Dubay correct, Polaris sits directly above the north pole, and the heavens spin around us every 24 hrs?

      – Yes this berings in a stationary earth. Surely im going mad. The earths not stationary surely. the reason geocentrisms such an issue for me, it then opens up God, creating Man, in a position of unique and Divine importance, with everything else around him.

  5. Lynn says:

    We are unique and one with this home we have been blessed with.
    Providing everything we need and could ever want. I no longer believe a word from the liars in charge, anything is possible now to those who look beyond the fabricated stories they have managed to throw at us.
    Why have we only one picture of Earth. Shown every time to brainwash us.
    Question everything now.

  6. ian says:

    The fact that the same face of the moon faces us continually, is not caused by immaculate timing, it’s caused by the gravitational centre of the moon being off campared the the actual centre causing the moon to be held by gravity much like a hammer is held by a hammer thrower. The other side of the moon is not the dark side, as it is illuminated during the new moon, when the side nearest us is not illuminated. I’d also like to add that on the earth, contrary to Adam’s flat earth theory. At 100 miles, an object at sea or on flat ground is under 70 feet below the horizon.


      ”Not only is the disappearance of ship’s hulls explained by the Law of Perspective, it is proven undeniably true with the aid of a good telescope. If you watch a ship sailing away into the horizon with the naked eye until its hull has completely disappeared from view under the supposed “curvature of the Earth,” then look through a telescope, you will notice the entire ship quickly zooms back into view, hull and all, proving that the disappearance was caused by the Law of Perspective, and not by a wall of curved water!”

      “On any frozen lake or canal, notably on the ‘Bedford Canal,’ in the county of Cambridge, in winter and on a clear day, skaters may be observed several miles away, seeming to glide along upon limbs without feet–skates and boots quite invisible to the unaided eye, but distinctly visible through a good telescope. But even on the sea, when the water is very calm, if a vessel is observed until it is just ‘hull down,’ a powerful telescope turned upon it will restore the hull to sight. From which it must be concluded that the lower part of a receding ship disappears through the influence of perspective, and not from sinking behind the summit of a convex surface.” -Dr. Samuel Rowbotham, “Zetetic Astronomy, Earth Not a Globe!” (216)

      • ian says:

        Hi Adam, given that a ship is over the horizon by just 20 feet at 30 miles, unless the telescope was also at sea level it would possibly appear still there. Similarly as the curve over a mile is only inches, unless the telescope was on the ice it would probably be possible to see a skaters feet even in a circular world. I won’t go to the flat earth sites Adam. Purely because I am constantly being berated by my good lady as it is for spending my days on the internet. I will continue to keep abreast with your latest findings on here. Keep up the good work.

    • marcus aurelius says:
      Enter 6 feet and 60 miles into the calculator, I believe the ball model should suggest Isle of Man should be 2166 feet below sight level. I understand why some people will not go down this rabbit hole,ridicule will follow ,but to quote Plato-
      Those who are able to see beyond the shadows and lies of their culture will never be understood, let alone believed, by the masses.

      • ian says:

        Or anybody.

      • ian says:

        The Isle of Man is approximately but accurate enough 40 miles from Workington Cumbria. Using an earth curvature calculator would make it 1060 feet below the horizon. Snaefell however, incidentally the highest mountain on the isle of man, is approx 2034 feet high. You would thus be able to see about a thousand feet of it. I am not trying to be awkward or avoiding rabbit holes that some of you seem desperate to thunder down like demented ferrets, I am merely sceptical of a theory which sounds preposterous to me, in an Elvis works in Woolies in Bolton sort of way. If you wish to pursue it, then it’s fine, and if you can prove your facts to be true, then I’ll reconsider my opinion of the theory, however given it’s current state it’s still in Woolies with Elvis.

  7. Nicky says:

    Maybe Planet Earth is both.
    A huge globe, and we are under a dome on the surface. One of many biospheres on the surface of a Ginormous Planet.

    • Yes Nicky. Logans Run, I really think the UN Satanists have put stuff there hiding in plain sight
      In a sense, we are like Michael York. The cabal would LOVE us all to voluntarily die at age 30. I think a dome, there could be some truth to it.
      A Planetarium like Dome perhaps?

      Also, look at jenny Agutters necklace, the Ankh symbol from ancient Egypt our NWO mates revere so much. Theres stuff in that film for the illuminati to knowingly enjoy

      Michael Yorks astonishment that beyond the dome , its not like he has been taught. I cant remember the story intricately, ill have to rewatch when I can. But I remember the Ustinov character speaking of ‘ice walls’, and maybe a world beyond the ice wall.

      Interesting thought to ponder Nicky. I wonder if there are wealthy 33rd degree Freemasons walking around the streets of London now. Who have, and might frequently visit, the Antarctic ice wall perimeter on the flat earth (IF ITS TRUE). I wonder if they venture beyond?

      I wonder if theres ordinary looking 33rd degree Freemasons sitting in London restaurants tonight……who have travelled and seen what amazing sights and place must exist beyond the flat earth perimeter wall

      • beLIEve says:

        According to Michael Tsarion, Plane-t Earth was invaded around 50,000 years ago.
        The SCUM who invaded had been hounded out of their own lands and, chased across the Universe.
        Unfortunately, they were considered so …UNDESIRABLE….a ….NET…was placed over Earth, in order to contain the ……POLLUTION !

        Obviously, I was not knocking around 50,000 years ago so, am unable to verify this hypothesis.

        ‘The Earth is in Quarantine – Michael Tsarion

    • marcus aurelius says:

      Ian , for some reason I cannot reply back to you directly,however, the link i provided was taken from Blackpool shore(not Workington) which is 61.625 miles away from the Isle of Man, which when put into the Earth curvature calculator gives you a 2,291.90 feet below the horizon, you give Snaefell the height of 2034 feet,therefore invisible. Watch the video and do the mathematics.Kindly explain, maybe you can enlighten me.

      • ian says:

        How mate, Watched the video, and ok you can see more than I expected, but less than all of it. I expect the tide state will influence it too, as on really big tides the low tides between are really low. I won’t be sarcastic, but it’s still got a way to go before I jump ship, but yes though provoking.

  8. Lynn says:

    Prison planet becomes evermore relevant Adam. Oh what adventures lay open to the generations to come… Truth really is contagious.

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