Iraq/Kuwait provocation before First Gulf War parallels with Russia/Turkey war narrative of today


Nayirah al-Sabah

I’ve noticed an unsettling thing here. Remember before the first Gulf War? Well Kuwait with technical help from the US, were stealing Saddam’s Iraqi oil using a technique called slant boring, basically boring into the deposits from the side. It ruffled Saddam’s feathers and when Saddam approached the us for advice, was given the green light to attack, by if my memory serves me well, April Glaspie. Once Saddam got tore in so to speak, the sobbing Kuwaiti Ambassador’s daughter posing as a nurse was wheeled out by the PR company Knowlton or something I’ll look it up, with the babies out of incubator bullshit, and the rest is history.
Similarly today, Turkey is been encouraged and allowed to provoke Russia as Kuwait was Saddam, and lots of voices are saying that Turkey is on it’s own. It isn’t.

Ian Mckenzie.

TAP – remember this quote from Harry Patch, the last surviving soldier from WW1.



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