Internet-Policing Super-Computer Named 666

WORLD NEWS : The advanced supercomputer of CYBERPOL named 666 is schedule to go live on the 13th April 2016., this according to insider information. It is believed that this super computer is to sync all data for hosting a cyber criminal database comprising of wanted criminals and crimes committed by IP in the cyber-world.
By Cathy Jones for World News.

Nobody really knows where this computer will be hosted. Some speculate that is will be somewhere in a MoD Cyber hosting facility in Antarctica, but there has been no leaked information on this as yet. Our press was dismissed when asking about this.

CYBERPOL name has grown expansionary since 2013 when it went unnoticed by cyber hackers during its first years. It’s believed that the website gets as much as 500 000 visits a day, but no data is shared with external organizations. It seems that this new super computer will work as a ‘NERVOUS NET” system similar to that seen in movies.

It is thought that when a cyber criminal activity is listed on 666, it can’t be removed and all data is shared simultaneously with all authorities. Effectively this will prevent any cyber criminals to escape in the future and bring a whole new dimension as to cyber integration using the “NERVOUS NET” by CYBERPOL Cyber policing organization.

It is long sought that this will one day become a reality and to some extent is long overdue. It is whispered that Cyber hackers has reached its life extension as a black hat hacker and will not be able to escape the “NERVOUS NET” 666 by Cyberpol.

A similar computer was previously installed known as “The Beast’ in Belgium but not nearly to the capacity of the 666 by CYBERPOL. It’s clear that Big Brother is watching you and the message is loud and clear. DON’T DO THE WRONG THINGS on internet is written on your walls.


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