Published on Dec 5, 2015

Putin, Trump, even Congressman are getting into the truth game, And once an arsenal of truth bombs is dropped, it’s game over for the mockingbird mainstream media, the pentagon and US State Department. With every passing day the highly compensated mockingbirds at CNN, Fox News, MSNBC, ABC News, the New York Times and the like, are being exposed for what they are: KNOWN LIARS.


The problem is that Putin has been complicit in many NWO programmes.  Chemtrails are visible over Moscow.  USAID runs Russia’ medical (Depopulation) programme.  He backed the official version of 9/11 until very recently.  He’s said to be the new Hitler by the parasites and the prostitutes, like Prince Charles.  That means he’s their agent, not acting for humanity against the Satanists.  He’s ex-KGB after all.  As for Trump, the media are in full support.  That means he’s their man.  It would be great to believe in Santa Claus.  Yet the cabal is fully operational and all are working fast to bring WW3 in the Middle East, and elsewhere.  Turkey’s invading Iraq, shooting down Russian planes inside Syria.  NATO is rushing in.  Yemen is invading Saudi Arabia.  What’s going to end the turmoil?

Russia threw out the Rothschilds, BP and the Western bankers, and broke with the oil cartel, rearmed and is ready for war.  Yet Putin is either a Hitler ready to see his country destroyed, and do as he is bid by the Satanic Cult that rules the world.  Or he hopes to enable Russia to survive as an independent country outside of that.  What other hope is there in the current situation?




  1. ian says:

    I have been obsessively believing that today is the day it kicks off. I am inclined that way, and time will tell. The criminals in charge seem to be working at breakneck speed. The Cumbrian floods in the UK, shootings and FFs in the US and elsewhere could all be engineered distractions, or part of it it all. I felt Putin was good, it seems I was wrong. I feel a bit like Gazzer when he said, “I’ll tell you now, that I’ll never make a prediction”. I feel that they’re getting things in place at the moment. It troubles me though how whenever anything big is going on that they’d rather you were distracted from, an “event” occurs that give the media something to “entertain” you with. The Mavi Marmara incident, Derek Bird went shooting up Cumbria. The last big Gaza massacre they searched Cliffs house the next day. Ok apologies for my disjointed rant, I picked a bad day to stop taking heroin. Before the drug squad raid me, it’s a joke, what I said, no not the drug squad, you’ve always got to twist everything round.

  2. bluefeather says:

    Max Egan outlines a clear, common sense approach to the global situation we are experiencing. As a solution, the only way that I can foresee any resolution against these evil forces, in a non violent way, is to not comply, removal of consent, no contracting. Global non compliance is the goal.

  3. Lynn says:

    Trump is not telling the truth..he still believes Al CiaDa did 911.. I know who l believe. Putin is not playing games. Syria is not a pawn. If he trusts Nutyyyahoo however then we are finished.

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