IMF slides away from Greece. Next target for destruction Spain

According to the Greek newspaper Ependisi, which invokes the Athens Agency, the suggestion of Poul Thomsen, the director of the European Department of the Fund, is that “the IMF should not participate in the new program, but to leave.”
Recall that Paul Thomsen, was up until about a year the head of the IMF on the Greek program. In fact, he has been found at the center of criticism and internal investigation of the Fund for the failure and mistakes of the program in Greece.
As stated in the article, Paul Thomsen reportedly insists on the withdrawal of the IMF, since, in his view, the conditions laid down by the statute of the Fund are not fulfilled in order to participate in support programs.
The report states that the same view like Thomsen share many of the IMF technocrats engaged in the Greek program, proposing a “velvet divorce” with Athens, in a way that allows the Fund to remain as technical advisor, without being involved with a new loan in the support program.
The report, inter alia, referred also to political pressure from European governments, but also from the USA, to the head of the Fund, Christine Lagarde, towards a decision that will permit the Fund to remain in the Greek program.

This is definitely a strong sign that the IMF mafia and the European Financial Dictatorship (EFD) consider that the Greek experiment is about to be completed. Recall that various EFD executives had set indirectly a timeline for the completion of the Greek experiment sometime in 2016.
Therefore, sometime in 2016 we should expect another debt crisis in the next potential eurozone target. Portugal, Spain, Italy are the most probable targets because of their continuous problems enhanced by the devastated austerity policies imposed by the Brussels-Berlin axis.
Spain will be the most convenient target, because of the political uncertainty in the country that is expected to be continued for quite a long time, after the result in the recent national elections. The political uncertainty will be the perfect excuse and opportunity for the EFD to impose a puppet-government of technocrats like in the cases of Greece and Italy with the Papademos and Monti administrations respectively.
A debt crisis and a possible attack on Spanish spreads by the rating agencies will drive Spain straight to the ECB trap and will open the road to the banking puppets to take the power for as long as needed to transfer the most devastating neoliberal policies from Greece to Spain, and from there, to the other eurozone members.
Thomsen’s claim that IMF should leave Greece because “the conditions laid down by the statute of the Fund are not fulfilled in order to participate in support programs”, is at least ridiculous. For five years Greece has been systematically destroyed under the IMF recipe and participation and now suddenly he realized that the statute of the Fund does not permit its participation in such programs?
The only reason that the IMF has to leave, is because its mission to destroy the Greek economy and create the suitable environment for the new conditions according to the neoliberal agenda, has been fulfilled.


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