Illuminati Cards Predict Paris Massacre? All-Seeing Eye on Eiffel 1 Hour After Sacrifice?

Published on Nov 15, 2015

1) A movie was being promoted called “Made in France” depicting home-grown terrorism at the exact time of the massacre.
2) A security meeting between CIA Director John Brennan, the UK, France, and Israel, happened just prior to the terrorist massacre in Paris.
3) The Illuminati cards appear to depict the Eiffel Tower on fire and Friday the 13th.
4) ISIS tweeted several images showing the Eiffel on fire although the Eiffel had nothing to do with the actual terrorist attack.
5) A strange, oval light resembling a giant eye appears on the Eiffel 1 hour after the massacre. This happened even though the lamestream media told us the Eiffel had gone completely dark to mourn the dead.

Something is fishy…


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