Ian Crane stopped at airport by Special Branch returning to UK

Under the guise of ‘Protecting our Freedom’, I had the illuminating experience of being stopped and questioned by Special Branch upon my return to the UK tonight … and my phone inspected for ‘Terrorist Activity’!
I fully expect my YouTube viewing figures to increase now that Special Branch are alerted to it … you never know, they might just learn something to their advantage!

The purpose of this YouTube channel is to advance awareness, develop curiosity and to facilitate discussion of Political, Scientific and Spiritual alternativ…

2 Responses to “Ian Crane stopped at airport by Special Branch returning to UK”

  1. Lynn says:

    Mission Creep. So obvious and so open to public scrutiny. This is failing on all levels and just waking more people up to the real criminal gang. Watching them watching us.

  2. NPP says:

    Congratultions Ian! Was it something you said?!
    ‘Protecting our Freedom’… so funny.
    Phone inspected for ‘Terrorist Activity’. It gets funnier.

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