How the war-makers intend to milk public sympathy for more


The media wouldn’t be making heroes out of the pilots being family men unless they know something.

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What they know is that Assad has warned all countries overflying Syria that they have to ‘coordinate’ or risk being shot down without warning.

He is quite justified in taking control.

Here are the effects of bombing cities in Syria.



Assad has the means at his disposal to enforce the threat.


What the media knows is that Cameron and Benn actually want British planes to be shot down so that they can escalate a war with Russia.

Putin is their real target.  They want him to make a stand which causes them casualties.

Then they will appeal to parliament for further forces to be deployed, and ramp up air operations, and ground troops.

General Petraeus has advised Obama not to commit American forces to face advanced Russian weapons systems in Syria, as the US has nothing capable of dealing with them.

Less important British pilots can be sent to their deaths.

The media will pump the sympathy button for all it’s worth.

That’s why there are pictures of pilots with their kids being put on display, so the public’s emotions can be milked.

If only they were shown the daily results of bombing.

Then they might work it out, and have the politicians stopped.


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  1. RabbiT says:

    Thanks for posting my link Tap, not often you do but think we are one on this issue.

    My prayer is that the Father will draw His people and others out of the forces being deployed that they begin to see how wrong our nation is to be involved in such a provocative and evil action.

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