How An App Is Changing The Face Of The ‘Don’t Bomb Syria’ Campaign

App Sends written template ‘Stop War’ To David Cameron

By: Sam Meaghan  |@sam_meaghan
 on 30th November 2015
a little known app has written a template that stop the war campaigners can use © Google
A little-known app has written a template that ‘Stop The War’ Campaigners can use.
A little-known app has written a template that ‘Stop The War’ Campaigners can use. The app, works as time-saving letter writing device by having countless templates in the user’s arsenal that can be used to address your utility company and now to your prime minister. Under the subject title #Dont Bomb Syria, the letter reads;”Dear David Cameron,

Like many people, I am aware and shocked by your plans to bomb Syria.

I don’t agree with your proposals because:

{Add your reasons here}

I demand you re-think your approach as I, along with millions of other poeple, don’t want innocent people to be killed in Syria. We do not want the UK House of Commons to vote in favour of such action.



the app is available for free download via apple s itunes © Google
The app is available for free download via Apple’s iTunes.
The app has uploaded this just as the week of the votes begins and it should have some affect. Though this isn’t the first campaign that the app has helped with. It also had a template with regards to the recent details of Talk Talk members being stolen.Mr Postman was launched in 2013 and has since then gained many plaudits as well as developing this new campaign tool to much suprise. The app is available for free download via Apple‘s iTunes.Source:


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