High Treason: Why It’s So Important to Pursue Justice Against Crisis Actors



By Bernie Suarez


Are we too busy watching the show that no one has stopped to ask the question of, How can we track down and hold accountable the crisis actors which are destroying freedom in America and around the world? It’s a brand new narrative and it’s something truth and freedom lovers will have to tackle at some point in the near future if humanity is to survive the coming catastrophes.

The need for an investigative body that will penetrate the secrecy of government to hold crisis actors (among others) responsible for their crimes is urgent. So let me be (one of) the first to say it. Crisis actors are just as guilty as those in power, especially over the past two administrations, who are committing crimes against humanity, and they must all be held accountable. It is time to view crisis actors in this regard from now on.

Now that we’re living in an era of crisis actor guided staged events, it’s time to start focusing on how we can deal with this problem. It’s time to ask questions like, Should we-the-people create a tribunal process to give proven and caught crisis actors a chance to defend themselves or face punishment? Can we make citizen arrests on these traitors? These are the questions we should be asking.

All crisis actors are guilty of treason against the United States of America as they have engaged in deceit of the general public in return for convenient protection by the state for the purposes of enslaving the masses and promoting tyranny. Many of us have watched in horror as treasonous crisis actors have partaken in mass shooting drills that occasionally go live. They then engage in telling testimonies of staged events. They’ve been caught doing many things including: showing up at multiple staged events, offering impossible details often inconsistent with reality, offering overly focused detailed description of things with the sole intention of selling the eyewitness account, inappropriately laughing in moments we are led to believe they are supposed to be mourning tragic losses of close loved ones, stuttering inexplicably, reading their lines from prepared cards, magically describing what others are thinking, and for good measure these crisis actors will sometimes themselves go on live TV and call for more gun control in light of the new crisis.

Sooner or later humanity as a whole will have to strip down the veneer of lies and deceit these crisis actors live behind. We have to first wrap our minds around the reality and the seriousness of their crimes. Realize that these crisis actors are the citizens of the new world order and they should all be subject to arrest. As traitors of our nation they’ve been offered a seat at the table by those who want to take away our freedoms, destroy nation states and establish their new world order.

I believe the crisis actor phenomenon that we are seeing today caught humanity off guard when it started. We knew that some people lied on live TV about the event on 9/11/01 (think Harley guy), but back then we referred to them as conspirators and liars. The crisis actor phenomenon of today has reached a whole new level, look and feel. We saw on 9/11 how many people conveniently changed their story, in many cases years later just to match the official story.

The lying phenomenon seems to have become deeply embedded by Hollywood into the collective consciousness of humanity. Numerous TV shows over the past few years have focused on the concept of lying and have subliminally trivialized or made light of lying. Often lies are painted in a good way with respect to doing business. They call it marketing. Other times, the goal is to convey the idea that lying is normal. I believe all of these social engineering agendas have contributed in some way to today’s crisis actor phenomenon.

Crisis actors are now listed alongside others such as drone operators, chemtrails pilots, mercenary black ops groups (e.g. CIA, Blackwater) and members of Western cabal proxy army groups (like ISIS). All of these are segments of humanity have offered themselves up as tools of the new world order, partaking in crimes against humanity without any consequences whatsoever. These are people apparently hardened to humanity who have perhaps been mind-controlled, lured with money and power or have simply chosen to ignore their consciousness in order to commit acts of evil against humanity.

Let’s look for creative ways to bring this issue to the light. It’s time to make a list of the false flag shootings of the last 7 years and start gathering all the evidence against these crisis actors in a manner that can be submitted in a court of law. The time is coming to find a way to hold these crisis actors accountable to humanity for what they’ve done. It’s time to come together to share ideas and discuss the possibilities of this entire process becoming a reality.

If you think this topic is an exaggeration of what is possible, or if you think the idea of holding crisis actors accountable is not realistic enough then perhaps you haven’t wrapped your head around the reality we are all facing and what is coming. Or perhaps you are suffering from learned helplessness and have conceded that crisis actors are untouchable. So far, all of the crisis actors have gotten away with participating in these staged events because they know they will never be prosecuted or punished by those hiring them. Isn’t it time to brainstorm for ways to change this? What if we COULD change this? What would that change look like? It’s time to put every solution on the table. If nothing else, this is how we need to be thinking moving forward. Remember, the globalists are moving forward and they are moving fast. Obama is promising to put gun control at the top of his list as his final year winds down in 2016. With a record 160+ mass shootings under the Obama presidency, can you imagine how bloody 2016 could potentially be? Can you imagine how many crisis actors they are preparing for these events? Are you beginning to get the picture? If so, then help share this message.

See the Activist Post Crisis Actor Archive HERE.


Source: http://www.activistpost.com/2015/12/high-treason-why-its-so-important-to-pursue-justice-against-crisis-actors.html


5 Responses to “High Treason: Why It’s So Important to Pursue Justice Against Crisis Actors”

  1. Lynn says:

    We will tackle it….the tribe are being uncovered and all of their little lackey’s with them. The day will come when they are indeed charged with this heinous crime wave. There will be no running away from what they have done!!

  2. jkick says:

    Its just not organisations like http://www.iifdata.com and visionbox that are a outlet of ‘crisis actor’.

    Everyone who is a politician is a ‘crisis actor’

    Everyone who writes articles that get published or aired on / in mainstream media is a ‘crisis actor’.

    Included in this genre of crisis actor are your faux-left / socialists.

    Folk like your Chomsky’s, Kliens and Galloways.

    Yes , they give you information what you agree with, however, it’s the information they do not give you that is the givaway.

    Folks wised up to Chomsky after 911, that was his downfall.

    He didn’t want to go down that route, he was to dismissive.

    We may never know the whole truth behind that event, but we know the many lies that were told following its execution.

    Where’s the criticisms and exposures of these lies regarding 911 from these folk in mainstream media?




    (a) They are plants put out there to distract. To block action from the masses.

    (b) The folk that are behind these media events (SandyHooks, Paris etc..) control the mainsteam media and as such are not likely let their leading lights ask / answer awkward questions through their propraganda machine.

    (c) If anyone does speak out through their controlled CIA influtrated medium they get ‘Gary Webbed’

    Until everyone realises this and that folk in teevee, journal and lecture land are ‘crisis actors’ then we going be transfixed in this ‘truemanesque’ domination of the political sphere by an economic elite.

  3. pete fairhurst says:

    I agree jkick, well said.

    Here is a great site that deconstructs so much about this.


    Miles has done lots of convincing research. There are many articles here that back you up. Many hours of fascinating reading. His JFK [Camelot] and John Lennon pieces are particularly interesting. Most of his work is to be honest

    • pete fairhurst says:

      “This is a question I get a lot, especially from female readers. It is a variation of a question I get from
      many readers male and female, who are looking to keep one or two of their old heroes/heroines. In
      short, they want to know if anyone will be left standing after I finish outing everyone. The short
      answer to that is NO, there won’t be anyone famous left. No one who you see on TV or read about in
      magazines or see at TED talks or see in major films will be left. None of the big dogs of the alternative
      media will be left, either. And almost no one you have come across on Youtube will be left. They are
      all plants. A few of the old guys may survive, like Thoreau or, say, Joan of Arc. And a few of the
      marginal characters on the internet may survive, especially if they aren’t being promoted by any major
      sources of funding. But the media being what it is, you can now just assume that anyone with a major
      publisher, a major award, a major grant, or any connection to either political party or the government is
      a mole. If they were telling the truth or leading you in the right direction, they wouldn’t have any of
      those things.”

      Source: What’s Wrong with. . .
      Naomi Klein/Naomi Wolf?


      • Lynn says:

        Absolutley. Spot on..and pretty obvious to us on the side of truth. A matrix indeed.

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