Here’s the real reason Trump can’t be stopped…

While the political establishment on both the left and the right remain totally baffled by the Trump phenomenon, I’ve already figure out why he keeps winning.

It turns out that Donald Trump voices out all the things the American people already believe but are too afraid to say themselves.

Because of our “cult of likeability” and an oppressive environment of political correctness where the left shuts down all opposing ideas by calling them “insensitive” or “inflammatory” or “racist,” most people simply aren’t willing to say what they truly believe. Donald Trump serves as their surrogate free speech representative, putting words to the notions that most Americans know to be true.

What notions are those? The idea that illegal aliens overrunning America is bad for America, not good… or the idea that maybe we should halt the unlimited open borders invasion and refugee programs that are bringing ISIS terrorists to our communities all across America.

Even uttering such phrases would get most people condemned across social media — a platform of peer pressure censorship that demands absolute obedience to groupthink while destroying any inkling of diversity of thought. The politically correct left, you see, doesn’t want diversity or tolerance or uniqueness. It demands nothing but conformity and obedience to its ideas, its words and its labels.

Donald Trump supporters are fed up with being told what to think and what words they can or cannot use. They’re tired of being blamed for racism, bigotry or Islamophobia when they harbor no such thoughts to begin with. They see the total devastation of America’s culture and economy being brought about by a radical Muslim president (Obama) and his obedient state-run propaganda brigade (the New York Times, Washington Post, CNN and so on).

Most Americans want someone to stand up to the system they see as destroying America day by day. That’s why every time Donald Trump opens his mouth and says something the leftist media thinks is outrageous and inappropriate, Americans silently cheer his words… even if they dare not tweet them under their own names.

The media cannot destroy Trump because they have no contact with reality

Because of this dynamic, the mainstream media cannot destroy Trump. They cannot destroy him because every attack on Trump by the media is seen by the people of America as further proof that Trump is right! “Backfire” doesn’t even begin to describe this phenomenon. It’s more like the leftist state-run media is so out of touch with reality — and so deeply invested in its own delusional counterfeit reality — that it remains oblivious to the frustration, anger and reactionary attitude of everyday people.

Nearly every intelligent person in America now realizes the mainstream media is nothing more than a journalistic joke… a mouthpiece of the totalitarian regime ruling over Washington. There is no journalism in the mainstream media anymore… it’s nothing but the brain-dead theater of political operatives pretending to be journalists.

In fact, the only way the mainstream media could destroy Trump is if they started agreeing with him and reporting on how brilliant he is. If that happened, the American people would turn on a dime and begin to hate Trump for no other reason than the media liked him!

Remember: All true patriots of America are demonized by the media. Simultaneously, all traitors, backstabbers, government criminals and sellouts are celebrated by the media.

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7 Responses to “Here’s the real reason Trump can’t be stopped…”

  1. Lynn says:

    He is a Zionist plant…this man conned millions in his real estate scams. All documented.
    He is pushing the islamaphobe garbage for his masters. It’s all a game.
    Israel are behind this meme of Islam is the enemy. Their enemy not ours. They are the aparhied state. The Rothschild bolt hole for dual passport holders, all set up for them to run to. What an insult to the Holy Land. Destroying all of it.

    • I agree. I read somewhere hes part of a Bloodline. I read hes some kind of counterbalance to the Hitlery nonsense. Perhaps a bit like , how we have, our pantomime lefty corbyn wheeled on, who the sec s have been keeping waiting in the wings till just the right time

      I tell you what Lynn. Healthrangers really exposed itself here, talk about limited hangout to buildup its credibility. Yes some very valuable stuff mike adams has come out with

      I think part, not all, but one part of the gm Monsanto and chemtrail and also vaccine stuff. Thye want it to occupy us, they expect we will rumble them, and they exoect, eventually, Monsanto will have to close. All time and energy sapping obstacles that in the meantime, still do a lot of harm. Before it morphs into something else.

      Yes mike adams has exposed himself here. Its all a game. But hopefully 12 % or so wake upto the game, ive read it can take off exponentially, the hundredth monkey effect, search tapblog for that article.

  2. Lynn says:

    It is so transparent Adam. And together we are seeing all the dirt rising to the top. No good guys get a sniff of power. That is fact. The party line means the agenda. How much clearer can it get,

    • We need to drill for simple unmistakeable glaring Truth. And then disseminate it. It will collapse the house of UN cards. Truth has an energy of its own, esp in this time now with the net. 911 truth is becoming passe and part of what the illuminati expected wed arrive at.

      Heres a simple truth that stops peoplein their tracks.

      – The Law of Perspective,, on a flat plane. is at work on the horizon. This is why a ship disappears, appearing to sink at 6 miles. Weve been told since birth due to the ‘curvature’ of our ‘globe’.
      How do we know its the Law of Perspective on a Flat Plane? We get out quality telescope, thinking the cruise ships slipped over the curve. Suddenly theres the cruise ship again large as life, thru the telescope.

      This is only one example

      If eric dubays claims pass rigorous analysis ill make (when I get time).

      I will pull money out my pocket Lynn and print off loads of copies of his 100 and 200 proof free ebooks. And start leaving them all over the city and even giving them to people.
      I hope Tap as well will consider putting a prominent top link to eric dubays free ebooks

      That’s if dubay passes proper analysis

  3. Lynn says:

    Let’s look at the structure built Adam thousands of years ago
    . The Pyramids were all built in a straight line across the world…the exact geometry is breathtaking and precise
    . Now would that be possible on a ball. All the exact same distances apart. We do not have the capabilities today to complete such a task.Even with all the technology . They know this and have hidden it from us.

    Then their is natural law Adam. – Law of averages. Common law..etc etc. They cannot change the structure of will not survive. We see the same design in plants over and over…nature is one and we are part of that structure. Designed to live in harmony with the land.Older than time Adam and the Frankenstein’s think they can stop this design. They will die off too. Satan is fooling them into a falsehood. He is laughing at these idiots who do his work for him…so tell me who are the slaves!!!!

  4. Mark says:

    Adam’s discernment rings them bells (and the ‘other’ Adam and Lynn… help us work it all out, and most imp. do what’s nec.)

    Trump spectrum ranges the good, bad and ugly. He vocalises the unwashed through to perfumed masses. All but dem mostly young/conned dreamers, stubborn to – it’s a fault – lefties and anyone who’ll believe Obama-types, over facts.

    Donald T is no answer. Hopefully he’s a real and essential irritant. He certainly hits as many as he misses. At best, he could be out of ‘direct control’? Is he all or some, of a plant? To the degree he is, likely some and some. I don’t think we can tell yet? It will depend on, if/how, he turns? The controllers monitoring actuaries are too precise, and this surely too risky, for a contrived backlash against him, to somehow help bring Hilary in.

    This of course if it matters, and they aren’t planning, (well, plan A-ing), to have more Obama-on in an emergency, just prior to an election? Or God forbid, something worse, sooner, that takes us down to levels where Tap and elections are no more.

    If ‘they’ wanted to achieve the same Donald-potential destructive goals, he inadvertently (?) could bring about, they could do it without the need for all this populace alarm. At least in the form of a Presidential candidate. Are they so unfazed by the soft-democrats crossing over in a ‘protest’ move/vote? Maybe they want Donald in? Cruz? I can’t believe R. Paul’s their man?

    Is this Donald a bit of a trump for ‘us’, or a purely marked card? In what? Such a fixed pack, table, casino..? I tend to think not, but it’s so hard to tell – the extent of their dominance.

    Top one Tap.


  5. salty says:

    March 17, 2016.

    The Breitbart Defections: Was It all about Jewish Hostility toward Trump?

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