Geoengineering: A Weapon of Mass Destruction – Saudi Princess – A Saudi Princess described the ongoing geoengineering program as a weapon of mass destruction, a method of slow poisoning which threatens all life on earth. HRH Princess Basmah Bint Saud, daughter of King Saud, said Saudi skies had completely changed in the past four years, and now looked like those of London – which had also vastly changed. She said geoengineering threatens the world’s water and food supply, and without water there is no life. When you tinker with Mother Earth, you court disaster.

Geoengineering was one of the key points of the new power in the world, she said. Those behind the program had huge resources, but were playing a dangerous game with the planet’s equilibrium through geoengineering, transhumanism, nanotechnology and reckless playing with DNA.

She spoke at the Istanbul Security Conference on December 5th, 2015, where she gave a keynote speech on “Global Justice and Ethics in the Changing World Order.”

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  1. They are Satanists. Organised Freemasonry. They worship Lucifer. Luciferianism, meaning the Light. Meaning Satan can Deceive and present himself in many forms, many seemingly benign on the surface, and some that look full of light and goodness.

    Examples of this are Doublespeak we see coming out of the mouths of the Satanists running the UN. Sustainability
    This is a gigantic Satanic Conspiracy in our midst, that wants to destroy anything natural and good and of God

    Churches, religions, have been infiltrated and are infested with Satanists. This fact has nothing to do with the existence of God.

    God understands these Deceivers, Evildoers masquerading in His name, and apparently theres a 7th trumpet sound coming soon, where these will be dealt with. We just need to hang on

    It is encouraging that someone as high profile as a Saud daughter princess is speaking out clearly on all the issues above. Hopefully there are more like her all over the world? Is she a white hat? Positive Spiritual Forces are certainly in her, and with her, I think

    On the subject of Luciferianism, heres the UN Lucis Trust website with its headline
    ” Let the Plan of Love and Light Work Out ”

    The Lucis Trust is the Publishing House which prints and disseminates United Nations material. It is a devastating indictment of the New Age and Pagan nature of the UN.

    Protestantism, and the Vatican, run by Satanists, have nothing to do with Christianity. And I feel a war is being fought on Christianity, with the UN and Lucis Trust leading the way

    There was criss cross chemtrails over my city centre yesterday

  2. Swedish Marine Engineer website

    Media and other readers of my web pages about atomic bombs 1945, Moon trips 1969, Estonia incident 1994 and 911 tower collapses 2001 are warned. As you probably suffer from cognitive dissonance, you cannot handle them without getting mentally disturbed with serious consequences.

    My proven facts are simple and correct news. Atomic bombs do not work. Human beings cannot travel to the Moon. Estonia didn’t lose its bow visor and skyscrapers do not collapse from top down. All statements to the contrary are propaganda lies or fantasy theories promoted by media.

    If you suffer from cognitive dissonance, you no doubt find my info disturbing and get upset, angry, anxious or worried. What to believe and write? Old lies or the truth?

    Media are kindly requested to get psychological assistance to get rid of its cognitive dissonance. Cure yourselves!

  3. Lynn says:

    I know exactly how he feels…I’m mad as hell..he speaks for all of us..we get shot down for caring and sharing this massive kill off…

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